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Connecticut’s #1 Morning Show. Heard on 99.1 PLR. Hosts Chaz and AJ lead you through interviews, current events, and Dumb Ass News. Come here for a recap of the biggest stories of the day in Connecticut and pop culture.
Chattin' With Chaz
The Chattin' With Chaz Podcast features long form conversations with friends, family and others.
Chaz Patrol 3.0
Podcast by Dr. Nick Coman
Chaz's Sound Test
This is one of many homes of Chaz's Sound Test! I hope you appreciate video game music like I do. I'll be talking a lot about it here along with blasting hot tracks!Check out the main site: otakugamerspot.comCatch us when we go live: us on Facebook: me on Twitter:
Before the dawn of man... And now, Slew with Mike and Chaz!
YOGAmazing is a healthy living lifestyle Channel that offers a weekly 20 minute yoga routine that will bring balance to your body, mind and soul. If you have an idea for a class please send it to
Back where it all started, The Chaser return to Triple M 104.9 for Sydney's funniest chase every weekday from 3pm. Join Chaz, Charles, Craig, Dom, Chris and Andrew for a daily radio programme with the characteristically unpredictable Chaser shenanigans. Then Catch Up on the Radio Chaser Platinum Edition every Saturday morning across Australia only on the Triple M network and App.
Transformational Coach and Grief Expert Chaz Wesley is your host on this weekly journey, From Grief to Grace-an inspirational hour of hope, healing, and humor. An ordained interfaith minister who's been described as "Midwife to the Dying" by spiritual leaders across the nation, Chaz is a powerful, dynamic, and energetic presence who encourages listeners to honor the process of exploring new horizons of cultural perceptions of loss, love, and life. Combining engaging interviews and inspiratio ...
Dumb Ass News
Chaz and AJ take a look at some of the most ridiculous news out there. It’s the stupidest criminals, the most idiotic people and of course, Florida.
Backlogged Gamers
Backlogged Gamers is a weekly podcast focused on anything and everything game related. Listen in as hosts Chaz Smith, Andrew Storms, and Ozzy Alvarado cover weekly news, game reviews, and an ever-growing backlog catalog.
Bourbon... pure Kentucky Gold. Some people drink it, others cook with it and then there are some who just enjoy the Bourbon experience. My name is Chaz Rough, and I live Bourbon Country. Join me as we hit the trail in the Heart of Kentucky. This is Bourbon Living.
Chaz and company are in your face and real. We take what the world dishes out, chew it up and spit it in your face. Call the studio line when were live every Wednesday 8pm-10pm EST & Friday 7pm-9pm EST....(813) 699-5353
How You Livin'?
How You livin' is a podcast recorded live in Seattle with Chaz and Mikkel. The show goes over the topics important to our world today. Chaz is originally from Philadelphia, and Mikkel lived in Portland the last 15 years. The two use their different viewpoints to tackle difficult subjects while keeping the conversation light enough for some humour. Guests come on to share their talents and stories to add to the discussion. Listen for free!
A podcast hosted by Scott Cunningham and Chaz Celaya interviewing worship leaders, songwriters and artists.
Bell 2 Bell
UK Wrestling Radio Show. Hosted by Chris Duke, Chaz Phoenix and The Grue
Maximum TORCast
Join Jaing, Chaz, Zidane, and Rysto as the discuss the state of the galaxy in Star Wars the Old Republic!!
Lookin'@Louisville is a monthly video podcast that showcases Louisville's art, culture, dining, and attractions. Hosts Stacey Yates and Chaz Rough give viewers a fun and first-hand look on what to see, what to eat and where to go in this vibrant river city. Please visit for more information.
Join Mara and Josh, two totally young and hip kiddos, as they explore what's hot and sometimes what's not) in young adult and teen literature! New episodes posted on the first of each month.Contact us at or @hfkpodcast on Twitter.Theme music composed by Ben Ash. Visit him at Mixing and drums by Chaz Bommarito, guitar by Jakael Tristram.
Week in Review
Chaz, AJ, Pam and Phil break down what worked and what didn’t on the show this week. This 20 minute pod looks back at the week of shows and discuss in detail. A great behind the scenes look at a local morning show.
How You Livin'?
How You livin' is a podcast recorded live in Seattle with Chaz and Mikkel. The show goes over the topics important to our world today. Chaz is originally from Philadelphia, and Mikkel lived in Portland the last 15 years. The two use their different viewpoints to tackle difficult subjects while keeping the conversation light enough for some humour. Guests come on to share their talents and stories to add to the discussion. Listen for free!
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25 Wildly Unbelievable Music FactsWho is Chaz's '80s movie boyfriend?10 Celebs Who Admit To Swimming In The Lady Pond33 Bands Only For Smart PeopleDo women carry DNA from every man they’ve slept with?& Much More!
Chaz and AJ spent the Week in Review asking Pam about her hatred for the America's Got Talent girl, recapping of the Rikki Rockett backlash, and AJ's flip flops.
SLICK RADIO is back with your Friday frequencies as we give you arguably our greatest show ever! We are joined by brother Chaz “Zo” Bailey as we discuss his passions with helping the community and his long-term visions for his videography including his debut documentary coming out in July. We also talk about the importance of a positive Black m ...…
In this episode (not sponsored by La Croix) Chaz and Aaron discuss IT 2, Star Wars fans cyber bullying, The Dumbo trailer, The future of DC, AT&T buying half of Hollywood, A Gargoyles movie, Tag CGI, Wonder Woman, Jackie Chan and John Cena, and of course Avatar. The guys look at what is coming out this weekend and trivia. No matter what Aaron s ...…
Del & Chico are back with no shortage of the fun! Guests: Trey Elliot, Gumbo, Malcolm Hatchett, Marc Theobold, Alexis Miranda, Esau McGraw, Dannie Nicole, Buttah Man, Arvin Mitchell, Dicey, Flex Alexander (Flex & Shanice, Homeboys in Outer Space), Tunde Adigun, Chaz Carter, Shuler King and DJ Arthur Hamilton.Hot Topics: When comics "kill it", M ...…
Jim Coates returns with more stories from great Crown shows. With Michael Fogarty and Chaz Waldrop This episode sponsored by BlueHaus Mallets You can listen to us above, or if you want to take us with you, you can download us from iTunes. Jim on Podcast: Carolina Crown’s Philosophy of Success The post 716: Carolina Crown Hidden Gems appeared fi ...…
Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News was all about the grandma that drove with kids in her car on a 100 degree day. Oh, but they were in the truck, in dog crates. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Ocskaymark
Once again, a lottery winner has a charming story about the serendipitous circumstances that led to a big win. And once again, AJ lost his mind about the people that try to sound like they won "on a whim."
Dennis McAllister was in studio with Chaz and AJ, who asked the Tribe to share their dumb dad moments. It wasn't long before Dr. Dennis' son, John called in a memorable moment about petting a dog.
During news (and a few segments after news) Chaz and AJ highlighted the new low established by Governor Malloy, who was late to a funeral for a State Trooper and former Marine.
Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News was all about Duncan, who failed to successfully row his boat from NY to Scotland. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Tramper2
Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News was all about Duncan, who failed to successfully row his boat from NY to Scotland. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Tramper2
Chaz and AJ asked Stoshball to hit the streets, and ask the Tribe some questions about North Korea. What do we actually know about the country?
The Chaz and AJ Veteran's Gala was a lot of fun, and a tremendous success despite a few unexpected moments. Thank you for helping to raise over $18,000 for Homes for the Brave!
The North Korea Summit is nearing, and Chaz and AJ were fascinated by the strange qualifiers for Kim Jong Un's personal security detail. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus/ANNECORDON
Chaz and AJ's Week in Review was different this week, as they conducted a live interview with Posion's Rikki Rockett, as the Tribe chimed in with questions on FB live. See Poison with Cheap Trick and Pop Evil at the XFINITY Theater June 14th.
In this episode Chaz and Aaron discuss Mortal Engines, The Lego Movie 2, Bumblebee, Willy Wonka, The Addams Family, another Joker movie, Legally Blonde 3, and the upcoming Halloween trailer set to drop on 6/8/18. The guys also take a look at last weekend’s box office as well as what opens this weekend. The show concludes with trivia. Don’t miss ...…
This episode was recorded on 5-26-18 Topics include white pants, ocean popping, dogs and brownies, corn dicks, c sections and more!
On today's show, Chaz Logan Hyde! Hosted by Geoff Parks. Edited and produced by Chad Johnson. Recorded in the Salem Comedy Studios at Capitol City Theater.
Disciples together, lead, serve, give. Share the load - Exodus 18:7-26 - Chaz Wedderburn by Tollington Parish
Chaz Ebert is a force to be reckoned with. A strong, loving partner to her late husband Roger, she maintains his website as well as his annual film festival, now known as Ebertfest, in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. That’s where Leonard and Jessie persuaded her to play hooky for an hour of candid and uplifting conversation.…
A historical jaunt through the life of our handsome guest, Mr. Gates, Nation
Interview with BBoy & Filmmaker ChazB. We chat about some upcoming projects he has in the pipeline aswell his wave of Hip Hop nights under the Umbrella of Resurgance. Alongside some of the community work he is also involved in.Connect with Chaz: Louie - (Glasgow) F ...…
Comedian Pat Oates was in with Chaz and AJ for the Week in Review, which kept the focus on Phil not fulfilling his end of a charity item from last year's Veteran's Gala, and a new montage of AJ's anger from just this week alone.
In this episode Chaz and Aaron discuss Spiderman Homecoming 2, Fox's future, the MIB spin off, Ryan Reynold's Netflix project, who killed Biggy Smalls, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and This Week In Sexual Harassment. The episode closes with a look at this past weekend and what comes out this weekend as well as some trivia. Don't miss out! Liste ...…
Chaz has Sam and Marrisa on the show. Sam really wants to talk about how to wipe and his brother has a very bad experince while on a christmas boat parade.
The BEST Independent Music from around the world: EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...Hosted by DTongAdvertising & Sponsorship: Song Play & Promotion: TO YOU BY:http://www.MyXstreamingTV.comhttp://www.highgateroad.comhttp://Diktionary.comhttps://soundc ...…
Today JoJo tries to understand why Chaz Green is still on the Dallas Cowboys roster, & breaks down the 2nd month of the Cowboys season!! JoJo also tells you how you can be the winner of a FREE Dallas Cowboys jersey!! We also dive into the NBA playoffs & how LeBron continues to be so damn good!!!
It has arrived! Years since starting our first podcast, we have reached a huge milestone with Episode 100! In this episode, recorded live from our Episode 100 Party at Lucky Dice Cafe in Huntsville, AL, The Rocket Punch crew, past and present, sit down and chat about what hitting this number for the podcast means to them. Join Will, Chris, Came ...…
THIS MAY BE THE LAST SOUNDCLOUD EPISODE! Your possiblygettingshutdownwhensoundcloudpolicychangesass friends are finally back for the episode 20! For those that went hunting for the live podcast at Sol Blume, you'll receive a lot of answers in this episode. Along with the show recap, Sean, Soosh, and Jaas also chat about Sean's security fiasco, ...…
Dancing is the best revenge. The Outpost Presents... A NIghtmare on Smith StreetSaturday May 26, 20189pm til 3am@ Gasometer484 Smith St, Collingwood, Melbournewww.theoutpostdisco.comChaz Jankel - Glad to Know You (Greg Wilson Instro edit)Change - The Glow of LoveGL - ReflectSteve Monite - Only You (Frankie Francis Disco Jam Edit)Patrick Cowley ...…
The Chaz and AJ Week in Review talked about Pam's multiple crushes on guests this week, the pull-up challenge with the Marines, and what everyone's "number" is.
Charlie and Jake are still standing in the wind, but they never wave bye-bye as they examine Bowie and Dylan in 1983. Chaz makes absolutely sure to enunciate Bowie's massively successful year by doing all the cocaine that Bowie apparently gave up in '83, and drives his verbal yacht at impressive and dangerous speeds for the duration of the podc ...…
After completely losing her mind about pet owners, Pam was called out in Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News and all that anger came right back.
Chaz and AJ spoke to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who secured the Republican Party's nomination as the official candidate for Governor. What exactly does that mean?
A suitcase full of drugs, some fireball, and a phone call from Poinsett makes this one hell of a podcast. Recorded on 5/11/18 @The Bro's Nest 2: Electric Boogaloo WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!…
Fuze presents SOUTH TEXAS TECH is an hour dedicated to the sounds of Underground House, Techno and Tech House. Catch brand new episodes every 2nd Thursday 7-8 PM CST on and archived shows on and ITunes.TRACK LIST:1. SHARAM JEY, JEAN BACAREEZA - NO SOY FACIL - BUNNY TIGER DUBS2. CHAZ HARRISON - THE SOUND - NO FUSS3. ...…
Ken Irwin, Belleville Roots Music SeriesBronson de Stadler, Newburyport Preservation TrustCynthia Keefe, Kevin Kelley and Chaz Rudich, PlumFest 2018Ashley Bush, Buttermilk Baking Company
Chaz and AJ's Week in Review focuses on Rachel Feinstein's appearance, why AJ was pissed at everyone towards the end of her visit, Megan the camera girl's dating life, and the very inappropriate thing Pam said.
In this amazing episode Chaz and Aaron take a look at the human enigma that is Nicolas Cage. The episode is a surprise to Aaron wherein Chaz gives a quick background on the actor and the two play a game about Nic Cage facts called Cage Match! This is NOT an episode to miss. In fact, help your friends out by sharing this podcast so that they can ...…
Once again, this episode was supposed to go up in but as usual, my schedule stopped me from getting the podcast out on time. Anyway, I talk about games that I'm currently playing, my upcoming trip to E3 and what games have the best chill songs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...…
Come interact with us on Twitch! to us on Twitter: (Chaz) (Tom)Want more White Wolf? Check out the White Wolf RPG Gameplay and Media Facebook Group: ...…
This week it's the dynamic duo with Chaz and Andrew while Ozzy is out sick. The guys discuss some more God of War talk, news of a new Splatfest event from Splatoon featuring the Ninja Turtles, and rumors of new console from Atari. Andrew finishes Yakuza 0 and Chaz recommends the 90's HBO Spawn animated series. Backlogged Games: X-Men Origins: W ...…
Chaz Warren is the director of Circles of Hope and discusses the non-profit organization that is part of Mountain Projects. The program aims to reduce poverty by 10% across a 10 year span for Jackson County.
The Chaz and AJ Week in Review thanks the Tribe for mobilizing against tolls, and then Megan surprised Pam with a special guest.
In this episode Chaz and Aaron discuss the war between Movie Pass and their subscriber base, the war of Predator against mankind, the war of the Teen Titans against only the big superheroes getting films, the war Michael Bay has waged against our interest in movies, the war Deadpool is waging on our expectations, and Avengers Infinity War! That ...…
Our first ever chat with the illusive, mysterious, and incredibly handsome Dogtor Chris.
Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News featured a 9-1-1 call made by a father, who was having a hard time dealing with the birth. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus/ChrisGorgio
Chaz and AJ played the new single from "yodeling WalMart kid," AKA Mason Ramsey, which launched AJ into a manic rant about his success.
Chaz and AJ asked Stoshball to talk to the people on Saturday's tolls hearing in Milford. Here's what he said on the mic.
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