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Cyrus Says
Hosted by the inimitable Cyrus Broacha, Cyrus Says is the definitive show on life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.
Killing the Town
KILLING THE TOWN is the first true PHD class in professional wrestling booking, business, and backstage machinations. Get ready for some Serious Intellectual Intercourse with Killing the Town every Tuesday on PodcastOne.
A podcast with Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus and someone famous talking about their favorite thing that week.
Miley Cyrus Beats
Party and dance with Miley!
A daily news summary of NPR's daily news summary with comedian Cyrus Cooper
This is a collection of folk tales originating in Canada, some from aboriginal oral tradition and others due to early French, Scottish, Irish and British colonists. They are presented as "fables" though many are without obvious moral. (Summary by Sean Michael Hogan)
These short stories, perhaps we might call them modern parables, are not the usual fare of warm and fuzzy Christmas stories (pleasing as those are) but rather life events and crises triggered by Christmas, present or imminent. Brady was a journalist, historian, adventure writer, and Episcopal priest. - Summary by Wikipedia and David Wales
Brady was a journalist, historian, adventure writer, and Episcopal priest. As a priest he spent some time on the American frontier as a missionary. “…the experiences are personal and actually occurred as they are set down, to the best of my recollection…. Only one story was ‘made up’ for the occasion, and that combines several actual incidents. I hope that this book may serve to interest those who read it in the life of the average missionary on the Western frontier – a life of mingled work ...
Conversations LIVE! is an interactive way for those in entertainment and the arts to come together to discuss whatever unites them in life. Conversations also addresses current events and conducts discussions based on them.
An every other day podcast of a young black man sharing the unfiltered thoughts of my brain. Ya know, the stuff we think about alone and never dare speak out loud. Let’s talk about it!
Babies, new life, a bitter winter blizzard, death circling. How will it all end? (David Wales )
Cyrus Sutton, from California, is an American director and professional surfer. Growing up in Southern California and dividing his time between the coast and mountains.
Scandal Podcast
Join host Jaha Knight with her illustrious team, Katrina Pavela, Langstan Smith & Elde'a Harris as the recap ABCs hit drama Scandal. Phew, give me #OneMinute to catch my breath! I'm back. We recap each episode of the show with a break down of favorite moments, speculation on what it could all mean and well more. Join us for each episode of the Scandal Podcast on Tweet us @scandalpodcast
Through "Inspirational Conversations" host Cyrus Webb shares powerful messages and guests that are intended to inspire, motivate and encourage you in your life.
Dawn of Twilight
One Man Asylum is proud to present Dawn of Twilight, an original movie by Cyrus Martin
Ratchet Talk
A weekly podcast that talks about the latest in Pop Culture with host Isaac and co-host Deja. Use the #RatchetTalk to ask questions on twitter or ask anonymously on New episodes Tuesdays!
Listen to Dubstep
A place that takes you to the deeper & darker side of dubstep.
World Improv Network (WIN) Improvised Comedy Radio Show
The purpose of this podcast is to provide the larger context to the situation in the Middle East. The history will be provided through audio recordings of my late father, Dr. David Neiman –an expert on the history of the ancient near east and the relationship between the Church and the Jews. He based his theses on historical records, linguistics and a deep understanding of the Bible and its origins.
MRC News
Everything Miley Ray Cyrus. We give you all Miley news. Music, videos and much more! We give you atleast one new episode a week. We give you everything Miley directly from iTunes. Make sure to subscribe and chek out our other episodes. Hosted by; MileySweden and DemiMileyJonas.
Human Resources Law by Authors: John Remington, Richard T. Heiser, Cyrus Smythe, Kenneth Sovereign
Disney All The Time
A Podcast about all things Disney. Learn about Disney events, news and more! We'll try to update about once every 2 days or so. Subcribe to get all the episodes as soon as they come out.
We're back!
REI presents Wild Ideas Worth Living, a podcast that shares stories of adventure and beyond. On each show, host and adventure journalist Shelby Stanger interviews world-class explorers, scientists, athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs about how they’ve taken their own wild ideas and made them a reality, so you can too. From people who have climbed the tallest peaks, to people who have started new businesses, broken records, surfed giant waves, sailed across the Pacific, travelled to ever ...
Award-winning host Cyrus Webb of Conversations LIVE presents guests who have been influenced by music and now share that love with others.
Eric Dodge Radio is now a part of The FlyLady Network. You can still listen to archives here at any time but please go to for new shows at 9:00pm EST Tuesday! This is for Friends and Fans of Eric Dodge to get together and help promote and talk about ideas on growing this Country Music Career. Andy Dodge and Marla Cilley (The FlyLady) will be Co-Hosting this show as well as other guest members of the group.
Ethan Eternal
One Man Asylum is proud to present Ethan Eternal, a novel by Cyrus Martin.
Podcast by Cyrus B
Greetings brothers and sisters. For the month of November we celebrate the Day of Dedication, which takes place on Sabbath, November 23, 2013. The Feast of Dedication is a holy convocation that celebrates the 1) the rebuilding of God’s house and the restoration of the truth as well as 2) committing one's entire life to the purpose of serving God. This holy day is pertinent in our history, this current day and of course our future. This podcast series, however, will focus on our history, as w ...
I denna podcast får du träffa Alfred och Jocke. Två individer som har intresse för allt som inte påverkar mänsklighetens framgång överhuvudtaget.
New Album Out
Podcast by Hanz Cyrus
Quirky Parenting
A husband and wife team (Andrew Thomsen & Mikki Tuohy) discuss motherhood, montessori, and minimalism. You can check out all of our episodes at Submit a question to us at Artwork by: Cyrus Cords Music by: Nicolai Heidlas "Colorful Spots"
Podcast by Daniel Trengove & Cyrus Dasoo
A safe place to share your feelings… Every other week, Optimusgene, Cyrus Martin, Jay Red and the rest of the One Man Asylum crew discuss and dissect a topic; what we like, what we hate and what is totally messed up! Then to help heals the wounds, we brain storm on ways to make it better. Who thought putting a laugh track on a cartoon was a good idea? Have toys gotten better or were they really that bad? How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Pull up a chair and open up.
Group Therapy
A safe place to share your feelings… Every other week, Optimusgene, Cyrus Martin, Jay Red and the rest of the One Man Asylum crew discuss and dissect a topic; what we like, what we hate and what is totally messed up! Then to help heals the wounds, we brain storm on ways to make it better. Who thought putting a laugh track on a cartoon was a good idea? Have toys gotten better or were they really that bad? How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Pull up a chair and open up.
Antiquities of the Jews was a work published by the important Jewish historian Flavius Josephus about the year 93 or 94. Antiquities of the Jews is a history of the Jewish people, written in Greek for Josephus' gentile patrons. Beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve, it follows the events of the historical books of the Hebrew Bible, but sometimes omits or adds information. (Summary by Wikipedia)Volume 3 contains Books 11-15; it begins with the return of the Babylonian exiles under Cyrus ...
Cyrus W. Field had a dream: to link the Old World of Britain and Europe to that of the New World of North America by a telegraph cable stretching across the great Atlantic Ocean. It took him thirteen years, a lot of money, and many men and ships and cable to make it happen. He wanted to bring the world together and make it a smaller place; to forge alliances and achieve peace. This is his story. (Introduction by Alex C. Telander)
The book tells the adventures of five Americans on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. The story begins in the American Civil War, during the siege of Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederate States of America. As famine and death ravage the city, five northern prisoners of war decide to escape by the unusual means of hijacking a balloon. The five are Cyrus Smith, a railroad engineer in the Union army (named Cyrus Harding in some English translations); his black manservant Ne ...
Frankly, My Dear
Frankly, My Dear is a weekly film podcast from Scott at He Shot Cyrus and Whitney at Dear Jesus.
Most of us have passed through a period of life during which we have ardently longed to be, if not actually a rover, a buccaneer, or a pirate, at least and really a sailor! To run away to sea has been the misdirected ambition of many a youngster, and some lads there are who have realized their desire to their sorrow. The boy who has not cherished in his heart and exhibited in his actions at sometime or other during his youthful days, a love of ships and salt water, is fit for—well, he is fit ...
Young Politik
A podcast where I your host Cyrus and my Co-Host Ethan will bring on guest speakers to discuss the state of international politics and current affairs.
Gather around and listen up as 7 dudes with little to no credibility update you on all the latest news from gaming to Miley Cyrus.
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show series
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author James Robinson to talk about the success of his first book A BIRD'S TALE and what readers can expect from his new book A BIRD'S TALE: Migration Fallout. Stay connected with James on his website here.
This week on Cock & Bull, Cyrus is joined by Amit and Aakash Mehta, co-host of the Varta Lab podcast. The trio end up preempting the Game of Thrones-esque drama of the Karnataka Elections of 2018, define the word 'abetment' for everyone and tackle some amazing AMA questions. Enjoy PewDiePie's video here: ...…
Local Talent, Kayla Gustin sings Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
This week is a special episode. As we've (vaguely) mentioned before, Paul has been fighting a battle against the mismanagement of the Kingman Airport (among other unproven but wholly obvious sins of the KAA). He finally gets to vent a bit and explain some things. Music: DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak Executive Produced by Cyrus Poe…
Guests: Jordan Goodman, Financial Expert, “America’s Money Answers Man” On to discuss tips to manage student loan debt Cyrus Farivar, Senior Business Editor at Ars Technica radio producer and author on to discuss his book HABEAS DATA: PRIVACY VS. THE RISE OF SURVEILLANCE TECH. A book about what the Cambridge Analytica scandal shows: That survei ...…
Valerie Morehouse is a vocal expert and coach to artists and actors including Hunter Hayes, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line, Michael Ray, Sia, Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Avril Lavigne, Noah Cyrus, Rachel Platten, Ruby Rose, Jeff Bridges, and cast members of the Nashville TV series including Connie Britto ...…
Wednesday, May 16th, in the year of our Lord 2018 By Adam McManus ( Israeli Prime Minister Delighted with US. Embassy in Jerusalem At the official opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, President Trump made these comments in a pre-recorded video. “Almost immediately after declaring statehood in 1948, Israel de ...…
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Howard J. Ross to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new book OUR SEARCH FOR BELONGING: How Our Need to Connect Is Tearing Us Apart.
Miley Cyrus said it best. Nobody's perfect. This Taco Tuesday McKayla & McKenzie talk about perfectionism. Confused by why "perfect" is even a word, we talk about our experience & struggle learning that we are never going to be perfect & that is ok.
Today we extend the conversation from the last episode with a focus on relationships.
I am curious. Why is it that women compete with each other? Is it a biological thing? Is there some form joy gained? Or is it just female cultural? Help me undrstand.
AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight edition, is a short form interview series featuring actors & artists discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Veronica Barriga interviews Ava Max. Following her stellar featured performance on LA-based Nü Disco producer Le Youth’s summer ...…
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author and comedian Ramzy Sweis to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his love of storytelling through comedy and his book WHY WE NEVER REPEAT JOKES.
Joe loves Star Wars. Paul doesn't give a crap. Also, Joe gets into trouble because of the Girl Scouts. Music: Chewbacca by Supernova Executive Produced by Cyrus Poe
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Sharon Rowe to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book THE MAGIC OF TINY BUSINESS.
Part two of our conversation with Ryan Morgan concerns his opinions on modern female pop stars. His thesis is that not only are we in a golden age of female pop stars who are both artistically interesting and also important culturally and even politically but that we've never actually seen anything like this. We've never had women pop stars, an ...…
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Ellen B. Meacham to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the new book DELTA EPIPHANY: Robert F. Kennedy in Mississippi and what she hopes readers take away from it.
This week on Cyrus Says, we meet Ramya Ramamurthy, a media professional with over 15 years of experience in various fields covering print, TV and digital mediums. She talks to Cyrus about: Why big companies need to cover all their bases when it comes to branding. How Facebook's stocks went up after Zuckerburg's deposition. How she researched di ...…
5-6-2018 Weekly Message The Meditation of the Week: Psalm 137:1-9 Text: Matthew 24:42-51 Word of Wisdom: The Wise Life of Christian in the Last days The Word of God given to us, that is the Bible, is a future history that God has set up to restore all things, including man, according to his timetable, and to destroy death forever. The life of m ...…
The opening words of Ezra-Nehemiah introduce us to a Persian king, Cyrus, who inexplicably releases the Jewish exiles and encourages them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their city and temple. What's going on? And how is this relevant to how God is still working in your life today?
We talk about staying committed. I come clean about not keeping my word to you all and the thoughts that come with it.
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Clement Kwegyir-Afful to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new book DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL MEGAPROJECTS and what he hopes the radio audience realize about ways they can be growing their business.
Hosted by Nick & Elizabeth On this week's Fancounters Podcast we're welcoming Kiara Muhammad, best known for being the original voice of Doc McStuffins. In addition to that role she has also appeared on Hannah Montana, Curb Your Enthusiasm, NCIS, Ray Donovan, and Sofia the First. We're also going to talk about Miley Cyrus, Mother's Day, and bei ...…
Thanks for tuning in to our inaugural podcast! Here are links to some of the stuff we referenced and of course the corrections to the stuff that we are almost 100 on. Special Thanks to Syd Butler for the theme song! Chinatown Bus issues: ...…
Plus... Hawaii passes new bill banning sunscreens, Movie Pass brings back a popular perk, Budweiser announces a new beer, a new report shows how much Americans spend on their pets, Bill Cosby's wife Camille speaks out, dads in Iowa cheerlead for daughters, new tech helps a blind man see, Generation Z enters the workforce, women sport organizati ...…
Join host Cyrus Webb welcomes Frank Ford of Four Day Weekend to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss their new book Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of "Yes, and" at Work and in Life.
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Dr. Danny Penman to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the new book THE ART OF BREATHING.
This week, Paul and Joe rant and rave about the state of public education and reminisce of teachers of our collective past. Music: Hot For Teacher - Van Halen Executive Produced by Cyrus Poe
Olivia and Miranda debut a brand new show that they’re tentatively calling TBD: A Mini Podcast all about current news and happenings about your favorite throwback topics. Our first topic is all about the new Kim Possible Disney Channel Original Movie starring Sadie Stanley and Sean Gambrione. Our second topic is pretty much every DCOM leaving N ...…
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Camille Di Maio to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey and her new book THE WAY OF BEAUTY.
The last three chapters of Daniel form one final prophecy/vision. They contain the fourth vision that God gave to Daniel. He dates it to the third year of Cyrus, locates it as happening on the bank of the River Tigris, and describes it as the revelation of a great conflict.
Part 1 of a series in Ezra-Nehemiah. Cyrus, king of Persia, issues a decree to allow God's people to rebuild the Temple, fulfilling prophecies given through Isaiah and Jeremiah.
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Tracy Fessenden to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book RELIGION AROUND BILLIE HOLIDAY. Get music from Billie Holiday on Amazon here. Get Tracy Fessenden's book on Amazon here.
north korea and south korea are having a hell of a summit, the bad man of all time bill cosby finally got convicted in a court of law and will forever be known as a guilty man, and scott pruitt faced questions that will probably not put him out of a job. tgif forever
Yoshitoshi Radio, the new radio show from Sharam, puts a strong emphasis on Yoshitoshi, the label that Sharam has helmed for over twenty years and which to this day operates on the cutting edge of dance music. Comprised of live DJ sets, studio mixes, and guest mixes from Yoshitoshi artists, the program serves up underground house and techno mix ...…
Washington Lieutenant Governor Habib gives a talk to UW students, faculty and the wider community about global opportunities for Washington, from trade to foreign relations, and the role of the Lieutenant Governor's Office in creating a more prosperous Washington for all.About the speakerBefore being elected as Washington state’s 16th Lieutenan ...…
"I'm pretty sure because I watched this by myself I'm on a government watch list now" Let's get something clear: not...A MOVIE. jBow and J9 review this high-pitched concert film and get into spirited debates about how Miley/Hannah gimmick is supposed to work, dads racing in high heels, how far you would go for your kids, growing up ri ...…
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