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A shy and dowdy country girl, Berenice feels socially inept beside her vivacious and sophisticated cousin, Marjorie. But Marjorie decides to groom her and when Berenice turns out better than she expected, Marjorie is delighted, till Berenice catches the eye of one of Marjorie's own faithful admirers. Will Berenice remain the timid and diffident country girl, or will her newfound success give her courage? Lois, a young girl engaged to be married, suddenly becomes unsure about the relationship ...
A romantic and witty novel that has weathered time to remain one of America’s classic pieces. In the shadows of the great Gatsby is another brilliant novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book is evidence to Fitzgerald’s literal genius because it was written by the author in his twenties to mirror his experiences at the time. It paints a picture of what it was like to be a young man or woman in the 20th century and in the wake of the First World War. The book is set on a foundation of socialist ...
A life lived backwards, with events happening in reverse order forms the strange and unexpected framework of one of F Scott Fitzgerald's rare short stories. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was published in Collier's in 1927 and the idea came to Fitzgerald apparently from a quote of Mark Twain's in which he regretted that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst at the end. Fitzgerald's concept of using this notion and turning the normal sequence of life on its head resul ...
Get by in French with Basic French with Reece Fitzgerald!
Taking Up Space is a show hosted by Jordyn Fitzgerald, dedicated to deep conversations about showing up in your life, especially as a woman. This show is for people who want to go deep into the hard things. And those who need support through it. Because we can do hard things together.
Welcome to the Alan Nolan Fitzgerald podcast, where amazing things happen.
This Side of Paradise is the debut novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Published in 1920, and taking its title from a line of the Rupert Brooke poem Tiare Tahiti, the book examines the lives and morality of post-World War I youth. Its protagonist, Amory Blaine, is a wealthy and attractive Princeton University student who dabbles in literature and has a series of romances that eventually lead to his disillusionment. In his later novels, Fitzgerald would further develop the book's theme of love warp ...
The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (Persian: رباعیات عمر خیام) is the title that Edward Fitz-Gerald gave to his translation of a selection of poems, originally written in Persian and of which there are about a thousand, attributed to Omar Khayyám (1048–1131), a Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer. A Persian ruba'i is a two-line stanza with two parts (or hemis-techs) per line, hence the word "Rubáiyát" (derived from the Arabic root word for "four"), meaning "quatrains".The translations that ...
Fjord Fitzgerald
lots of Trap, Dubstep and House, and all kinds of music genres!i will have Guest Dj's over and bring some flows to you!contact me if you want to join or have any suggestions: Fjord Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald, the VA Loan Guy, is located in San Antonio, Texas and is a true “One Stop Lender”. We originate, underwrite, and close all types of loans. We offer Texas Vet, Veterans, FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, Adjustable Rate, and Investment products.
Flappers and Philosophers was the first collection of short stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1920. It includes eight stories:* "The Offshore Pirate"* "The Ice Palace"* "Head and Shoulders"* "The Cut-Glass Bowl"* "Bernice Bobs Her Hair"* "Benediction"* "Dalyrimple Goes Wrong"* "The Four Fists"(Introduction by Wikipedia)
Pretty but socially clueless Bernice lets her know-it-all cousin push her around, but eventually, something's gotta give! (Introduction by BellonaTimes)
"Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Persian: رباعیات عمر خیام). The Rubáiyát (Arabic: رباعیات) is a collection of poems, originally written in the Persian language and of which there are about a thousand, attributed to the Persian mathematician and astronomer Omar Khayyám (1048 – 1123). "Rubaiyat" (derived from the Arabic root word for 4) means "quatrains": verses of four lines." (summary from Wikipedia.)
Tales of the Jazz Age (1922) is a collection of eleven short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Divided into three separate parts, according to subject matter, it includes one of his better-known short stories, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Several of the stories had also been published earlier, independently, in either The Metropolitan, Saturday Evening Post, Smart Set, Collier's, Chicago Tribune, or Vanity Fair. (Summary by Wikipedia)
Join filmmaker and actor Edward Burns as he discusses his new film, "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas," a comedy about an Irish-American family whose deadbeat dad threatens to return to spend the holiday with the wife and seven children he walked out on 20 years before.
The story is about Sally Carrol Happer, a young southern woman from the fictional city of Tarleton, Georgia, who becomes engaged one summer to Harry Bellamy, a man from an unspecified northern town. The following winter, on a visit to Harry's home town to meet Harry's family, Sally Carrol begins to have second thoughts... ( Summary by BellonaTimes, with help from Wikipedia )
Scandal Podcast
Join host Jaha Knight with her illustrious team, Katrina Pavela, Langstan Smith & Elde'a Harris as the recap ABCs hit drama Scandal. Phew, give me #OneMinute to catch my breath! I'm back. We recap each episode of the show with a break down of favorite moments, speculation on what it could all mean and well more. Join us for each episode of the Scandal Podcast on Tweet us @scandalpodcast
Pink Mafia LGBT is a light hearted show featuring chat, news, views and reviews aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and straight community alike. An international endeavour Produced by Edward Mark Fitzgerald on behalf of Cork City Community Radio, Ireland. If you like us, search Pink Mafia LGBT on Facebook or tweet us on @pinkmafialgbt or mail - we'd love to hear from you.
The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám is so-named from the Persian word rubáiyát - a Persian word denoting a specific type of two-line stanza. Omar's Rubaiyat is a beautiful anthology of Islamic wisdom literature: originally penned in medieval Persian during the late 11th century AD. The best known English translations are those by Edward Fitzgerald: his fifth (and last) translation includes a mere 101 quatrains - a fraction of Omar's original work. Fitzgerald's selection loosely groups quatrains by ...
If you're trying to become the best "you" that you can be, this is your show! We'll talk about everything from how to change your mood during a really bad day to meditating, energy work and any other related topics that may arise. Kellie Fitzgerald has arrived at this particular point in her life by taking the scenic route, often filled with pratfalls and new beginnings. After a life spent experiencing trials by fire while simultaneously navigating choppy waters, she is passionate about help ...
Powercat Podcast
The free weekly podcast from and Powercat Illustrated's new website,, hosted by publisher Tim Fitzgerald, who has been covering Kansas State athletics for more than 25 years. The GPC staff takes questions from its subscribers and then provides answer with a mix of analysis, insight and sometimes humor.
An ongoing collection of radio shows hosted by Bill Chambless on WVUD-FM in Newark, Delaware. From the first program in 1984 to the last one about 19 years later, he explored the music and sounds of yesteryear (1900 to 1940), "scratches and all." The program was a labor of love for him, and he was delighted by all the people who supported the show over the years. These files are free for your use. He would have wanted it that way! Enjoy.
The Strength Running Podcast is where Coach Jason Fitzgerald shares running advice for new and veteran runners who are passionate about getting stronger, preventing running injuries, and racing faster. Featuring guests like Olympian Nick Symmonds and New York Times best-selling author Shalane Flanagan, you’ll learn what it takes to run fast, stay healthy, and become a better runner.
iRadio's Cracked i
iRadio's Cracked i with Ed and Fitzy
Celebrating the greatest jazz singer of all time - Ms. Ella Fitzgerald. Join Phil Ramone, Lizz Wright, Dave Koz, Ruben Studdard, Monica Mancini, Take 6, Jon Faddis and George Duke as they share their experiences with Ella.
Lessons in creative writing from a ghostly array of great novelists, poets and playwrights such as Ted Hughes, W.B. Yeats and Allen Ginsberg. Presented by Cathy FitzGerald.
Authors and bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez render judgment on all the latest goings-on in the worlds of celebrity, pop culture, television and fashion. Strap yourselves in for some hilarious opinionating on all the most pressing issues of our time, darlings.
Cosmic Castoff
Cosmic Castoff is a comedy podcast following the hilarious (and fictional) adventures of a bumbling ex-radio DJ as he attempts to navigate the world of the paranormal. Explore Cosmic Questions, Life's Mysteries, The Secrets of the Mind and More with Your Host Colin Fitzgerald. We've got ghosts, ghouls, goblins, UFO's, bigfoot and even a little chupacabra! It's amazing guests, zany adventures, classic rock golden oldies and more!!
with Danielle McRae & Erin Fitzgerald
Johnathan McDonald Matt Fitzgerald bring real talk on all things Sports Entertainment, and it begins...NOW!
A show created to inform listeners on the important aspects of health, wealth and happiness to ensure you live life to its fullest. Your host, Jason Hartman, interviews top notch authors and gurus in the field to reveal expert advice. Guest include: Dr. Charles Tandy, David Ewing Duncan, Dr. Joseph Maroon, Dr. Edmund Chein, Dr. Michael Mosley, Matt Fitzgerald, Dr. Norman Shealy, Ari Tulla, Budge Collinson, Luis Tijerina, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Brett Osborn, Ted Anton, Patrick Cox, Jenny Craig, ...
Artbeat is a weekly arts magazine programme on 103.2 Dublin City FM. Presented by Des FitzGerald, Suzanne Parker and Adrian Colwell, it’s a regular snapshot at all things arts in Dublin and occasionally further afield. Artbeat covers galleries, outdoor events, literature, music, theatre, films and more.Wednesdays, 8-8:30pmDublin City Anna Livia FMDocklands Innovation Park128-130 East Wall RoadDublin 3
The Left Wing
The Left Wing with Luke Fitzgerald is Ireland’s brand new rugby podcast bringing you the best analysis and exclusive interviews every week on Independent.ieFormer Ireland international Luke will be joined by’s Will Slattery, as well as the biggest names in Irish rugby.Luke will harness his in-depth knowledge from his playing days as he dissects how the provinces are performing week in, week out.And for all the international action, listen to the Left Wing for the best analysis ...
Fitzy & Wippa
The nice-guys of Sydney radio Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli on Nova 96.9 are the duo that wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL. No matter what the topic our boys will have their own unique take on it. The down-to-earth duo regularly hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind – take Wippa singing a duet with Hugh Jac ...
The Progressive Political Blog for Colorado
We help beginner runners get started. Whether you're looking to lose weight or get fit, we provide tips to help you become a runner for life. You can also sign up to my free email series for beginner runners at This podcast includes guests like Jeff Galloway, Matt Fitzgerald, Rich Roll, Jay Johnson, Tina Muir and more.
Smart Poker Study Podcast Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker pro & coach Please visit us at, on Twitter @SmartPokerStudy or on Facebook at Sky Matsuhashi discusses poker Cash games, MTT’s and SNG’s for all poker stakes and games like No Limit Hold’em (NLHE), Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and Stud variations of poker. Lots of poker strategy discussed and Q&A’s with listeners. We interview successful poker players and coaches like Alex ...
Uncommon Giving
The Game Changer Network is a community of uncommon givers. This show features the leaders of charities, foundations and corporations rocking our world.
Interviews for the Christian Century magazine by Matt Fitzgerald, pastor of Saint Pauls United Church of Christ in Chicago.
HankyPankyHours from
The Speeches of President John F. Kennedy is a podcast series of the most memorable and historical speeches delivered by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Each episode features a brief introduction by former Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Curator Frank Rigg, who gives the historical context of each speech.
Two old trivia partners (Mike Fitzgerald and Eric Anderson) sharpen their brains and battle their wits in a weekly session of nerd trivia and pop culture conversation. Listen, laugh and play along.
NCL U Radio
Here’s the place to download and listen to all of our past radio show episodes. Just choose a topic below and hit “Play” to listen on demand. For information on all future shows please go to
Paranormal radio talk show,thoses who are interested in the paranormal,open discission about urban legands ghosts and the supernatural.I'm also a sensitive my mother was a Psychic Medium and my Greatgrand Mother,my familys history in the paranormal goes back hundreds of years,jion me as I take you into the underworlds of the unknown
Every weekday afternoon, KNBR 680 brings their audience the popular duo of Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks. Listeners tune in to the popular mid-day show to hear witty sports talk, interviews with popular sports players, coaches, and writers, as well as common banter between the two personalities- including the ever popular “Football Picks” competition during football season.
Tools for HeartConnexion Living to live a grace-based life.
SocialMediopolis Live! is the radio voice of the Capital of Social Media, by founder Michael Crosson and Solutionz Media founder Chicke Fitzgerald, this show will feature social media innovators and leaders from around the globe.
The Utah DMA's sports radio leader - ESPN 700 Sports Radio, the flagship home for Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer - hosts "OnFrame," a weekly soccer-themed and RSL-focused talk show. Kicking off every Monday night at 6:00 p.m. MT on ESPN700 AM and streaming worldwide on, the show is hosted by RSL insiders Trey Fitz-Gerald, and Brian Dunseth - the author of the first-ever home goal in RSL history, who concurrently serves as the club's TV color analyst - and will featur ...
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On the Tuesday edition of the Morning Mail, Philip Anglin is joined by Evans and Partners Senior Research Analyst, Simon Fitzgerald.AMP Ltd. (AMP) is on the agenda today. Simon provides a brief overview of the Banking Royal Commission, and...By
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
Lord Mayor of Cork, Tony Fitzgerald is holding a special council meeting tonight after traders complained
Following the passing of pro wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino, Rich Fitzgerald joins Larry and John to reflect on the incredible life and career of the South Oakland native who touched so many.
John Fitzgerald, Adjunct Professor in Economics at Trinity College Dublin, says it would be unwise to increase Government spending without also increasing taxation
Martina Fitzgerald, Political Correspondent, discusses the Government agenda, as the Dáil returns after the Easter break
A Bill put forward by the Liberal Party that seeks to have welfare recipients subject to mandatory drug tests has resurfaced in Parliament. In 2017 under his role as Social Services Minister, Christian Porter introduced the proposal that unemployed people receiving welfare allowance would be subject to compulsory drug tests. The Bill failed to ...…
Professor Mark Fitzgerald, Australian trauma specialist, discusses how we can improve mortality rates from trauma in Ireland.
Max shares how coming into new identities has expanded his perspective of allyship and representation as it relates to both movement work and his work on campus. Working in the first and possibly only Minnesota two-year college campus LGBT Center, Max talks about navigating his many and various roles as educator, director and resource to many m ...…
Grace Bailey and Ryan Fitzgerald sing "Come Thou Fount" for special music Tuesday night at Calvary Bible Church.
Grace Bailey and Ryan Fitzgerald sing "Come Thou Fount" for special music Tuesday night at Calvary Bible Church.
April 1, 2018 | Pastor Rick with Scott Fitzgerald | Luke 24: 36-49
Here is another great story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Did you know… he was named after his famous second cousin who penned The Star Spangled Banner, Frances Scott Key? He traveled extensively in Paris and the French Riviera in the 1920s. He befriended great authors such as Ernest Hemingway during this period. Fitzgerald contributed stories to The ...…
Today, I’d like to talk about the effects of a fast-moving market. Recently, I’ve been hearing from a lot of frustrated buyers who are tired of losing out on homes.Oftentimes the reason they lost out was that they told their Realtor they needed time to think. When the client calls their Realtor back with the decision to buy, they do so only to ...…
Into The Deep Episode 159 - Another Ambition (March 29th, 2018) 1) Georg Fitzgerald - Nobody But You (feat. Hudson Scott) [Double Six] 2) Philipp Wolf, Max Stecher - Icarus [EIN2] 3) Tim Green, The Slow Revolt - Still Not Born [Cityfox] 4) Super Flu - Gausa [Monaberry] 5) Nils Hoffmann - Drift (Ben Bohmer Remix) [Poesie Musik] 6) Luttrell - Int ...…
“Charges Filed on Church Union Services,” the headline blared on the front page of the Baltimore Sun, April 20, 1937. “Brown Memorial and First [Presbyterian] Linked to Heresy of Modernism.” I was excited to find the headline if for no other reason than it’s proof that you had problems long before I got here. You can’t blame me for your heretic ...…
Welcome to Taking Up Space! Hosted by coach-in-training, artist, and teacher, Jordyn Fitzgerald, this podcast is dedicated to deep conversations about showing up in your life, especially as a WTF (woman/trans/femme). This show is for people who want to go deep into the hard things. And for those who need support through it. Because we can do ha ...…
Political Correspondent Martina Fitzgerald on how a reshuffle at the FF front bench is due to take place this afternoon All about Baltimore prep lacrosse. This week’s guest is former JHU star and current Next One Up Foundation founder Matt Hanna. Segments include the O’Conor, Mooney & Fitzgerald Hot Seat, True Players to Watch, Coaches’ Corner, Royalty & Rivals, the Kelly Payroll Heyday segment, and th ...…
Mix of instrumental tunes uninterrupted for your listening pleasure. Whether you like it loud or quiet, destination listening bliss. New shows every week. Make sure to support all the awesome artists! 00:00 gℓo - Perfect Love 04:09 Jacoo - Life Without You 08:15 George FitzGerald, Bonobo - Outgrown 13:54 Hawksilver - What I Do 17:56 Aron Estoco ...…
This week Ryan takes a trip to Anaheim for Wonder Con 2018 with his new best friend, Brad, a Ford Fiesta, to announce a new book he's working on! His drink this week is a Yotes Pale Ale from our friends at San Tan Brewing. This mini-sode features an introduction by Gary Fitzgerald and music by Kevin Macleod. Follow the show on twitter at @tig_s ...…
Listen to me read you a short story to fall asleep to.
Delores King Williams discusses Ella Fitzgerald and her 100th anniversary celebration at the Hillman Center for the performing Arts with the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra April 14, 2018 at 7:30pm.
On this week's episode of The Left Wing, Will Slattery and Luke Fitzgerald are joined in studio by Irish Independent rugby correspondent Cian Tracey to preview this weekend's Champions Cup quarter-finals.Leinster vs Saracens and Munster vs Toulon headline the quarter-final line-up, and the lads feel that it will take two huge performances to se ...…
Interesting quotes from Zimmer. Big Bytes. Obligatory Daily, Jonny Athletic, Russo Radio and Mark Rosen!
AIR DATE: March 27, 2018Tonight we celebrate our milestone 69th episode with the official launch of our PATREON PAGE!!! Joining us for the celebration is Prof. Kevin Pollock and Semi-God (semi-dog) Jonathan Hamid! Plus, we're joined again by our guest co-host, Colin Fitzgerald!!Join us LIVE every TUESDAY at 6PM MST on Facebook! ...…
Political Correspondent Martina Fitzgerald speaks to us from Department of Foreign Affairs, Sinn Féin's spokesperson on Foreign Affairs Seán Crowe
Martina Fitzgerald, Political Correspondent, discusses draft legislation to regulate abortion if the referendum on the 8th Amendment is passed
Trey Fitz-Gerald talks to Laura Harvey, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kelley O'Hara, and Abby Smith following Saturday night's 1-1 draw in Orlando.
March 22, 2018 Steven and Nate talk to Tim Fitzgerald from about Kansas State's Sweet 16 match up against Kentucky. Tim joins the show LIVE from Atlanta.
Welcome to Taking Up Space! Hosted by coach-in-training, artist, and teacher, Jordyn Fitzgerald, this podcast is dedicated to deep conversations about showing up in your life, especially as a WTF (woman/trans/femme). This show is for people who want to go deep into the hard things. And for those who need support through it. Because we can do ha ...…
James Fitzgerald is a Retired FBI Special Agent & Criminal Profiler. He’s also served as a consultant for the tv show; Criminal Minds. He is author of; "A Journey to the Center of the Mind". A look into the mind of Michael Andrew Conditt and why he could’ve decided to become a serial bomber.
Gun control measures don’t advance after House committee can’t muster a quorum; A bill to arm certain teachers may be dead for the session after it fails to come up for a House vote; The Senate today concurred with the House-passed General Fund budget, sending it to the governor; And we’re joined by Alabama Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington ...…
Kyle Tucker and Curtis Burch record from Atlanta and share the latest on the injuries for Kentucky and Kansas State. Also an interview from the UK locker room with Kentucky Assistant Coach Joel Justus. Plus Tim Fitzgerald of GoPowerCat to preview Kansas State.
Jim Fitzgerald, who is credited for taking down the unabomber, joins us to discuss the Austin bomber, his motives, and how the police were able to catch him.By Jeff Katz.
This week Scott and Ryan enjoy(?) a couple beers, briefly touch on the completed and successful TIG Show kickstarter and talk about their favorite comic book or "super hero movies". They also discuss some problems they had with Thor Ragnarok, just in case you wanted to love them a little less. Our intro music is by The Killer Drones (greywatson ...…
In this episode, I talk with Brenden Fitzgerald, a 27 year old former Marine turned entrepreneur and CEO. He is the founder of Planet Protein and plant based protein company based around premium ingredients and sustainability. This was one of the most fun episodes I have done yet and we get into a lot of new subjects.…
RTE Politics Correspondent Martina Fitzgerald says the party's TDs and Senators will meet later to formally decide their position
Make up your mind to win and nothing else. Norman Vincent Peale Peale believes that all the resources you need to succeed are in your mind. If you expect to succeed, you likely will. If you think you will fail, you probably are right. Peale counsels you to expect success. Pealeisms have a powerfully positive ring. Always play with abandon. It i ...…
Make up your mind to win and nothing else. Norman Vincent Peale Peale believes that all the resources you need to succeed are in your mind. If you expect to succeed, you likely will. If you think you will fail, you probably are right. Peale counsels you to expect success. Pealeisms have a powerfully positive ring. Always play with abandon. It i ...…
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