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Gotham Undercover
Hosted by Tim Arthur and Ryan Boyles, Gotham Undercover is an exciting adventure into the early days of the Gotham City that all of us DC Comics fans love. Tim and Ryan are not only well-known sci-fi geeks, but they have deep roots in comic book culture too.
The GOTHAM Podcast
The Number 1 fan podcast for the FOX series GOTHAM
A Podcast about Fox’s Gotham TV Series
A place to discuss Fox's hit television show GOTHAM. Visit our Twitter feed: @GothamTalk
Home to the unofficial podcast about FOX’s Gotham and the world of Batman. Hosted By Phil, Tyler, and Kelly. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
The unofficial fan podcast for the FOX TV series Gotham | Batman | James Gordon | Harvey Bullock | Penquin | Riddler | Joker
Just a couple of guys sitting around the comic shop discussing the issues... Gotham Central covers every corner of the comic book, movie, and geek universe! And of course, there's always batman!
A podcast where we discuss the comic world of Batman past ,present and future.
ABC Gotham
Fun weird NYC history, one topic for every letter of the alphabet.
Little Gotham
Podcast about the Batman Miniatures Game
He's not the night, not yet. Listen to us talk about FOX's Gotham, the rise of Batman, and many of Gotham's most feared villians. Hosted by Queenie and Jahnya. We'd love to hear your thoughts, too! Write to us at Check out what else we like to talk about at
Each week, Gotham Baseball LIVE discusses the news, notes and rumors around NY Baseball. Hosted by Mark Healey, founder of Gotham Baseball magazine.
Podcast by Positively Gotham Gal
yet another Batman podcast
Gotham Press
A kinktastic nerdgasm of fun and debauchery
Gotham Arcade
A comic book and video game podcast
I Am Gotham
"I Am Gotham" is a weekly exploration of the Bat family of books from a long time Batman geek as he attempts to read every Batman appearance since 1939.
Gotham Sports Network
New episodes every morning recapping everything you might have missed from the last 24 hours in sports, pop-culture and more!
Gotham TV Podcast
The Podcast reviews of the TV Show Gotham
Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @theStreamtv and the Gotham After Show hosts! David Fichtenmayer - @fichtenmayerTommy Bechtold - @tommybechtoldDevon Stewart - @DevonDStewartVi Flaten - Fan Show Network presents the Gotham After Show. Tune in each week, live or on demand, for review and conversation about Bruno Heller's new television series 'Gotham', which airs Mondays on FOX. Gotham features characters in DC's Batman franchise created by Bob Kane. The series will ...
A Podcast about Fox’s Gotham TV Series
Walking Through The 12 Steps With Some of The Best.At the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge.August 22nd, 23rd & 24th of 2014
A bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you interesting stories from a perspective of New York that you may not know. The smaller side, the more intimate. If you rush through life in the bustle of crowded trains and lines for your coffee, take a moment and get to know your world. Host Greg Green takes you through interviews with interesting people and their interests. He sits at coffee shops and chats with New York locals about what it is that makes them unique.
Gotham City Podcast
Gotham City Podcast - How much can one city take before it breaks?
All things NY Sports! Knicks, Mets, Yankees, Rangers, Islanders, Giants, Jets & more!
New podcast weblog The Gotham City gazette is a Podcast dedicated to all things BATMAN and DC alike movies, video games, toys, comics and everything GEEKDOM !!!
After Gotham
A show discussing the FOX TV series Gotham. Listen as we break down, answer your questions, and review each episode. Hosted by Chad Perkins. Part of the Twenty One Network.
Gotham Roguetalk
A sports podcast hosted out of Davidson College by Chris Yu and Eddie Isola
Talking Gotham
Gothamites! Join the conversation as Mike and Amy of Variety Radio Online recap and review the latest episodes of the hit TV series "Gotham" which airs on FOX.
Gotham Gridiron
Welcome to the only show that talks about the past, present and future of NY football.
A look at every episode of the Gotham TV Series
Gotham Lights Fancast, hosted by Henno and Stefanie, is a weekly podcast about the Fox TV show Gotham. We review each episode as fans of the show and bring other fans and friends on to discuss all things Gotham.
Capes and Lunatics: Sidekicks is the companion podcast to Capes and Lunatics, the podcast about all things related to comics, including movies, television, books, comicbooks, video games and more. Episode recaps, news, reviews, analysis and predictions are all discussed on this weekly show.
a regular show about two best friends catching up and reviewing comic book television shows like Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Daredevil, The Walking Dead, and many more!As well as news updates in the comic book world of geekery and pop culture
Gotham Media Gazette
A show where your hosts, Tyler and Jake discuss, life, love, and everything (and nothing) in between
Gotham Hoops Live
Each week, Mark Healey talks about the past, present and future of NY Basketball.
Podcast by GothamGurus
Some of you may already know, but 1MoreRound Entertainment has been in the process of moving our podcasts to a new hosting service over the last few weeks. There are many reasons for this move, mainly so we can have separate XML/RSS feeds for each shows making it easier to find the shows they want on services such as itunes. We are also merging with Nervous Dog Productions, whose founder and owner is Johnny, which will now publish its shows under the 1MoreRound banner as well helping expand ...
Join actor Ben McKenzie for a discussion and audience Q&A about Gotham. The Fox series—based on the characters from DC Comics and produced by Warner Bros. Television—is back for a second season and the stakes are higher than ever as Detective Jim Gordon (McKenzie) fights to save the city from ever more ambitious and depraved Super Villains.
Welcome to the first ever episode of the Sons of Gotham Podcast. Your hosts Jon and John discuss a variety of topics all pertaining to DC Comic entertainment, and sometimes Marvel. Also we will be reviewing every single episode of Batman The Animated Series
A podcast about the The TV Shows Punisher, Gotham, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Hannibal, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders on Netflix
A podcast about the The TV Shows Gotham, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Hannibal and Agent Carter with upcoming Luke Cage and Iron Fist and The Defenders on Netflix
Gotham Gazette NYC
Gotham Gazette is a pioneering nonpartisan New York City-based online watchdog publication that covers city and state government, and has a rich tradition of reporting on local elections as well as policy that affects everything from the spaces where New Yorkers live and play to police tactics and civil rights. It is published by Citizens Union Foundation.
New podcast weblog The Gotham City gazette is a Podcast dedicated to all things BATMAN and DC alike movies, video games, toys, comics and everything GEEKDOM !!!
The origins of Gotham City are some shrouded in mystery. Many millenniums ago, an evil warlock was buried alive beneath what would one day become the central island of Gotham. It is alleged that while the warlock laid in a state of torpor, his evil essence seeped into the soil, poisoning the ground with his dark, corrupt touch. By the warlock's own reasoning, he claims that he fathered the modern spirit of Gotham City and has even taken to calling himself Doctor Gotham. The territory surroun ...
A podcast about the The TV Shows Punisher, Gotham, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Hannibal, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders on Netflix
A show about DC Universe properties on film and television: From DCEU films 'Justice League', 'Aquaman' and 'Suicide Squad 2' to weekly television fare like 'Gotham', 'Supergirl', 'The Flash', and 'Arrow'!
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Larissa Thompson and Sarah Bryden-Brown are two of three powerhouse women behind ONDA -- an online retail and brick-and-mortar store that serves as the go-to authority on natural beauty in the marketplace. I sat down with Larissa and Sarah this week to talk about how they met, and what’s made their venture such a success.…
Prequels! Feat. Star Wars, Gotham, Indiana Jones, Twin Peaks, Metal Gear Solid, Wolverine, Better Call Saul, and all the other stuff we mention frequently anyway! Also, quiz nonsense.
Prequels! Feat. Star Wars, Gotham, Indiana Jones, Twin Peaks, Metal Gear Solid, Wolverine, Better Call Saul, and all the other stuff we mention frequently anyway! Also, quiz nonsense.
Stef and Henno bring you the latest off-season #Gotham news and Stef shares her recent fun at Phoenix Comic Fest. Special thanks to Doug LeMesurier for the Gotham Lights logo @jlemesur Gotham Lights is part of the Danger Entertainment Network twitter: @gothamlights @idahenno @b ...…
Some Link to Fun Stuff Covered: Red Hook Pool DD Pool Brighton Beach Brooklyn Bridge Park Governors Island NYC Runs Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Ample Hills Coney Island Brooklyn Cyclones Gotham City Girls Roller Derby Jacob Riis Jones Beach Smorgasburg Gooey Cakes Brooklyn Museum Target 1st Saturdays Brooklyn Botanical Garden Prospect Park Zoo B ...…
***Welocome to Babblot*** Catch up on everything that we have been doing ***What's been happening in Babblot*** 4:40 Origins Game Fair Neta-Tanka Kickstarter No time for media ***Things That Make Us Go Hmmmm!*** 17:17 Multi platform crowd funding Board games on Nintendo Switch ***The Good, Not So Bad & Ugly*** 41:02 First impressions of brand n ...…
Episode 14 “I figured you for a Mako guy.” The Sidewinders are back with episode 14 and I must say it’s our best one yet. This week after the no Nathan helicopter intro, we discuss drinking and driving and working (3:30), a co-worker asks Nathan an interesting question (10:00), Bo’s beach blast and mini-vans (14:50), hammerhead sharks and Bo’s ...…
Ted Kilvington, Matt Henderson, & Mike Wellman explore the fight against the Batman Who Laughs in "Gotham Resistance Part 3: Welcome to the Jungle" from 2017's Suicide Squad #26, by Rob Williams, Stjepan Sejic, and more! Harley Quinn! Teen Titans! Poison Ivy! Nightwing! Green Arrow! You must listen!
Gotham Front Page - 6/15/2018Panel - Andrew Claudio, Ethan LevyHeadlines:- Ethan Meets The Beibs- Mike Bibby Is Not Natural- Soccer! Soccer! Soccer!- Arguing SZN- Happy Birthday, Wade Boggs!
Viraj Puri is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Gotham Greens, a worldwide pioneer in the field of urban agriculture and a leading regional producer of hyper-local, premium-quality, greenhouse grown vegetables and herbs.
Gotham Front Page - 6/14/2018Panel - Steve Angelovich, Ryan DisdierHeadlines:- US To Host 2026 World Cup- Zach Martin Got PAID- GGG vs Canelo Rematch set- Happy Birthday. Pat Summit!
Episode 52 of the Storium Arc podcast brings you a very nice chat about not very nice characters. Today, we discuss how to play less-than-likable characters – the arrogant, the angry, the mean, and worse – without alienating your fellow players. How do you make someone dislike your character but like you? As predicted, right after recording the ...…
We take a look at another William Dozier pilot for another comic related property. This time, it's Dick Tracy - He's a Good Cop. This time though, Dozier went all out with a full length half-hour episode featuring Victor Buono as the villain, Mr. Memory - which starts the batter of questions about where this show was going. In "The Plot to Kill ...…
Gotham Front Page - 6/13/2018Panel - Jesse Finver, Brett HerskowitzHeadlines:- Everybody's Suing Everybody- Andrew Luck Can Throw A Football- Lakers Diss Tracks- Happy Birthday, Chris Evans!
The pressure in Gotham is building. Gordon is now in a race to beat the train to Wayne Tower. Batman is flying along with the train while receiving quite the beating. Check out Rory at Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Join the Dark Knight Minute League of Listeners group ...…
Co-owner of Gotham Podcast Studio Brianna sits down with me to discuss how relationships & business can work and what it’s like coming from a background of little to no exposure to diversity.
Connecting skilled writers with unique voices is a day in the life of our podcast guest this week, Dan Gerstein, President of Gotham Ghostwriters, joins Peter to talk about discovering voice, creating content, and building the relationship to create your next book or speech. Dan shares insights on how writing a book is like being CEO of a pop-u ...…
COMICS INK. The Podcast | Issue #9 | Gotham CentralSpecial Guest: Carlos CamaraPodcast Location: Gotham CentralWe interviewed Gotham Central’s Carlos! We chit chat about Carlos’ beginning as the owner of “Risen From The Ashes” to the store we know and love “Gotham Central” at Dixie and Eglinton! We hear about what drew him into the comic scene ...…
Comics Ink. The Podcast | Issue #08 | Jessica Jones, The Filth, The Button, Dark Knights MetalBy: Comics Ink. CrewCastPodcast Location: The WatchTowerThe adventures of Canya and her Pizza, BeastWars Leo-Nard, Cyrille and her David Tennant, Geoff and his loathing of Starkverse Spider-Man, and Jowy’s on again-off again relationship with Clark Ken ...…
It's back to Gotham City or should I say feudal Japan in Episode #95 of The Confirmed Epic Podcast as we review Batman Ninja Directed by: Junpei Mizusaki. As always we also get into what we have been checking out, and the epic news items of the week. Let us know what you thought about the podcast in the comments below or follow and tweet us @th ...…
Matt allows Mike & Ted to join him as they discuss “Gotham Resistance Part 2: A Ring of Ice and Fear” from 2017's Nightwing #29 by Tim Seeley, Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, Adriano Lucas, and more! The Batman Who Laughs empowers Mr. Freeze to take over Gotham and it's up to the cut on Nightwing's forehead to save the day.…
*This podcast originally aired on February 17th 2014, and is part of our Retro Rewind initiative to publish our back catalog of episodes for our listeners! In Episode 23 of The Confirmed Epic Podcast we review one of our most anticipated films of Winter/Spring 2014: Jose Padilha’s Robocop Remake. We also get into what we have been checking out: ...…
Back after an accidental 6 month hiatus, our trio return with more inane chat including Agony, Conan Exiles, Gotham, ONRUSH, Thimbleweed Park, and Sylvester Stallone's penis.
Don your cape and grab your batarangs, we're going to Gotham! This week the guys talk Netflix's first comic series The Magic Order, the Fallout 76, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Suspiria trailers, and fantasy cast their very own Batman movie in a game of Casting Director! Links from the Show The Magic Order Trailer Fallout 76 Teaser Bohemian Rhapsody ...…
Jump on the bandwagon as Ted, Mike, and Matt take on 2017's Teen Titans #12! "Gotham Resistance Part 1: Riddler’s Labyrinth” was by Benjamin Percy (writer), Mirka Andolfo (pencil and ink artist), and Romulo Fajardo Jr. (color artist). What evil scheme does the Batman Who Laughs have in mind for Damian the Boy Wonder and his young chums? HINT: I ...…
The newest episode of TOC pod has Mike, Ron and Tom talking about the yelling lynx, the opera dog, and how they would kill Batman. They also talk about Gotham and the new Alfred series!RecommendationsDurand Jones & the IndicationWelshly ArmsThe Front Bottomstableofcontentpod@gmail.comtableofcontentpod on instagramTOC_pod on twitter…
That's right, Damage Control is back again - this time we're looking at the DC side of things. With all the 'Ice' puns you can shake a stick at, we're fixing Joel Schumacher's campy, hyper-'90s take on Gotham City.
It's just us in the podcast factory this week. Us being Nick and Eric. We're here to talk about radioactive spiders, living in caves, Gibson, and that time outside an opera in Gotham. It's the Eric Mathews origin story!
Anthony & Dr. Issues chill out while talking about Batman's coolest nemesis, Mr. Freeze! Plus dueling song references - Foreigner vs. Omarion, and yet another South Park reference... SHOW NOTES: Introduction Background (06:33) Created by Dave Wood & Sheldon Moldoff in Batman 121 (Feb. 1959) as Mr. Zero - rogue scientist who spilled cryogenic ch ...…
Gotham's newest casino doesn't have everyone smiling!
This week, the boys disagree on "Mother Panic Gotham AD," really love "The Flash," and hope that "Mera, Queen of Atlantis" is being picked up by the folks reading "Aquaman."
On this week’s show Sydnie talks about maybe finding a new church because of an experience she had on Sunday. James talks about standing firm for media is that Capital T trash. Song Of The Show: BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools Mentions: James’s Trash: Resident Evil Franchise, Nightside Series by Simon R. Green, Bleach, American Horror Story, Proje ...…
We’ve reached the end of season four and Gotham has become a No Man’s Land! Join us for a special mega-sized episode of The Gotham Chronicle. It’s part discussion, part comedy opera and all heart as we celebrate the end of an eventual podcast season. Dustin joins Josh, Don, and Jan to discuss No Man’s Land. Will the deaths stick? How should the ...…
TV Talk... May 13th to May 18th This week we talked about an assualt on Lex's Mansion, used Flash Time to save the day, went on the offensive verse Diaz, tried to stop Gotham from falling, and we saved the world changing the timeline. We also talked about all the other television news and wrapped up the seasons for Arrow, Gotham, and Agents of ...…
It's Season Finale time for a lot of live-action comic-based shows! Elvis delves into his thoughts on two of his favorites this year: Gotham Season 4 and the freshman season of SYFY's Krypton.Plus: a discussion on where Deadpool 2 went right and, as always, listener questions!Skip to 39:58 to avoid spoilers.Links:Twitter: ...…
Episode 83 is up at! This week we discuss:•The Flash - “We are the Flash”•Gotham - Zero Year coming?•Arrow - How long will Oliver be in prison?•Spider-Man 2 - Villain Reveal?•Boba Fett Movie•The Last Jedi/Netflix•Men in Black/Liam Neeson •WestWorld •Classic N64?•Sea of Thieves “The Hungering Deep”•PUBG - Miramar Release•Dustin’s ...…
Alex and Peter finally talk about the 2008's iconic "The Dark Knight." They discuss Heath Ledger's haunting, Oscar-winning portrayal of the Joker, the nuance of Harvey Dent, Alex goes on a rant about clapping during movies, Chicago as Gotham and what if Robin Williams played the Joker.
Welcome to Episode 107 of The Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. The Clown Prince and The Notorious One talks about the following Big picture discussion on ALL IN, WWE's TV Deal With FOX, WWE MITB Build, Roman/Jinder, The Return Of The YAN Club, You Played Yourself, Review of Gotham's Season Finale and Deadpool 2Hope you guys and girls enjoy the pod ...…
#Gotham closes out Season 4 with a bunch of bangs in S4E22, No Man's Land, and Stef and Henno review each and every one. Cameron Monaghan Twitter moments: Special thanks to Doug LeMesurier for the Gotham Lights logo @jlemesur Gotham Lights is part of the Danger Entertainment Network gothamlightsp ...…
Today I review and remind you of the history and pressure of Solo: A Star Wars Story as it comes to theaters this week. Also, we're getting Batwoman and Gotham City in next season's Arrowverse crossover.
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