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Guido's Lounge Cafe
My name is Guido van der Meulen, and married to my beautiful wife Astrid and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen. My love for Lounge Music started about 12 years ago, during a vacation on the island of Bali. While I was there, I bought a Chillout CD in one of the local Balinese markets and to...
Guido Penno
Guido was born 1980 in Germany's Capital of Art and Culture, Berlin. His interest in Music started very early during his High School and exploring Rave and Club Culture of Berlin. Clubs such as TRESOR, E. WERK ,PANORAMA BAR, ARENA, CASINO, NONTOX and MATRIX which were the Top underground Clubs of its Time. His curiosity in the Club Music and Dj'ing grew exponentially. His curiosity raised him to be an internationally renowned DJ.
Joel and Guido Talk Movies
Discussing movies
My Own Thing - Guido Saltarelli
Guido Saltarelli's podcast about whatever he feels like talking about or talking to.
The Unrated Hour Entertainment Show
Welcome to the Unrated Hour right here each and Every week. Live for two hours right here on! we have some awsome guest on this show, check out our passed interveiws for details. also we have had our blooper moments as well. our history speaks for it self. But now in 2014 we got a kick ass Host in DJ Big Rod! a great Producer in Dj Emotion from Dj Drop and other great things happening with us right here on the Unrated Hour live every week for two hours right here on the Blo ...
Hotel California
Un viaggio dove sono stati girati i piu' grandi film della storia del cinema e altro
Sermons Audio - St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church
Excerpts from Sunday services at St. John Ev. Lutheran Church of Reedsburg, WI
Vivaldi Real Estate
investimenti a New York
Gone Fishing for Power Pop
Using power pop and wimpy apolitical mall punk as their moral and intellectual compass, Guido and friends dabble in ethics and occasionally flirt with inductive reasoning.
Visionary Radio
'Something Real' is OUT NOW: & Social
DJ Recko - Aural Pleasures Volume 2: Pre-Summer Anthems 2012
1. Don’t Stop (The Colors On The Wall) - Foster The People (dBerrie Rmx) 2. Back In Time - Pitbull (DJ Luciano Extended Club Mix) 3. Famous - Audio Playground (Razor N Guido Vocal Rmx) 4. Respect - Melanie Amaro (Gregor Salto Rmx) 5. Domino - Jessie J (eSQUIRE v. OFFBeat Mix) 6. Let’s Get Naughty - Jessie And The Toy Boys (Jump Smokers Rmx) 7. International Love - Pitbull (Jump Smokers Extended Mix) 8. Let It Go - Dragonette (Laidback Luke Rmx) 9. Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO (DallasK Rmx) 10. ...
It's Time Podcast by Diefentaler
English: Diefentaler is among the top 20 DJs in Brazil today. Released by Sony Music Brazil, Diefentaler has had international recognition for his work as a music producer. His song "Light The Fire" recently peaked at 26 th place in the Swiss Dance Charts. Also his last work song "Summer Love" was listed in the "Must Hear EDM Tracks" the Beatport and has been played by Pete Tong in his "Evolution Beatport Show" to more than 80 radio stations around the world.Portuguese: Diefentaler encontra- ...
Ring and the Book, The by BROWNING, Robert
"Better translate--"A Roman murder-case: "Position of the entire criminal cause "Of Guido Franceschini, nobleman, "With certain Four the cutthroats in his pay, "Tried, all five, and found guilty and put to death "By heading or hanging as befitted ranks, "At Rome on February Twenty-Two, "Since our salvation Sixteen Ninety Eight: "Wherein it is disputed if, and when, "Husbands may kill adulterous wives, yet 'scape 'The customary forfeit.'" (Excerpt from first chapter of The Ring and the Book.) ...
Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 1: The Borgias and The Cenci by DUMAS, Alexandre
Dumas's 'Celebrated Crimes' was not written for children. The novelist has spared no language--has minced no words--to describe the violent scenes of a violent time. In some instances facts appear distorted out of their true perspective, and in others the author makes unwarranted charges. The careful, mature reader, for whom the books are intended, will recognize, and allow for, this fact. (from publisher's note) The first volume comprises the annals of the Borgias and the Cenci. The name of ...
Tour & Taxis [en]
The audio guide of Tour & Taxis is offered to you by Project T&T, owner and manager of the site. The texts were written by Guido Vanderhulst, expert in social and industrial estates and by Nancy Ngoma, communication consultant. The technical and integration aspects have been assured by Universum Digitalis - VUB.
Soaked In Seaweed and 7 other nonsense novels by LEACOCK, Stephen
8 great spoofs of 'types' of fiction by the premier Canadian humorist Leacock, taken from his book Nonsense Novels. The title of each parody gives away it's genre: Soaked in Seaweed or, Upset in the Ocean; Maddened by Mystery: or, The Defective Detective; "Q." A Psychic Pstory of the Psupernatural; Guido the Gimlet of Ghent: A Romance of Chivalry; The Man in Asbestos: an Allegory of the Future; Sorrows of a Super Soul: or, The Memoirs of Marie Mushenough; A Hero in Homespun: or, The Life Str ...
BAMbastics - Mixed by Bambobyl
Guido Heuber, one of the most often booked german TV Sports-Anchormen (u.a. Eurosport TV, Red Bull Media, RTL, Pro7/SAT.1), hit the decks after years of experience in EM and especially in Deep House. Fascinated by a gig of "Oriol Calvo" the idea of becoming a DJ was born. The mixes of "Rayco Santos" and his person himself paved the way to the only logical dedication. "Rayco was and is a true inspiration. Thankful 4ever". So is Alex Kentucky. What a great DJ.A summer on Ibiza in 2016, with sh ...
ISE with Levi and Mawk
What is ISE? Immature? Definitely. Sophomoric? Unabashedly. Enlightening? Listen in as a self-entitled, pessimistic Jew and an intolerably likable Guido do their best to find ways to make arguing about nothing a modern form of entertainment. Ever wonder what sex toys are like in the wizarding world of Harry Potter? Or whether nipple color should be used when trying to classify a person's race? Ever dream that your friend has an imaginary sister who only exists to seduce you?Of course not. So ...
Duchess of Padua, The by WILDE, Oscar
Guido Ferranti, a young man, travels to Padua with his friend Ascanio after receiving a mysterious letter from a stranger, claiming to know the true secret of Guido's birth. His plan of revenge goes awry, however, when he falls in love with his enemy's beautiful wife, the Duchess of Padua. (Summary by Wikipedia and wildemoose) Cast: Simone Gesso, Duke of Padua; Hugo the Headsman: Algy Pug Beatrice, Duchess of Padua: Arielle Lipshaw Andreas Pollajuolo, Cardinal of Padua: ToddHW Maffio Petrucc ...
Do you feel like every week there’s some band your “eccentric” co-worker/friend is trying to turn you on to? Are you confused as to which band with the word “wolf” or “horse” you’re supposed to like? Lucky for you, every week DJ Father Guido spends hours in his lab sifting through bits and bytes of hipster blog entries and indie magazines searching for the finest aural pleasures available. Then the Father compiles them here for you to enjoy in the comfort of the Donnybrook Campus.
Dj Andrea Blanco
Andrea Blanco is an Italian electronic music producer and disc jockey. Born (1993) and raised in Siracusa , he developed his own interest in music since his childhood playing drums and piano. Andrea's career started at the age of 14 , playing electronic and house music in the nightclubs of his home town. In 2012 and 2013 he produced and boasted excellent releases vinyl like "M.A.M. -M.A.M." for Auror Music label, in collaboration with two other Italian producer, and "Save The Crocodile" for ...
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Arkivo de 3ZZZ Radio en Esperanto
Raporto: Matt pri urugano Irma Kanto: “ ĉu vi volas danci?” de Ĵomart, Nataŝa kaj Carina Legado: Karlo el la revuo Monato “Imamoj kontraŭ teroro” de Walter kaj Renate Klag Franciska el la revuo Ateismo “ Religioj kaj senreligieco en Suda Koreio” de Nyegoj Dube Kanto: el la kompaktdisko Ĉiamen plu de la Perdita Generacio “ Alia Aventuro” Raporto ...…
Arkivo de 3ZZZ Radio en Esperanto
Kanto : el la kompaktdisko Elektitaj kantoj de Sepa Asorti “Esperanto” Parolado: Marcel pri gramatikaj kategorioj Legado:Karlo el la revuo Monato “Trovita milita ŝipo” de Last Laszlo. el retradio “ Ĉu bovaĵo baldaŭ el retorto? de Anton Obendorfer Kanto : el la kompaktdisko Elektitaj kantoj de Sepa Asorti “Somera nokto” Parolado : Marcel pri nee ...…
Dj Bones's Podcast
♫ Blaze feat Cassio Ware - Funky People♫ E.O.L. Soulfrito - Upright Love♫ Andrea Love - I’m Free♫ Kenny Dope, Dj Gomi, Antonio Hart - Piano Groove♫ Oscar Sulley, The Uhuru Dance Band - Buxom Mashie♫ Dj Romain, Emory - This Is Hot♫ Yardage, Gil Scott-Heron - Hysterical Times♫ Kevin Yost & Peter Funk - Another World♫ Guido P - Funky At The Beach♫ ...…
Today I’m talking with Australian author John Birmingham about his journey from the dizzying heights of the traditional publishing scene, to deciding to go indie and hybrid and his insights into how the publishing industry has changed. It’s an honest and really fascinating interview. In the intro, I talk about how we can deal with the political ...…
Dj Bones's Podcast
♫ UFO - Flying Saucer♫ Prefix One - Vermicelli Noodles♫ Joyfull Family - Disco Feeling♫ Addvibe - Feels So Good 2Nite♫ L’Renee, Omar S - S.E.X.♫ Mattei & Omich, Ella - God Made Me Funky♫ Skyy - Here’s To You♫ Dj Romain, Emory - This Hot♫ 95 North - Housin’ Good Time♫ Guido P - Funk At The Beach♫ Praxis feat Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out♫ Oscar Sull ...…
Chaos Computer Club - recent audio-only feed
All the pieces to make encryption easy, secure and anonymous are in widespread use. Only we're not using them properly, making it difficult for the users. In this talk, Guido will show what benefits can be gained by using existing cryptographic protocols in a slightly different configuration. Doing so makes authentication easy, community buildi ...…
In the final episode of this chapter of Power Moves the party finally finds what theyve been seeking for the last 10 episodes But everything comes with a price Gideon gets called out for something that happened long ago Ty misunderstands some orders Greg has a really awful idea Princeps Guido carries the team once again…
Dr. Guido Kroemer is a professor at the University of Paris Descartes and an expert in immunology, cancer biology, aging, and autophagy. He is one of the most highly cited authors in the field of cell biology and was the most highly cited cell biologist for the period between 2007 and 2013. Especially notable among his contributions: he was the ...…
Alternative Wrestling Radio
The first segment on the Tuesday July 25th episode of Alternative Wrestling Radio will make old things new again. Your host "Zombie" Matt will bring back the Rubber Guard Radio mojo with RGR's most popular guest Vito DeNucci. Vito has been around the indie wrestling scene for over 40 years and has the stories to back that up. We will discuss Fl ...…
SOLO SWEET IBIZA CHAPTER:018 Tune in Harmonic Mix, from Ibiza Sweet Music Play List or alphabetic order: Body Music- Just One Cafe 432, Lifford - Meant To Be (Club Mix) Chris Rob - Touch The Sky (Darryl James Extended Altra Mix) Danny Cruz feat Tung - In My Head (Original Mix) Eric Faria & Mr.Kris - Nadia Ali - Rapture Remix Franco Kaus - Krato ...…
Guido's has an open mic night for comedians on Tuesday at 8:00pm. If you think that you're funny, then step up and show us what you got. Do you have a funny story that you're just dying to share? Don't worry, we won't judge. We all have to start somewhere, right?
Dopo aver parlato di anni ’80 e ’90, non si poteva fare a meno di dedicare 60 minuti (scarsi) di podcast anche agli anni zero, quegli anni 2000 attraversati dalle due generazioni videoludiche che hanno portato i videogiochi alla loro “forma finale”. In realtà poi – tra un’allusione e l’altra – la puntata 13 di Gameromancer infila un po’ di tutt ...…
Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio. Well this is a first for us. We have had guests from manufacturers, guests from EFI training, and guests that are racers. We have never had a racer get to call in during a race week event. To make this twice as nice, we have not one racer, but two! Richard Guido and Billy Armstrong both call in while competing in R ...…
21st Century Soul
1. Danny Kane & Timmy Vegas Feat Jacqui George - Feelin Me - Alan Dixon Remix2. Chynaah Doll - I'm On Fire - Joeflame Soulfull Remix3. UPZ Feat Chris Rouse - Magic With You4. Peven Everett - Love Is Thicker Than Water5. Groove Junkies & Michele Chiavarini - Carolyn Harding - Play - Michele Chiavarini Remix6. Joey Negro Feat Lifford - Everything ...…
This week we introduce some new segments and Cody interviews Boston University Professor of classical Greek studies, Dr. Carl P Ruck. In our opening segment Epics N' Entheogens, Cody explores evidence of plant and fungal based medicines and intoxicants through prehistory. Following that is a short primer on the Eleusinian Mysteries to help prep ...…
Patriotic Angler Fishing Podcast
The patriotic angler talks bass fishing in Lake Tarpon without special guest professional bass angler George Medders. George Medders has fished professionally and placed in the Bassmaster Series, FLW series and more. He has won and placed in many bass tournaments over the last three decades. He has fished with the best, Bassmaster classic winne ...…
Frank MillsHeart of the CityAnne MurraySnowbirdGordon LightfootPussywillows, Cat-tailsDavid FosterTheme From "The Color Purple"The Four LadsSomeone To Watch Over MeGisele MacKenzieHey ThereHagood HardyThe HomecomingDiana KrallI'm Confessin' (That I Love You)Frank MillsMusic Box DancerKenny ColmanAs Time Goes ByGale GarnettWe'll Sing In the Suns ...…
Our Interesting Times
Guido Giacomo Preparata joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his book Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich. We talk about how Great Britain fomented two world wars to prevent an alliance forming between Germany and Russia and how the rise of National Socialism in Germany was not an aberration or accident of history b ...…
Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0278 Water Garden (20170630) This set has an oriental start well, to me it has that feel Over here it was such a hot weather, I didn't know what to play... So I was thinking about how to call this mix, and one thing was sure... So much sun needs water... "Water Garden" Enjoy my friends 00:00 Red Buddha & Linda Wong ...…
Summer is in full swing! Petey Boy is down the shore celebrating his birthday and Bret is lacing up his white sneakers to walk down the beach! The guys talk about the best outfits guidos wear by the water – so oil up, get some color, and down some Goose!
In this episode, we speak with cartoonist and writer KATIE SKELLY (NURSE NURSE, OPERATION MARGARINE, MY PRETTY VAMPIRE) about two classic European comic creators; Guido Crepax and Milo Manara. Katie discusses the craft, context, and legacy of these two masters of erotica (and more).TOPICS INCLUDE: Jeff Koons, Fellini, Frank King, Bondage(Full d ...…
This week, Amanda delivers the first in an ongoing series regarding Psychedelic Feminism. On this episode, Amanda briefly covers the definition of Psychedelic Feminism, how inter-sectional feminism interplay's with capitalism and neoliberalism (if at all). Amanda then interviews our first returning guest, author and historian Thomas Hatsis to d ...…
Turbo Appeal is identifying an all-too-common issue with homeowners: not knowing how to appeal property taxes. The process and the paperwork turn a lot of owners away from getting some extra money in their pockets. Co-Founder John Guidos talks about how he built the company and how he kept it alive to be the success it’s become.…
Let the celebration begin! Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf will sign a bill designed to overhaul the state’s animal protection statutes and increase penalties for abusing animals into law, and three of the people who had a huge hand in it join the podcast to talk about the journey. Janine Guido, head of Speranza Animal Rescue, is also Libre's mom. L ...…
The Digital Story Photography Podcast
This is The Digital Story Podcast #590, June 27, 2017. Today's theme is "Out of Chicago." I'm Derrick Story. Opening Monologue It was the day after Summer Solstice when we touched down at O'Hare Airport. You could feel the heat seeping through the cracks in the covered walkway that connected the plane to airport. There was no mistake. It was su ...…
Che i membri della redazione di I Love Videogames non fossero esattamente a posto con la testa è una verità ben nota e riconosciuta ormai a livello nazionale. Quel che non ci saremmo mai aspettati, però, è che un “dottore” sarebbe emerso tra gli episodi di Gameromancer per assisterli e guidarli verso una puntata migliore: dopo aver ospitato gli ...…
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