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Kristina Knight, romance author, has been writing for as long as she can remember. She began seriously pursuing her writing dream in 2005 when she became a full-time freelance writer. She currently publishes Online content and full length manuscripts.
Kristina’s Book Review Podcast is about books per se for book lovers!
Kristina Salazar
Welcome to truths told and where real opinions matter. Whether it may be about an epic brawl between chicks or any other interesting topics can be discussed. I'm Kristina Salazar ready to speak with you.
formerly Podcast Hotel, but has been taken over by 2 degenerates getting really drunk and recording it. Sometimes with guests. downward spiral into the void with us.
Welcome to the Chevy-Kristina Cortez podcast, where amazing things happen.
A millennial know-it-all who doesn’t know a damn thing. I’ll be giving my fresh perspective on all that is happening in life and what I’m learning every step of the way. The first episode will be airing June 19th when I get back from trip to Europe Follow me: Instagram & Snapchat: @Kissme_Kiki Twitter: @Kissme_Kiki Tune in every Monday for the latest episodes on relationships, travel, school, and more!
DMCN Podcast, 2015
Wellness by Kristina
Quick and practical tips for stress-free healthy living.
Transforming the Customer Experience is a podcast created for you, the Business Owner, Leader, or Manager. If you are looking for strategies, motivation, and ACTIONABLE advice during your commute, Kristina Evey delivers every week. Each episode brings you a crucial element of creating a Customer Centric Culture designed to bring clarity and alignment within your organization with the ultimate goal of getting new customers and increasing your profits!
Angel intuitive Kristina lafrance helps clients all over the world connect with their angels spirit guides and on occasion those who have passed over are known to show up! Please join her for her new show angel coach,call in and connect with your angels! Call in and see what your angels have to say to you!
The girls behind The DTR Blog get real about what it's like to live in today's Christian culture, sharing stories about faith, dating, mental health, and comedy. Not quite your Proverbs 31 women....join in for some uncomfortable laughs and awkward moments.
NY Times recognized LinkedIn expert Kristina Jaramillo, Eric Gruber & their guests share B2B marketing and PR practices used by companies around the world!
Not Rich Yet
Not Rich Yet is a comedic pop culture discussion from two dynamic Hollywood assistants. Join co-hosts Gus Constantellis and Courtney Perdue, as they bring unmistakable wit and sass to their commentary on film, television, music, Los Angeles, and more. Executive Producer: Jordan Henry. Produced by Julia Bonadio, and Kristina Carlson. Follow us on Twitter @notrichyetpod.
Rickshaw Radio
A little music show out of Portland, Oregon aimed at playing good music and nothing more. Smoke and rock.
Stage Talk
Tune in each week for Stage Talk -- a weekly conversation about stage events in the Anchorage metro area with a calendar of events. Hosted by Mark Muro and Kristina Church and broadcast each Friday on KSKA FM 91.1 in Anchorage, Alaska. Learn more online at KSKA.ORG.
With candor and love, the Moolilly gals approach a wide range of topics, looking to equip themselves and others with tools that enable us all to live with intentionality, choosing hope instead of perfectionism. They aim to talk to as many awesome Jesus-loving women as they can who have been through the tough realities of life and emerged with strength. Genuine relationship and authentic connection is what they're all about. Take a listen in a place where we're safe together.
The most fun podcast about the greatest band in the world. Hosted by Kristina Hoffman and Sime Viduka.
Life Is Now Podcast inspired and created by Mike and Kristina from New York City. Michael Crespo and Kristina L. Bonhomme are internationally recognized and certified Life Coaches. Their podcast is about inspiring, impacting motivating and lifting people's spirits and for people who want to reach unlimited possibilities. They have had countless guests on their podcast including #1 best selling authors, celebrities, artists, powerful leaders and a wide variety of serial entrepreneurs. In less ...
11th Hour Radio
Co-hosts Kristina Stykos & Emily Howe debrief the week with humorous banter relating to the ups and downs of being artist-types trying to make ends meet in rural Vermont. Each episode includes interludes of homegrown music from Kristina and friends. Based on their live radio show broadcast Fridays at 11 a.m. on Royalton Community Radio, WFVR-LP, South Royalton, Vermont.
Two 24 podcasts in one! 24 Legacy and an unofficial revisit into the ground breaking television show 24, for people just getting into the show for the first time or long time fans. 24 fan boy Dylan Schuck (@schuckster) has seen the show multiple times, and Justin Moreno (@JustinBMoreno) and Kristina Vanderslice have never seen it. Each week we chronologically watch 2 new episodes and discuss our thoughts and reactions without any future show spoilers. If you have never seen the show, now is ...
Heckle Radio
Comedians Jarvis Black and Kristina McMillen bring a warped sense of humor to trending topics, sex, relationships, sketches, and parodies in this hilarious podcast! Check them out on We TV's Sex Box, and visit for even more laughs!
Techno Phobia
Techno Phobia - молодой амбициозный техно проект. Проект шагающий большими шагами на мировую техно сцену. Симбиоз двух Российских столиц, Москва и Санкт-Петербург. Это как черное и белое. Дуэт двух музыкантов, упорно работающих на благо техно сцены, пытающиеся привнести что-то новое в этот стиль. Свое индивидуальное звучание. Треки проекта поддержаны: Dj Kristina (topdj ua), Dj Sergey Placid, Desyn, InkBonkers, Roman Ingroso, Alex Voltman, La Boom(DE),...
KayFAB The Podcast
A comedy podcast about fashion and professional wrestling. Hosted by Katy Conroy, Kristina Felseke, & Sarah Hatheway
Join Rachel and Kristin as we do an episode by episode rewatch of the classic '90s drama "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."
Bear Essentials
A behind-the-scenes look into the journey of Christian parenting. We’re Charlie and Kristina Matz and we're committed to raising our children according to God's biblical standards. Join us as we navigate the day-to-day decisions that every Christian parent faces.The Bear Essentials Podcast is brought to you by Bear & Squirrel, providing Tips, Tools, and Training to Confidently Navigate the Journey of Christian Parenting. Find out more at
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Dr. Kristina Hallett shares her wisdom on The Business Blast Podcast! You can learn more about Kristina here: episode is brought to you by Authors Unite. Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite and join the free commun ...…
In this episode, Jamie and Kristina discuss how foreign policy might affect the sector’s work, emphasize the need to continue advocating, and talk universal charitable deduction. While we officially bid farewell to Jamie as the co-host, we welcome Ben Kershaw, IS’s new director of public policy and government relations, to give us insight into ...…
Kristina Cook and Crista Huff fill in for Jimmy Guy Adami joins this hour
Kristina Cook and Crista Huff fill in for Jimmy Dan Mitchell is this hour's guest
Kristina Cook and Crista Huff fill in for Jimmy Jeff Ferry is this hour's guest
Skipper Fiao'o Faamausili has put her retirement on hold with the naming of 28 of New Zealand's top female rugby players becoming the first-ever 15s players to be offered Black Ferns contracts.The 28 contracted players include 17 Black Ferns from the 2017 World Cup winning side.Black Ferns Head Coach Glenn Moore said Faamausili was encouraged t ...…
In this episode, we feature Kristina Gudzy Halkowycz. A Young Living leader in California!THE LEADER’S INSTINCT | A Young Living Podcast Brought to you by TeamSenseAvailable on :Facebook | | | | ...…
In this Episode of MostlyScience, Wes is joined by Dr. Kristin Aquilino to learn all about the endangered sea snail known as the White Abalone. Kristin shares why these adorable little snails are so important and we talk about the troubles facing this species and the work she does with the University of California, Davis, at the Bodega Marine L ...…
THE ACADEMY OF LANGUAGE THERAPY & LIFE COACHING presents solutions to personal and business problems.
This week, Kristina joins the ladies for a round of Dumb Lyrics, and shares the story of how she and Sam met.
On the latest episode of Stream Close Up actress Liv Mjönes joins Brian to share some breaking news regarding her new project Stockholm Requiem based on Kristina Ohlsson’s books where she will take on the leading role of Fredrika Bergman. As usual, they also go on deep dive discussing Liv’s origin story.Liv is the third guest from the hit serie ...…
Sitting down with Kristina Reed this week to talk about business, abundance, community, and different styles of photography! Our sponsor this week is The Landing 1841. This is a venue located in Burlington, WI and is a beautiful space for you to host your wedding, corporate event, or other types of celebration that provides a rustic elegant set ...…
Emlyn tells Emma about the lady engineer who inspired "Cheaper by the Dozen" and Emma tells Emlyn about self-medicating orangutans and the winner of the NSF Waterman Award! Sources Main Story - Lillian Moller Gilbreth The Economist; Gurus; Frank and Lillian Gilbreth management theory of Frank and Lilli ...…
In honor of Mother's Day, we are thrilled to bring on Kristina Kuzmic as our Special guest to discuss keeping our sanity while navigating the years of parenthood. Kristina brings into perspective the realities of parenthood in a refreshing, authentic way. She uses humor to make the most difficult of circumstances seem bearable and lighter! Kris ...…
This week we sit down with Benigno Sanchez-Epler of Northampton Meeting, MA. Kristina drove out to Amherst in the late fall to have a wonderful conversation with Benigno. He shares the delightful story of coming to Friends in college and how saying, “yes” to an invitation to serve unfolded into a life of service and international ministry. We a ...…
Kristina La France holds down the fort while Precious Princess makes a surprise appearance, courtesy of an online dating suitor.
Kristin Zecher has developed an app called Aura Rating. This app connects consumers with Farmers, Farmers Markets and Resturant’s that provide optimum healthy food choices. Farm to table Resturant’s and there need is on the rise. Currently only available in the New York area. Let’s assist Kristin as best we can in expanding the reach of this ap ...…
This week, Sam and Tia are joined by surprise guest Kristina! Sam reads celebrity conspiracy theories, then Tia and Kristina see if they can guess who the theories are about. It's a wild ride from start to finish.What's your fave conspiracy theory?
Please join us for a rich half-day discussion on the geostrategic and geo-economic future of the Arctic. In a moderated “exit interview,” the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, will discuss his active public advocacy for and interagency pursuit of securing greater U.S. capabilities and readiness for a rapidly changing ...…
Please join us for a rich half-day discussion on the geostrategic and geo-economic future of the Arctic. In a moderated “exit interview,” the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, will discuss his active public advocacy for and interagency pursuit of securing greater U.S. capabilities and readiness for a rapidly changing ...…
Monday, May 7, 2018 Point of View Radio welcomes Kyle Mann, head writer for The Babylon Bee and co-author of the book, “How to Be a Perfect Christian“. Kerby’s second guest is Kristina Rasmussen, VP of Federal Affairs at the Foundation for Government Accountability. She has excellent information on adding Food Stamp reform to the Farm Bill. Ker ...…
Life Is Now Podcast 077 | Sarah SandfordSponsored by Activate Your Life Retreat Sarah Sandford is Bella Lifestyle Sarah Sandford, coach, author speaker, artist and growing her empire! Sarah does it all and her energy is contagious, but mainly empowering to women of all creeds. This Bold Bella takes feeding the soul to another level and her appe ...… Spiritual author, teacher, marriage celebrant and conscious channel Kristina Kaine joins KAren to discuss her many wonderful books, how finding out about her past lives and reincarnation was a pivotal turning point in life and the journey of our soul.Kristina Kaine is part of the Esoteric Christian Movement ...…
In the last 2 years Jamie Gage has published a book of poetry called True if Destroyed and recorded a CD Earth Turns. Jamie’s voice, in poem and in song, reminds us that life is not simple, nor is it all rough. The imagery of his poems is personal and universal. His songs, like his poems, strike familiar chords as Jamie’s personal perspective s ...…
Welcome to Harp Column Podcasts, where we go behind the stories in Harp Column with your host Kristina Finch. In this episode, Kristina chats with renowned performer Yolanda Kondonassis about her collaboration with composer Jennifer Higdon, whose Harp Concerto is set to be premiered by Kondonassis with the Rochester Philharmonic on May 10 and 1 ...…
Have you ever felt stuck in your body and life? Kristina White is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur who has been there. She has a day job, a side business, and is a certified nutrition coach. After spending the majority of her adult life obese, lazy, and unmotivated she decided to get off her butt and make some changes. With a combination of fitnes ...…
Ben Robinson takes another call from a listener as he continues to investigate the serial killer known as "The Image Killer" in his weekly podcast. Here's episode #7 of Caller Mondays! Image Killer is Fargo meets Scream Queens, a gallows humour series that follows the victims of a social media serial killer (Ĩ̥̖ͥ͗̄͆K̤̦͎̗͈), and the sarcastic j ...…
Шестой супер-выпуск информативного радио-шоу про Breakbeat и Big Beat "KRIZZZ IS ME"! В течение часа вас ожидает крутая атмосфера на час с Кристиной Krizzz. Есть много эксклюзивов!Breakbeat неизбежен Yo! ✌Kristina Krizzz - Tribe Records - criminaltribe.comBy TrackPoint Podcast.
Vijay R. Nathan, acting as guest host to What is Love?, talks with Authors of "A Return to Eros" Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid to discuss the underlying nature of the universal force, outrageous love, that propels the universe into being.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist and soon-to-be psychotherapist Kristina Virro reflect on what has changed as she's grown up and how it has impacted her life.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist and soon-to-be psychotherapist Kristina Virro share some tips and tricks on how to connect with like-minded people and form new friendships in adulthood.
In this episode, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Kristina Virro gives some tough love about some of the frustrating habits people engage in when trying to become healthier, and how it's stopping them from reaching their goals. Music provided by BenSound.
Kristina Hernandez talks about coming to the kite festival in Spartanburg
Ladner Pioneer Library staffers Alaxandra, Kristina and Jaclyn discuss Haylen Beck's thriller Here and Gone.
Jane Austen is one of Britain's favourite authors, but Austen's appeal reaches far beyond the shores of her birthplace; her writing is universal.In this podcast, we met Laaleen Sukhera, British-Pakistani writer, media consultant, founder of the Jane Austen Society of Pakistan and creator of 'Austenistan'.The anthology of seven short stories are ...…
Episode #1 Know Ya Worth!! Today I sit down with Erin and Kristina Walden to talk about their business Soul Stir Tea & Wellness and the culture of tea. I never realized it was so deep! @soulstirteawell (Instagram)
An unofficial revisit into the ground breaking television show 24, for people just getting into the show for the first time or long time fans. 24 fan boy Dylan Schuck (@schuckster) has seen the show multiple times, and Justin Moreno (@JustinBMoreno) and Kristina Vanderslice (@k_vanderslice) have never seen it. Each week we chronologically watch ...…
Six new stories from the world of soundtracks! The original score for Annihilation and The Shape of Water, news of yet another release of the Star Wars original scores, Kickstarter projects: A Light in the Void Live Concert and Green Rider Book Soundtrack, and the replacement of composer Alf Clausen by Bleeding Fingers on the ever-running TV-pr ...…
Kristina Anapau is an actress, writer, and producer. Born in Hawaii, Kristina Anapau spent her youth studying classical ballet, music and theatre. She graduated from high school at the age of 15 and, that same year, began her studies at The University of Hawaii. With dreams of pursuing a professional dance career, Anapau's life would soon take ...…
Annex: the saga of a neighborhood and its residents, set outside the fictional port city of Harborview, Oregon in the early twentieth century. Nancy pesters the newly returned Diana Putnam, while Tom, Jane, and Henry face bitter defeat as the Reverend Gaumont eludes justice shortly after dispatching a young financier on a mission against the Pe ...…
Company tax cuts hit a major hurdle, Australia joins global action against Russia, Kristina Keneally on an issue close to her heart and calls for action on tuberculosis.
Terrin Waack takes a more serious turn with this week's episode of That's Just Waack. She invites back University of Alabama student Kristina Taylor to talk about her experience at the March for Our Lives protest in Washington D.C. this past weekend. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the two do discuss gun violence and reform.…
A bipartisan spending package? This Congress? Yeah, it happened. Jamie and Kristina are joined by Independent Sector’s own Allison Grayson to break down the latest federal spending bill, celebrate youth advocacy, ignore parts of the news cycle (kind of), and discuss a Johnson Amendment win…for now! About the Podcast Voices for Good is Independe ...…
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