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Geek Legacy - Comic Corner Podcast
The greatest slightly NSFW comic book news and review show on the Interwebz today; hosted by Jeff Mueller and Tyler Waterman, and courtesy of!
Comic Book Queers: Legacy
Many years and many drinks later, Brett Mannes and Evil Jeff are at it again to talk about the other thing they are super gay for...Comic Books.
Legacy Comics Live!
More comic book craziness from the geeks at Legacy Comics!
DC Legacy Filmcast
Two comic book fans, Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper, chronicle the history of DC Comics characters on the big screen in a monthly podcast. Including interviews with experts, people who were associated with the films, and comic book creators.DC Legacy Filmcast is a production of Halftone Audio and is not associated with or endorsed by DC Comics or Warner Brothers Pictures.
Super Friends Super Show: Nights
Join your Super Friends for their FOURTH line-wide reboot, with a return to legacy number and a renewed devotion to superheroes & friendship! Slip into something comfortable and prepare for some HOT news from the world of movies, TV, comics books and more ... And occasionally, pro-wrestling comes up ... And we end up apologizing a lot. Don't miss it!
Legacy Characters: A Family Fandom
Legacy Characters: family fandom. Getting generationaly geeky.- a podcast that looks at passing pop culture fandoms from father to son. Standing the test of time we take a past and present look at all things Comics, Movies, Television, and Music.
Extraordinary Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar (version 2), The by LEBLANC, Maurice
This collection of independent stories first published between 1905 and 1907 in the magazine Je Sais Tout recounts the tales of Arsène Lupin, the famous gentleman-burglar: the first story marks the introduction of the character to the public, and its success encouraged author Maurice Leblanc to write several others, collected and published as a book in 1907. Arsène Lupin would go on to be the main character in several short stories and novels, written by Leblanc and others, and whose legacy ...
Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast
In this stunning podcast, two average guys try to get through as much Doctor Who as possible without going insane. Currently they’re mainlining their way through Classic Doctor Who. 800 episodes or bust, they say. And on the side, well. Books, Audio Dramas, Comics?!? Anything is possible! So in summary: They’re trying to see how much Doctor Who they can take before dying. So join them, as they laugh their way through a legacy.
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Estimated sales, news, and comic book reviews, you name it. Ryan and Allen are discussing it all on this week's episode. You've probably noticed your local comic shop still has stacks of Marvel Legacy variants, there's a reason why. Rob comes on and the guys break down Rob's October sales summary for the X-titles. Rob and Anthony also sit in a ...…
Pablo Gunner deciphers November 1st comic books. There's a lot of solid new Marvel Legacy books and ongoing DC comics. It's a tough choice for Runner-Up & BBOW this week. Find out why. Rate, review, subscribe, and list
The Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast
Welcome to Episode 468 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast! This week, we discuss Brian Michael Bendis's move to DC, rumors about Jonathan Hickman doing the same, Disney's negotiations to buy out Fox's entertainment division, the explosive expansion of the Star Wars film/TV galaxy, and SO MUCH MORE!Plus! We open up the phone lines and tal ...…
Word Balloon Comics Podcast
Frank Frazetta died in 2010. he fantasy artist left a body of work in comics bookcovers film posters and paintings that modern fantasy artists continue to emulate and get inspirations. The Frazetta Museum has reopened and is in the midst of a kickstarter campaign to raise funds, in addition to great products at their website Fisrt Moises Chiull ...…
On this episode we talk about some off the radar tv shows we are watching, our expectations of "Thor: Ragnarok", Nate discusses Marvel Legacy comic book, Matt shares his thoughts of WWE 2k18, and Burger Kings new Farmhouse burger.
BlogtorWhoCast: A Doctor Who Podcast
With Mat still missing presumed watching Doctor Who, Bedwyr and Susan attempt to hold the fort and open with the very sad news of Paddy Russell's passing. Together they reflect on her work and the legacy of the first woman to direct a Doctor Who story. Susan also provides some news coming out of MCM London Comic Con concerning the Titan comic r ...…
Comic Book Queers: Legacy
This week, Brett and Evil are both a disease-y way. But that doesn't stop these queers from talking about comics in to microphones. They also address some much needed corrections from past episodes.
Special guest Chris Ayers is back for the last time, and he came up with a great name for a podcast, so we decided to use it for the episode title! Join us as we discuss the minute 58 of TMNT ’90, including some ninja analysis, some dialogue analysis, and some comic book callbacks. Chris Ayers can be heard on DC Legacy Filmcast Follow us @TMNTM ...…
We look up the etymology of the word “Toots” again, and find wildly different origins. Also, Special Guest Chris Ayers brings us back to the Mirage comic books, which heavily inspire this sequence! Turtles and Crocs Chris Ayers can be heard on DC Legacy Filmcast Follow us @TMNTMinute on twitter, and f ...…
Ultimate Spin: The Spider-Man podcast about Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen Stacy
(Recorded October 21, 2017) Haven’t read it yet? Pick up this issue today at Comixology! Brian and Jack welcome Superior Spider-Talk’s Jaleh Najafali back to the show to discuss the long awaited debut of the Gwenom arc in Spider-Gwen #25! 0:00 – Intro – Welcome back, Jaleh! 2:50 – Spider-Gwen #25 – This long awaited issue skillfully balances da ...…
Ultimate Spin: The Spider-Man podcast about Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen Stacy
(Recorded October 21, 2017) Haven’t read it yet? Pick up this issue today at Comixology! Brian and Jack welcome Superior Spider-Talk’s Jaleh Najafali back to the show to discuss the long awaited debut of the Gwenom arc in Spider-Gwen #25! 0:00 – Intro – Welcome back, Jaleh! 2:50 – Spider-Gwen #25 – This long awaited issue skillfully balances da ...…
Comic Book Queers: Legacy
Brett and Evil Jeff Talk first kisses, and reminisce about better X times.
COTWAlex: Batwoman: Hydrology Traci: Sacred Creatures #1-2, and The Damned (2017) #4 Peter: Generations Ms. Marvel and Spider-Men II #3Honorable MentionsAlex: infinite loop # 1 and 2 , into the woods vol 1. Traci: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #10, Generations Miles Morales Spider-Man and Peter Parker Spider-Man, Generations Sam Wilson capt A ...…
Geek Street Podcast
Daniel and Joe talk about the latest Justice League and Star Wars trailers. They recap the latest in superhero TV and FINALLY get around to talking about comics again, including Dark Nights Metal, Marvel Legacy and more.
Agents of SHIELD Podcast – Educational, Detailed Reviews of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC
Inhumans: We’ve now had YEARS to learn about them, to see their powers, their rise and fall, but what’s left to learn? A LOT. Marvel’s crafted another series, this time on-network, to add even more flavor to the ever-growing deck of character and story cards that make up the Marvel Universe. Does this new launch stand up to scrutiny? What new c ...…
Off Panel: A Comics Interview Podcast
On this week's bonus episode of Off Panel, my pal Brandon Burpee joins the to talk the greatest event comics of all time and our thoughts on the Marvel Legacy one-shot. We share our take on the one-shot's quality (with the review portion ending 15 minutes in), whether it made us want to read more Marvel comics, Brandon's related conspiracy theo ...…
After a lively weekend of wedding officiating and bigfoot-hunting, the entire Ka-Pow the Pop Cultured Podcast team is back and ready to get caught up on the week's happenings. We've got many of our favorite TV shows ready to return and a lot of exciting comic books hitting the shelves, not to mention spoiler-free reviews of "Blade Runner 2049," ...…
Read Brave: Comics
This week in comics with Vinton: Justice League Action BATMAN The Animated Series, title cards and Blu-ray release! Batman Long Halloween audio drama and motion comic on YouTube NYCC talk about comic shops, New World Comics: Raising Dion, ...…
Don, Tarik, and LeMar talk New York Comic Con before running down a few examples of trash masculinity and talking about the legacy of Def Comedy Jam. Download Brothers From Another Planet on iTunes Download Brothers From Another Planet on Stitcher Related Links Dolphins’ Chris Foerster resigns after snorting video; why did Vegas model Kijuana […]…
This week Phil and Bill sit down to talk about comics. It’s been a minute since the guys have actually chatted about comics for an entire episode. This week’s topics include Marvel Legacy, New York Comic Con, Marvel controversy with Northrop Grumman all this and so much more!This episode is brought to you by our friends at ...…
This week Phil and Bill sit down to talk about comics. It’s been a minute since the guys have actually chatted about comics for an entire episode. This week’s topics include Marvel Legacy, New York Comic Con, Marvel controversy with Northrop Grumman all this and so much more! This episode is brought to you by our friends at Slab-Pro and the Ear ...…
George and Tony Entertainment Show
Rodney Roberts and the Christmas Movie Marathon Artist Rodney Roberts returns as guest co-host to talk to George about creating sketch cards for an upcoming trading card set for Topps, meeting DMC at Baltimore Comic Con, participating in Inktober, and being excited about All Star Comic Con coming to the Sheraton in Tysons Corner, VA June 15-17, ...…
IN THIS EPISODE! We review PUNISHER: THE PLATOON #1, HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA #1, X-MEN GOLD #13, DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY #2, and, naturally, BATMAN #32! War of Jokes and Riddles wrapped, you know we couldn't miss that. That said, John's review picking privileges are currently under review. In THE NEWS, we talk next week's comics, and of ...…
This week Ryan is joined by Matt Larose to talk toy collecting, the trailer for the new Netflix series, The Punisher, and spoiler-filled discussion of the Marvel Legacy One-Shot Comic! Yup. We're spoilercasting a comic. As always, we appreciate feedback and any questions you might have, and we have many ways for you to do that. Subscribe, rate, ...…
It was 25 years ago this year that DC started the story line that would become a major media event – The Death of Superman. Jon and I start the podcast talking about what we remember when those issue that came out leading up to the actual death of Superman and the subsequent “Reign of Supermen” comics that would follow in it’s wake (is this a p ...…
Its been a couple weeks but the gang is back with a lot of comic talk! They start with their opinions on the new 'IT' movie, move on to their review and thoughts on 'Legacy', and end as always with what we've been reading! Email us your questions at:
Say Something Nice Podcast - Film, TV, and Music News & Discussion
Between an old man leading a boy into an abandoned subway, an adult superhero with the mind of a child, a talking tiger, and a small army of orphaned sidekicks, there are a few things about Captain Marvel (Billy Batson, not Carol Danvers) and "The Power of Shazam!" comic legacy that may not have aged well. As director David F. Sandberg starts p ...…
Comic Slobs
The Slobs talk all things comics! Pull List Picks explains Marvel Legacy, the latest Marvel event with the return of Wolverine. Plus the Joker turned good guy in Batman: White Knight. Catching up on comics is about Happy! The Grant Morrison crime thriller with a cartoon horse. Plus news on DC movies! Memes, Emails, and more all on this crazy co ...…
Tim N' Nick's Comic Book Picks
We are back with a regular episode. Join us for a bit of news, reviews on some of our recent favorite (and not so favorite) comics and a preview of what we plan on reading this fall!Comic Reviews this week:Action Comics, Oz Effect parts 1 & 2Batman: The White Knight #1Marvel Legacy #1Mace Windu #1Thanks for listening. Send us a tweet @timnickcb ...…
The wedding episode! By the power vested in him by the internet, the Illustrious One skips town to marry two people we hope NEVER listen to this podcast, leaving the rest of us to imagine what an amazing ceremony it will be. We also get a detailed report on Cliff's trip to Disney World, the state of his favorite bathroom, the Avatar ride that t ...…
That's The Issue Comic Book Podcast
Welcome to That's The Issue! On this episode, Matt and Wes talk about the *Rebirth* of the Marvel Universe in the giant-sized one-shot issue Marvel Legacy #1! There's a lot to unpack in this massive issue as the future of Marvel Comics is teased and unveiled and - is it any good? I mean, there's only one page with Ben Grimm on it, two at MOST s ...…
Leroy and Eli give you the geek news you expect but not the way you expect it! We’re here to bring you an unfiltered look at geek culture, on the Comic Book Bullies podcast Episode 015: Invasion of the Flat Earthers. Leroy and Eli are back like the rent’s due! We address the tragedy in Vegas, pay our respects to Hugh Hefner, as well as Tom Pett ...…
Capes & Lunatics Episode #20: Gotham S4E2, Toy Stores, Bojack Horseman This week your geek guides discuss various topics including: -Gotham Season 4 Episode 2 -SNES Classic -The Orville and Seth Mcfarlane -This week’s comics including Action Comics, Detective Comics, Marvel Legacy, Generations: Captain America, Archie, Nightwing: The New Order ...…
This week on the TalkingBull podcast episode We bring you your weekly nerd news rundownOur main topic of episode 22: We talk about Marvel comics big new update: Marvel Legacy - what's new , what's changed and what works. Intro : Motherlode by Kevin Macleod
HOSTS: John, Alex, Butch, and EJ Marvel Legacy | Super Sons | Extremity Panel Discussions: What do you look for in a first issue? DISCORD: Download the episode here Tres Komikeros is a proud member of the Comics Podcast Network!
Jersey Comic Krew
Now, usually, the Krew reviews multiple comics and storylines, but for this week's episode, we're focusing all of our attention on one special comic, as Marvel recently released their one-shot, universe-wide initiative know as Marvel Legacy #1! We go over everything that occurred, from events that further both major and minor characters, to une ...…
What Is a Legacy?; Spider Hang Sesh; Capstone; Mephisto’s Aside; The End of Fury’s Road; Paint It Black; Like a Batarang; Dick Gets Around; To Protect and Serve; Batman and Robin; The Importance of a Good Wrap-Up; Stjepan Time; An Critical Message for Steve Trevor; Orcjectification; Reading by Whale Lamplight; IISG: What Goes Down; LBCBR: The L ...…
Capes and Lunatics Creator Corner Episode #3: Kelly Thompson Phil sits down to talk to comics writer Kelly Thompson about her work on Star Wars: Captain Phasma, Ghostbusters, and the Hawkeye series! Plus what’s to come for Kate Bishop and Clint Barton in Marvel Legacy. Show notes: Capes & Lunatics Creator Corner Episode #3: Kelly Thompson Get y ...…
This week we have Detective Comics, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Venomverse, Action Comics, Batman The Murder Machine and Marvel Legacy to review and there is a lot going on for Marvel Legacy.
While there was a lot hype surrounding Marvel Legacy, there were still two X-Men titles hidden in the shadows. Allen is still out of the out country, but is able to pop in for a minute to review Cable. The guys are joined by Anthony to review both books. Plus Ryan fly's solo on Fastball Tweets. Thanks for listening! Music: Retcon X - "Displaced ...…
Should we change our store hours? How a 1981 episode of WKRP in Cincinnati resonates with today’s comics industry. Why we don’t sell vintage books. Hugh Hefner vs. Dr. Seuss Measuring yesterday’s comics thru the lens of today. Marvel Legacy is finally here! Patrick went to the eye doctor. Upcoming Marvel Avengers and Venom crossovers. A letter ...…
Episode 78:Can you feel it? The fall air kissing your cheeks and the sweet sounds of Kenobi’s Corner in your ears? Well this week, Jonathan candles us with his Battlefront banter and a classic rant on the future of Marvel. Eric swoons us with JJ hijinks and Leto lies. This and so much more. Whatever cheeks the air is kissing, enjoy the show!Rog ...…
Crisis On Infinite Nerds
After discussing the latest events in comics (Marvel Legacy and DC's Mr. Oz reveal) Brance and Gabe reveal as objectively as possible who is the best superhero of all time. Using a single elimination tournament bracket to pair off heroes, they use criteria to judge each outcome - the hero's impact on society, best comic runs, and overal depth/m ...…
IN THIS EPISODE! We review DETECTIVE COMICS #965, BATMAN: THE MURDER MACHINE, RAT QUEENS: ORC DAVE SPECIAL, X-O MANOWAR #7, and last but least, MARVEL LEGACY! So many books we wanted to review, and THESE are the ones we pick... truly, the hour-and-change is a harsh limit. In THE NEWS, we talk about next week's exciting books, Phil's disturbing ...…
Geeksnewsweek podcast
we go over Marvels new series Marvel Legacy, Recap on Comic bookd that came out on 9/27/2017. Spider-Man homecoming now on digital, and ratings on Gotham season four/ Inhumans plus much more
Presented by The CSPN… Welcome back to another exciting episode of The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles! Before diving into the massive 50-page one-shot called Marvel Legacy #1, we spend time appreciating the final two Generations titles. IDW’s DuckTales #1 takes us to Duckburg, Nick Fury comes to an end, and Batman: The Murder Machine #1 in ...…
In this week's episode of the Round Up we dive into Marvel Legacy #1, talk the future of Marvel, and discuss our thoughts on Rebirth's overall impact and story so far with the DC Universe!
Ryan, Allen, Anthony, and Rob come together to discuss Marvel's next hot item. The guys give a review of the in's and out's of the very dense issue. With the bad juju surrounding the issue just days before its release, why are readers so eager to join the troll bandwagon? Well shit, join your hosts themselves as the join the Marvel Legacy bandw ...…
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