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PSY D/A - диджей. Также не обычен и оригинален, как и его сценическое имя.
d-Rektional Sounds
eclectic journey thru downbeat bassful dub spacious techno groove. Live sets of original material.DJ sets of some favourite selections.
A wave of mindfulness is changing the world. Ethan Sharrett learned that and wants to share. IG & YT @Ethansharrettofficial
Welcome to Dj D-Tha-Prophet's Trance-Xperience Podcast. Bringing you the best in Trance Music. Here you will find Energetic & Uplifting Mixes compiled and mixed by D-Tha-Prophet, in this mixes I will showcase all styles of trance Music , from Classics, Progressive, Vocal, Uplifting, psy-Trance and hard dance. You guys can subscribe to my Podcast for free through my podcast page or trough ITUNES under Dj D-Tha-Prophet's Trance-Xperience Podcast, Stay tuned for more mixes. As always comments a ...
A journey into psytrance, goa, and psy-chill presented by Twisted D.U.O. Broadcast bi-weekly on Wednesday from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Where Your Money Matters
The Psi Lodge had their ways and means of applying pressure, when pressure was needed. But the peculiar talent this fellow showed was one that even they'd never heard of...! - Summary by John Berryman
M.D.A. - артист андеграунд сцены, имеющий за плечами многолетний опыт гастролей на просторах Великой России и волшебной Индии,Испании,Бельгии,Турции, Таиланда, ОАЭ (Дубай), Шри Ланка, Белоруссии и Украины! Радио-ведущий, музыкант, соавтор IM'pulse dj school, организатор фестиваля PARMA VALLEY! Участник международных фестивалей : CONNECTION (SPAIN), SHALOM (ISR - IND), LOST IN GOA (IND), CHILL OUT PLANET, EASTERN TALES (TUR), HOLY FIESTA (IND), SPACE OF JOY (UA - RUS), SUN SPIRIT, SYSTO, ABST ...
Electronic Kimchi Mixtape is an amazing blend of all genres of EDM. You will hear things ranging from Techno to Electro to D & B. If you want something different and are sick of the same bland tastes of today's mix shows. Have a taste of some spicy Electronic Kimchi.
Mixing it up from all around the World
Les baladodiffusions pour les étudiants en médecine de l'université d'Ottawa, enregistrées par M. Martin Gauthier sous la supervision de Dr Ali R. JalaliFrancophone podcasts for the medical students at the University of Ottawa, recorded by Mr. Martin Gauthier under supervision of Dr Ali R. Jalali
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Are you going to change your job too? Thinking about it? Before you do, explore a different way to approach your job, find something in it for a different part of you. Ethan stops listening to Eric Thomas (and all motivational speakers). The Earth.. is it opening the blinds to wake us up? Topic suggestion from the instagram. (This should be don ...…
Where do you need to evolve? Sometimes it may be precisely what you think of as the obstacle. Where is your authentic voice? Maybe its been there all along, and you tapping into it mindfully will take you there. So stay with it! I have fear, so you are not alone there. Walk the Line with Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon was fantastic. Cash was ...…
See if you can first identify, then re-define a problem into something that will literally benefit you, make you grow. Calisthenics, and more.By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
Бомбический трек во всех лучших традициях psychedelic trance музыки!Скоро официальный выпуск!!!By PromoDJ.
Kimon Hatza, Esq. of GrowthCounsel, LLC and Charlie Huntington of Life Sciences PA talk with Matt Handel, CEO of ExpressCells … Read More! The post Money Matters TV 19-17 Matt Handel, CEO of ExpressCells appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Kelly Stewart of The Positive Business talks with Patricia Dunn of Merrill Lynch talk about financial matters today and then … Read More! The post Money Matters TV 19-16 Mary Dougherty of Nicole Miller appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Paul Mitchell, a commercial banker, talks with James Chan, Ph. D. of Asia Marketing & Management about the consulting business … Read More! The post Money Matters TV 19-15 David Weiman, Psy. D. of Weiman Consulting appeared first on Money Matters TV.
James Chan, Ph. D. from Asia Marketing & Management and Paul Mitchell a commercial banker talk about the consulting business … Read More! The post Money Matters TV 19 – 14 Michael Karwic from Simone Zajac Wealth Management Group appeared first on Money Matters TV.
My new Full On Psytrance Track, all comments and feedback are greatly appreciated Thx Everyone.
Chilling. But also.. let us go there because it's where we need to be. I went on for some time about Albert Einstein and how magnetic Neil Degrasse Tyson was when I saw him in person. That segment was accidentally not recorded, but what's remaining is still a good update. Includes Baltimore, a book by Vern Lovic, another by Hal Elrod. The "Blac ...…
Mike Verrill of The Sharp Financial Group and Rija Beares, V. P. of CBRE interview T. J. Haas, Managing Director … Read More! The post Episode 19-13 T.J.Hass of Eureka Equity Partners appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Kelly Stewart of The Positive Business talks with Patty Tawadros of Studio X about software and then interview George Kearns, … Read More! The post Episode 19-12 George Kearns of C-MCC Worldwide appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Paul Mitchell, a commercial banker talks with Jim Mc Grory, CPA from Drucker & Scaccetti about taxes and then interview … Read More! The post Money Matters 19-11 Jeff Savlov, of Blum & Savlov, LLC appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Paul Mitchell, a commercial banker and James Chan, Ph. D. from Asia Marketing & Management talk about private consulting work … Read More! The post Money Matters 19-10 appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Hunter Ellis gives a practical lesson on your om and your meditative practice. Also talks about growing up, and a little bit about...Sadhguru! Hunter is a healer, a teacher and student of yoga, and other things intended to help and reach out to those in need. Follow at…
Host Charlie Huntington, Life Sciences PA and Kimon Hatza, Esq., GrowthCouncil speak with Joe Connell of NeuEsse, Inc. about his … Read More! The post Money Matters 19-09 Joe Connell appeared first on Money Matters TV.
James Chan, Ph. D. from Asia Marketing and Management and Dave Emery, CFP from The Marshall Financial Group discuss student … Read More! The post Money Matters 19-08 John Mason appeared first on Money Matters TV.
Alright, maybe you should just start believing in your power. But don't worry, it's ok if you don't yet. Learn to expand without limit. Also, punctuality, the Meetup App, and more.By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
here is a set of downbeat psy played on the Chill Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019, Monday 7:30am after a long night.playlist: Saafi Brothers - Out On A Ride – (Carbon Based Lifeforms Remix), Zen Baboon - Collected - 02 Keep Positive (Remaster), Mr Squatch - The Squatch Expands Life, EAT STATIC - EIEIO, MARTIN NONSTATIC - Parabolic View, ...…
Get ready to think of today's leaders as nothing but successful businessmen. Leader Martin Luther King organized a movement of advancement that can hardly be comprehended. But...let's try.By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
Independent filmmaking, bad reviews, controversy with gay characters. His recent "Before the Fall." And of course we talk positivity...and how he wasn't always so. #filmreviews #bernie Good conversation. Possibly a little too political? Follow Ethan Sharrett at…
The difference between negative thinking and observing a negative thought. Christmas is about magic. Jesus Christ. Being lonely in the Holidays. The not-literal bible. No career should be forever. See photos of the views @ethansharrettofficialBy Ethan Edward Sharrett.
An episode found. Producer, Director, and Emmy-nominated Editor.. but he needed more. You can see that with my new-agey, holistic leanings it took me a while, but I came to appreciate that this type of clinical analysis can be deeply valuable, specifically if the clinician is a sincere, dedicated therapist like Rich. Dr. Richard Labrie. Follow ...…
His Tattoo says "Carpe Diem." We talk dancing, running, growing up country. Darnell Cosby shared what that means. LIVE your days, and do what makes you happy. And what effect it had to have a father who danced at night. So excited for a conversation with someone I know through Instagram. The positive mindset is changing the world. Follow this i ...…
I don't always practice what they teach unfortunately. In this driving episode I reveal the difficulty I have with meditating. You can also hear the possible new intro. Thanks Brian. follow at Ethan Edward Sharrett.
my new Full On Psytrance Track. check it out all comments and feedback are greatly appreciated as always thx everyone.
Paul Rucker enrages some, engages others. His tremendous art and performances are provocative and one-of-a-kind. His recent TED Talks can be found online, he performs his ever changing shows around the world. He is also a professor at VCUArts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Hear this conversation with the talented musician and visual artis ...…
My new track Its Full On Psy check it out all comments and feedback are greatly appreciated thx everybody enjoy.
I'm hiring a new member of the leasing team at our multifamily apartment office. I enjoyed this interview with a bright young talent, who will be starting this week. Unique perspectives include overcoming distractions, raising your standards, and keeping your heart.By Ethan Sharrett.
This is not a mix, its actually my very First Track "NEW LIFE"(ORIGINAL MIX). its Full On Psytrance Check it out let me know what u guys think all comments and feedback are welcomed THX Everybody
From the 2017 archives in the journey. A busy little Shell station off I-81 north of Roanoke. Ahmit. How does Nepal compare to the US? Ahmit showed how he meditates. A heavy accent may be hard to understand, but a respectful, easy going, and pretty damned funny guy shines through.By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
Purpose. The president. Petty. Your life can have a mission that changes the world. Or it can have a mission that simply enjoys, utilizes, bears, or even..despises the world. I am trying to understand and consider 'dharma.' Also, the president of the united states. The rock music ideal, Tom Petty. Rebel in peace. 2018 can be the best year in th ...…
Day after World Techno Day Tracklist:Rec Mode - Again 25 feat. Ksenia Master Margherita - Polarization, Pt. 1 (Dub Mix)Roberto Figus - Perception Acid Sian - Stuxnet Thrive - Acid RainVikentiy Sound - Skynet Blend Paradox - Terror Janno Kekkonen, Jorma Ois - MordokViks Lander - Acid Rain Scuba Death - A Panic Rumbling Beneath Step Weather - Dep ...…
Tracklist:Christian Hornbostel - Trimmung, Tim Schroeder - Zipf, Pig&Dan - Chemistry, Saultloom - Kowtow (Just Be Remix),Matt Tanner - As Time Goes By (Just Be Remix),Adana Twins - Uncompromising,Slam - Eterna (Petrichor Remix),Eats Everything, Lord Leopard - War Rhythm, Adam Beyer, Pig&Dan - Atmosfear Layton Giordani - Dragon Fly, North Lake - ...…
Tracklist :Mr Cloudy - Smoke_SpringMood Pattern - Qiktyp Ference - The_Dub_RhapsodyTigerskin - MarvoxSimon Mann - Silver Lines Juan Torrado - Fumes Formant - Asket Fran&co - Fender (Discase Remix)MikroBeats, PigMinD - Techno or Die Alexi Delano, Cari Lekebusch - Channel 0 (Slinky Mix)Vitino Giambalvo - Bomb!ng Noah Pred, Pred & Velmann, Velmann ...…
Chill DJ mix of some downbeat styles. ----Tracklist----1-3 Moonsby CIRCULAR2-Gydantis Lietusby Giriu Dvasios3-Eureka Stby Subset4-Insomniaby Groofeo5-Frontiersby ASURA6-Little Moonby Gary Beck7-The Rebirth Of Civilizationby Pavel Vladimirov8-Throwbackby MYSTIC CROCK9-Sound of Serenityby Argus10-Makoshby ASTROPILOT11-Early Morning Crystalsby Xer ...…
The question in the title was posed to me. First episode since the close of the kickstarter campaign! There is a tease with a little introduction to the 7th chakra. Metaphor regarding peanut butter and jelly. In prison, but never have felt more free? Referenced article: ...…
Приватный отрыв, лет 8 не играл подобную музыку!By PromoDJ.
Yes, this is a real thing. How to deal with it? That's a question I ask. The Mindful Revolution will provide the answer. Thank you so much for listening. Please leave a star rating or review. God Bless, Namaste, and have a great day. No...CAUSE a great day :)By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
Something I just published requires correction. I open with a birthday tribute to Michael Jackson. Then I talk about something at large that I'm glad will be changing as we evolve.By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
WARNING: Do not listen while driving! There are many navigation prompts that will get you completely lost. It's been over two weeks since I've published, so this is just a status update. Turns into a few thoughts about dismantling racism. Evolved thinking is needed here. The good news is, new understanding occurs at revolutionary levels through ...…
The irony is the 3rd eye allows you to know without seeing. Why do people say "Beware the Third Eye"? How is it delivering pizza? Referenced Sadhguru Ajna Chakra Video: Referenced Terry Gross Interview on NPR with Author Robert Wright: ...…
Not only an instructor, Becky Sathre is owner of multiple yoga studios on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama. She has practiced yoga as a way of life. Also, making yourself available to someone after a trauma, and Ganesh, the 'Giver' of Obstacles. Visit URU Yoga and Beyond, at @ethansharrettofficial…
This episode goes back to the 'raw' a bit. Progress can be like that, two steps forward and one step back. But remember, it is progress. After a personal digression, I give an intro to a Wim Hof breath technique. And a little about the place we're staying for a while. Self-reporting a correction however: I mentioned a "Pilgrim" heritage. But th ...…
Don't speak up? Welcome to the club - but you should learn to get out. From the road again, the significance and challenge of using your true voice. I talk about the 5th chakra, the Vishuddha or Throat Chakra.By Ethan Edward Sharrett.
Pastor Craig shares what got him to a life of pastoring. We open and close the conversation with a drum jam. Craig Gilbert is a Christian pastor in a church near the mountain region of Cripple Creek, Colorado, where I had been visiting family - an energetic teacher who has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.…
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