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Best Scott Kahn podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Scott Kahn podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Make Judaism’s greatest thinker and Halachic scholar part of your life. Rabbi Scott Kahn presents two halachot from the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah every weekday.
Baseball is the perfect sport for conversation, and no one can converse about it better than the Baseball Rabbi, one of the world's greatest experts on advanced statistics, sabermetrics, and baseball history. Join Pesach Wolicki and Scott Kahn as they apply advanced metrics to the Major Leagues, reevaluate historical assumptions, and discover new baseball trends and theories that will leave you questioning everything you assumed you knew about the National Pastime.
Do you have unanswered questions about Judaism, sexuality and intimacy? Do you want your children to get a better sex education than you received, but lack the language or tools to provide it? Do you want to improve and enhance intimacy in your marriage, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Do you wonder about how Judaism views various aspects of sexuality? Do you have questions or issues that you would like to address – either in Jewish law or regarding sexuality – but there is no one you fe ...
Join former member of Knesset Rabbi Dov Lipman and Scott Kahn as they discuss the latest developments in Israeli politics. For more great podcasts go to www.jewishcoffeehouse.com.
The RotoWire baseball staff covers fantasy baseball year round, including draft prep, in-season strategy and much more! Hosts include: Jeff Erickson, Clay Link, James Anderson, Scott Jenstad, Todd Zola and Tim Heaney.
Choosing a yeshiva is a crucial decision, but students and their parents often lack the necessary information in order to make an informed choice. Join Scott Kahn as he transcends the platitudes and simplistic descriptions, and, through interviews and discussions with yeshiva heads and recruiters, discovers what really differentiates each yeshiva from the others. Go to www.jewishcoffeehouse.com for additional podcasts.
The weekly podcast dedicated to fans of American muscle cars! Join us each week to discuss muscle cars news and trends, get your questions answered, and share YOUR personal story! Hosted by Rob Kibbe of The MuscleCar Place: http://www.themusclecarplace.com
The Mind Coaching podcast presents inspiring people with great achievements who look at failure as an incredible learning experience and a driving force for success. The founder, Frank Nilsen - a successful mind coach, goes beyond the traditional interviewing style by using deep, mind probing questions in order to get from each guest the winning strategies that helped them stay motivated, find inspiration and conquer obstacles.
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This week is a returning fan favorite friend of the show, Ryan Brutt. It is always great talking to Ryan and in this interview he does an even deeper dive into how he finds cars and yet still protect the owners from the endless calls that his pictures would definitely generate. Ryan has long had a love of cars and a great joy in the hunt of hidden …
Does the prohibition of trapping on Shabbat apply to animals which you don't actually need? What about using a dog in order to catch a wild animal?By Jewish Coffee House
Lead prospect writer James Anderson and MLB Editor Clay Link bring you the first Prospect Podcast of 2020. They discuss relevant prospects moved in trades this offseason, pitching tiers, NL East prospects, catcher tiers and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy RotoWire.com
Trapping an animal is forbidden on Shabbat - but what exactly is the definition of "trapping"? What if a person chases an animal into a large room, or a fish from a lake in to a pool of water? To what animals does it apply?By Jewish Coffee House
What are examples of "makeh b'patish" - that is, an action that serves as the final step in a process of creation?By Jewish Coffee House
This week is a very special show is with NHRA Top Fuel superstar Clay Millican! I caught up with him at SEMA 2019 and had a chance for a good long chat. His story of humble beginning to the top of Top Fuel is truly amazing, and you'll learn a phrase I hope you'll remember forever: "The Want To!" He is even a listener of The Muscle Car Place and Kib…
What type of demolishing is prohibited on Shabbat? What does the melacha "makeh b'patish" - hitting with a hammer - actually mean in practice?Join our team, support this podcast, and get great extra stuff! Go to https://www.patreon.com/jewishcoffeehouse to learn more.By Jewish Coffee House
There is a principle that the melacha of building does not apply to assembling vessels. So why does the Rambam say that making a clay jug or oven is a subcategory of building?By Jewish Coffee House
Can a person glue papers together on Shabbat? What about making the floor of his house level?By Jewish Coffee House
Sewing two stitches on Shabbat is prohibited by Torah law; so why is there a difference in the halacha between sewing two stitches and three stitches? Tearing on Shabbat is also prohibited - but why? Isn't it a destructive act?By Jewish Coffee House
This week I cornered Oscar Pereda from Michelin in a (slightly) "off the books" interview at the SEMA Show. While the initial discussion was to be centered around the all new Michelin Track Connect system....I found out that he is the guy behind the coolest and most trend-setting genre changing tire sizes in pro-touring! He literally is the person …
How are the laws of untying knots on Shabbat parallel to the laws of tying knots on Shabbat? Is twisting threads together to form a larger rope prohibited on Shabbat?By Jewish Coffee House
Can a person tie a loop on Shabbat? What knots may be tied for the sake of performing a mitzvah? Are the rules of tying different in the Beit HaMikdash from the rules elsewhere?By Jewish Coffee House
What types of knots may be tied on Shabbat? Why is tying shoelaces permitted? What about a wrapper around fruit?By Jewish Coffee House
Is sexual pleasure considered an important value in Judaism? What place does sex for pleasure have in a healthy marriage? Join Talli and Scott for a frank and open discussion about these and many other questions.By Talli Rosenbaum and Rabbi Scott Kahn
Ted Simmons retired as the all time hit leader for catchers - and garnered 3.7% of the Hall of Fame vote in his first year of eligibility. Why did it take another 25 years for one of the greatest catchers ever to get in? Along the way we look at THE decade of dominant catchers (it's not the 1950s), as well as the travesty of Marvin Miller's Hall of…
Tying knots on Shabbat may be a Torah violation, but what kind of knots are forbidden? Which are forbidden by Rabbinic decree, and which are permitted?By Jewish Coffee House
If a person has enough money for either kiddush wine on Shabbat or a candle for Chanukah, which takes priority? What about a Chanukah candle or a candle that may be used for light in the home - which should he purchase?By Jewish Coffee House
If a person's family is lighting on his behalf at home, should he nonetheless light if he's staying somewhere else?By Jewish Coffee House
If a candle is already lit at nightfall, may a person rely upon it as his Chanukah candle? If a person lights in one place, may he move the candle to its proper location afterward? And if someone holds the lit candle in his hand instead of placing it down, has he fulfilled the mitzvah?By Jewish Coffee House
Where should the Chanukah candle be lit - inside or outside? By the window or on the dining room table? How high up is too high?By Jewish Coffee House
Live performances by San Fermin, Birds of Chicago, Fruit Bats (solo), Cataldo, and Office Culture Recorded 11/24/2019 in Charleston, WV. Support is provided by Adventures on the Gorge. https://adventuresonthegorge.com/By West Virginia Public Broadcasting
For a record eleventh year in a row I had the pleasure of having on the most sought after person this time of year. He makes it a point to come on this show every Christmas and marks this as his ONLY official media interview he does each year (everyone else is a fake!). Our interview was with the big man himself, the baddest sleigh driver ever, San…
What time must a person light? How late is too late? What kinds of wicks and oils are acceptable for use on Chanukah? Do the same rules that apply to the Shabbat candles apply to the Chanukah lights?By Jewish Coffee House
Yesterday, the Rambam mentioned three ways of lighting on Chanukah: the basic mitzvah, the mehadrin, and the mehadrin min hamehadrin. In Spain, however, the minhag is unlike any of the above possibilities. What is it? Plus: may a candle with two wicks be used - and if so, does it count as one or two candles?…
According to the Rambam, how many candles should be lit on each night of Chanukah? Does one person light or does everyone light?By Jewish Coffee House
Live performances from Chely Wright, Andrew Combs, The Claudettes, Michaela Anne, and Cave Twins. Recorded 11/3/2019 in Charleston, WV. Support is provided by Adventures on the Gorge. https://adventuresonthegorge.com/By West Virginia Public Broadcasting
The Rambam explains the custom of the early sages regarding the proper way for the congregation to recite Hallel.By Jewish Coffee House
The Rambam says that some places have a custom to say a beracha after the complete Hallel is said. What is this beracha?By Jewish Coffee House
This week Wyotech returns with the "insider" interview we've been hoping for: an instructor and a student together. Our guests are diesel instructor Mark Muhsman accompanies by his student Micah Hager. This interview is specifically intended to help people considering the automotive trades to understand what the commitment of school can be, what th…
On Rosh Chodesh and the last six days of Pesach, when saying Hallel is a minhag (custom) rather than a Rabbinic mitzvah, what sections of Hallel are omitted?By Jewish Coffee House
What days do we say full Hallel, and when do we say an abridged version? Why?By Jewish Coffee House
What berachot does a person say upon lighting the Chanukah candles? What about if he sees the candles but did not light them? And what is the rule regarding saying berachot on Rabbinic mitzvot?By Jewish Coffee House
What is the story of Chanukah? The Rambam opens his discussion of the laws of the holiday with the historical background that gives the laws their proper context.By Jewish Coffee House
Guest host Kathy Mattea welcomes Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Hayes Carll, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Allison Moorer, and Mick FlannerySupport provided by Adventures on the Gorge.https://adventuresonthegorge.com/By West Virginia Public Broadcasting
This week marks the FINAL episode from SEMA 2019 show, this time with the fabulous Ring Brothers, Mike Copeland of Diversified Creations, and Travis Tesluk from Craftsman Tools! This particular show is all about getting the the truth. Maybe a little too much truth, but it was a fun and you can hear it in the interviews! What a year this was. Thank …
Making two "batei nirin" is probably the most obscure of the 39 melachot of Shabbat. So what does it mean?By Jewish Coffee House
The Houston Astros cheating scandal has been discussed and dissected, but the Baseball Rabbi has new statistical evidence that no one else has revealed. Join Pesach Wolicki as he crunches some numbers that produce something akin to a smoking gun. Plus: more on the Astros' historical legacy and institutional culture, and Scott Kahn (shockingly) expl…
Halacha declares that there's a difference between coloring thread and coloring metal. Why?By Jewish Coffee House
Live performances from Shovels & Rope, Cris Jacobs, Kelsey Waldon, Wayne Graham, and Tyler Grant & Robin Kessinger. Recorded in Charleston, WV Sunday Oct. 06, 2019. Support provided by Adventures on the Gorge. https://adventuresonthegorge.com/By West Virginia Public Broadcasting
This week is a special Thanksgiving Special SEMA show with Dan Kahn and Jon Chase. This is a fun to listen to show with a couple great guys live from the show floor! Interview #1 : It was a huge pleasure to sit down again with my friend Dan Kahn and do a "State of the Nation" style discussion on the topic of SEMA - both the trade show itself as wel…
Squeezing a towel to remove water is forbidden on Shabbat - but why? On today's Maimonides Minute we discuss the argument about what melacha is involved in wringing out the towel, and whether it applies equally to all liquids or only to water.By Jewish Coffee House
Is there a way to remove a hangnail on Shabbat if it's bothering you? Why is the Rambam's answer to this question no longer accepted? And when you bleach a material, how much is required to violate a Torah prohibition?By Jewish Coffee House
Is a person allowed to cut his hair or beard on Shabbat without using scissors or another vessel designed for cutting? What is the minimum amount that a person needs to cut in order to be liable?By Jewish Coffee House
Scott Jenstad and Jeff Erickson break down some early offseason moves, early 2020 ADP's and discuss the need for speed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy RotoWire.com
Live performances by The Steel Wheels, Radney Foster, Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert, and Eilen Jewell, recorded in Charleston, WV Sunday Sept. 29, 2019. Support provided by Adventures on the Gorge. https://adventuresonthegorge.com/By West Virginia Public Broadcasting
What is the minimum amount that a food must be cooked in order for a person to be liable? Also: one person uses fire to make an object harder (like heating an earthenware vessel), while another person uses fire to make a hard object softer (such as melting wax). Which of them has violated Shabbat?By Jewish Coffee House
This weeks installment is the second LIVE from the show floor episodes from SEMA 2019. This year was not only epic as an overall show, but also epic in the number of interviews with the best-of-the-best in the industry that we were able to conduct! This second show features Kyle Tucker from Detroit Speed, Scott Bowers at the Ron Francis Wiring boot…
Yesterday we learned that cooking with a derivative of fire - like a kettle recently removed from the stove - is also a Torah prohibition. What about cooking with a derivative of the sun, like a hot cloth left in the sun? Also: is cooking cooked food a Torah prohibition?By Jewish Coffee House
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