Best scubadiving podcasts we could find (Updated January 2018)
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Scuba Diver Podcast
The Scuba Diver Podcast. Whether you have a thousand dives or you’re just considering your first one, this is the show for you! We talk about Scuba Certification, Dive Stories, Dive Travel, Gear, Tips, and Adventure!
Dive Happy: The Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In Asia
For the world's best scuba diving you need to go to Asia - and there's so many amazing places to dive, it can be hard to know where to start. Each episode of Dive Happy helps you get acquainted with a particular dive hot spot, explaining what makes it so special, what you can hope to see and some practical notes on how to get there and what to think about when planning a trip.
Under Pressure Divecast | Recreational SCUBA Diving Education, Information, Tips and Gear Talk
The Under Pressure Divecast is a free podcast dedicated to sharing the fun, excitement, education that SCUBA diving offers and most importantly to making the sport of SCUBA diving accessible to everyone! The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!
Scuba Obsessed Netcast
Scuba Obsessed Netcast is the premier podcast for passionate scuba diving enthusiasts. Listen each week as Mack, Jim and Darrin obsessed over all things Scuba. They interview guests, discuss scuba diving in the news and geek out about their scuba dives past and future. They record live each Thursday at 9:00pm EDST. You can visit to find out how to listen live and participate in chat and forums. If you haven't dove you haven't truly lived. Come on out and get wet with your d ...
Seattle Outdoor Sister
Seattle Outdoor Sister (SOS) is about a woman born and raised in Seattle who is passionate about the environment, outdoors, adventures, running, cycling, and swimming. The episodes are about her personal journey and outdoor adventures.
Planet Earth Diver
A Weekly Radio Scuba Diving Program
DIVE Travel TV
Adventure Travel program for the whole family
Simply Scuba's Podcast
Daily+ is the number one online dive retailer in the UK. Once a month, our in-house specialist Mark holds a live YouTube broadcast where he answers all your questions as well as updating you on the latest news and product releases.
DiverSync NetCast
DiverSync Netcast is a podcast for scuba diving enthusiasts and anyone else interested in the underwater world. Listen each week as your host, Rich Synowiec, a Scuba Professional and twenty year veteran of the dive industry, talks about scuba diving, the diving industry and the underwater world. Each week Rich will discuss scuba topics, travel, local adventures and things going on in the diving industry. There will be guests on the show as well from time to time. DiverSync is recorded live e ...
The Great Dive Podcast
Grab your logbooks and gather around as James and Brando chat about your favorite subject and theirs, scuba diving. Each episode, these guys will share with each other an interesting and relevant story, tale, adventure or experience from under, in or on the water. It’s just like hanging out with a couple of cool buddies at the dive shop, on the dock or at the pub. Listen, learn and have fun with James Mott and Brandon Schwartz on The Great Dive Podcast. See and experience more at thegreatdiv ...
In-Depth with Reno Viola before2012
Reno Viola Outdoors Radio hosts a complete line up of educational and entertaining shows about hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, rving or just the great outdoors throughout North America.
Kay's Podcast - Travel Tips And More
Travel related topics and detailed information on hotels, airports, airlines, beaches, sightseeing, activities, photography, drones, trends, scuba diving, wanderlust and more.
Diver Debrief
Diver Debrief is your weekly plunge into the world of SCUBA. 2D is a weekly podcast focused on all things scuba diving.
Radio Personality, Emcee, Stand-up Comedian & Adrenaline Junkie. Sriram Sullia currently hosts the No.1 Evening Drive Radio Show - The SuperHero Show on Fever 104 FM. The Only Radio Host to have a video game based on him. The SuperHero show video game has over 40 lakh Downloads. Finalist at the NewYork Radio Festival for Best Personality. Certified Scuba Diver, Part of the Rolling Thunder Motor Cycle Club
Dive Guernsey Podcast
We talk all things SCUBA diving in Guernsey and around the world with various guests. Some episodes will be fairly technical, while others will be a bunch of mates chatting about the stuff we're up to.
London Diving Chamber Dive Lectures 2007
This year's great line-up of speakers for The London Diving Chamber Dive Lectures at the Royal Geographical Society includes: Frank Gardner, Rick Stanton, Monty Halls and Terence Stamp. Rick Stanton on Cave Diving of Cogol de Veci (Dolomites) and Record-Breaking Dive in Wookey Hole, Frank Gardner OBE on his ScubaTrust experience and Monty Halls – The Great Ocean Adventure – the making of the series. The event is held in support of Scuba Trust - a charity devoted to giving people with physica ...
MISSADVENTURES is hosted by four young Canadian women who have traveled the world and experienced many, well, MISSADVENTURES! They have backpacked Southeast Asia, gone scuba diving with sharks, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekked Machu Picchu, eaten bugs in Thailand, road-tripped across America... all while maintaining full-time jobs and staying on a budget. In this podcast, they share their travel experiences and observations while providing laughs along the way.
Growth, Life, and All Things Business
Mike is the President of Northlink Consulting and has over 25 years working with executives and sales teams in many industries. ICU Nurse, Army Officer, Successful Salesman, and National Training Leader are a few of the business roles he's occupied prior to launching Northlink Consulting. He enjoy's traveling and is an avid SCUBA diver and helps breakdown the barriers to diversity in all areas of life.
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Driven Real Estate Podcast by RE/MAX Hallmark
Today’s guest resides on West Oahu in Hawaii with his family. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, and an undergrad in International Management and Entrepreneurship. He has recently completed the Utah Half Iron Man, and he lives an active lifestyle — travelling, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, and kayaking. I had the wonderful ...…
Instagram: @karadawnz SUMMARY Missy talks about raising her two teenage sons, one of whom has autism. She talks about the beautiful and hard parts of raising a child with special needs and what life was like before and after getting an official diagnosis. She also shares advice and encouragement to parents who are also grappling with what it me ...…
Akshay Nanavati is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, speaker, adventurer, and entrepreneur. After overcoming a lifestyle of drug addiction that killed two of his friends in high school, Akshay enlisted in the Marines despite two doctors telling him boot camp would kill him because of a blood disorder he was born with. He not only survived, ...…
opic: The tools that make a successful project manager. I.e. How you use the tools that make you successful and how do you decide on them based on your knowledge? Why are project management skills needed in the workplace? What does STEM mean to an organization Speakers: Candice Serran - Director of Program Management @VMware Topic: The Value of ...…
In This Episode: A laughable review of the new Kindle Oasis. Twitter goes 280. New “Quad9” DNS server protects against malware. Proposed ATSC 3.0 TV standard. The fragmentation of streaming for TV cord-cutters. Are kids’ smartwatches really “illegal” in Germany? And forget Mac vs. PC: the new “religious wars” may be about worshiping the right b ...…
Lani Williams’ philosophy surrounds giving the skin what it needs to be clean, clear and youthfully radiant. It is her belief that infinite beauty and the capacity for happiness and balance exists in each of us. We have the ability to maximize that beauty and attain happiness, healing and balance when we take care of ourselves and focus on the ...…
On June 24, 2015, Ben’s life changed. While responding to a “routine medical assistance” call, he was stabbed multiple times by a bystander. The incident and the ensuing ordeal left Ben with a changed perspective.Ben shares his story so that others, who may be going through a similar situation, can know that what they are experiencing is not th ...…
It is the 200th episode! Thank you so much for your support. This episode was recorded live at The Geeky Kink Event. We talk about SCUBA diving, dirty stuff and Battlestar Galactica. Plus we play "Porn Hub Blockbuster" on Host vs Guest vs Audience!
Active Travel Adventures : Curated Multi-Day Active Vacation Ideas
Today we are hiking or biking a section of the famous El Camino de Santiago, the world's most popular long distance trail! Our guest today, Janet Hanpeter, walked the second half of the 480 mile Camino Frances (French Way) to Santiago del Compostela, Spain. The route runs through mesas, mountains, pastures, villages and cities for a ‘never a bo ...…
Lauren Cohn is filling in for Big John. The anticipated release of files pertaining to the assassination of JFK didn't lead to much news. Plus, Steve Azar has a new album coming out.
Countries for Kids from Case of Adventure
Welcome to the third episode of the Countries For Kids PODCAST, Italy for Kids, with Karyn from CASE OF ADVENTURE. We are excited to travel through many lands with you! Please click read more… below if you did not come directly to the full post. Read or listen, watch the videos and download the Italy printable pack. Click the play button in the ...…
Seattle Outdoor Sister
Calvary Nexus Sunday Sermons
“In Christ” is used 27 times in the book of Ephesians. Christ is in us and we are in Him. Believers reside in the world and in Christ. Like a scuba diver in an alien environment, the world can be a challenging environment, and a wonderful place. How can you grow in Christ in a place like Ephesus or your community?Overview video of Ephesians cre ...…
Let Master Mason and treasure hunter David Graham, from Timothy C Draper's Treasures in America, inspire you to get off of the couch and onto the motivation bus. You will feel how passionate he is about getting you up, out, and enjoying life. But what he loves even more, is the opportunity that people have to be part of a group that encourages ...…
Let Master Mason and treasure hunter David Graham, from Timothy C Draper's Treasures in America, inspire you to get off of the couch and onto the motivation bus. You will feel how passionate he is about getting you up, out, and enjoying life. But what he loves even more, is the opportunity that people have to be part of a group that encourages ...…
When Melanie Beauchamp was five years old, she was arguing with her Father when he looked at her and said, “Kid, you’re going to be a lawyer when you grow up.” Today she uses those valuable skills to help others. Melanie Beauchamp is the owner and Principal of Oracle Law Group, a successful law practice which has been serving clients in the Pho ...…
You’d be hard pressed to find a greater friend to our oceans and all who inhabit them than Shawn Heinrichs. In this episode of MHP, this brilliant award-winning cinematographer and conflict zone journalist shares his insights from the front line of planet survival- from his mixed emotions scuba diving for the first time, to the moment when he w ...…
Steven and Zak talk about the recommended security practices, frat apps, learning coffee, SCUBA dying, Zak harassing the Whole Foods guy, not sleep talking, suede bathtubs, unconfined whales, quickly moving water, side effects of sportsball, Sam having Mentos, and the penultimate Reamde discussion. Madison security tips List of commonly used pa ...…
In this dynamic conversation we look at how Eric’s Four Virtues of a Leader — focus, courage, grit and faith — bring more power, impact and connection to both your career and love life. Show notes: In this episode we cover: How to be someone who not only envisions, but execut ...…
Australian Property Investor Conversations
Property investment coach, trainer and speaker Todd Polke started off his career with some real estate experience and the goal of making a shift in his lifestyle. He will share with us how being uncomfortable spurred him to commit to a change.We will also find out how, as a young and successful investor, he lost everything and how that was the ...…
Bent N Ballistic Outdoors
"Fit Chick" Selene Yeager on getting fit for Scuba Diving. Bill Monroe of The Oregonian with Part 1 of the North River Boats Story. Brent Hutchings CEO of North River Boats with Part 2 of the North River Boats story.
DreamTrips Podcast
Find out how DreamTrips Members have added adventure to their travel, including an exhilarating swim with sharks! Today, your podcast crew brings in someone who knows about taking risks. Efrosyni Adamides has enjoyed traveling the world and even called several countries her home. When naming her favorite DreamTrips experiences, Efrosyni recalls ...…
DreamTrips Podcast
Find out how DreamTrips Members have added adventure to their travel, including an exhilarating swim with sharks! Today, your podcast crew brings in someone who knows about taking risks. Efrosyni Adamides has enjoyed traveling the world and even called several countries her home. When naming her favorite DreamTrips experiences, Efrosyni recalls ...…
Busyness, kids, exhaustion… There’s a lot that gets in the way of having fun in marriage. Plus, marriage is serious business! Is having fun even that essential? Or is it just an ‘extra’? Join us as we dive into this question! The Tension: We all want to have fun in our marriage, but there are a lot of ‘fun barriers’ Busyness Seriousness Childre ...…
Welcome back! On this week’s episode, John sat down with Steve Rubin and Todd Thompson from the WAVES Project! “The WAVES Project is a 501 3 (c ) Non-Profit and has been established to provide an opportunity for American Veterans with service connected disabilities and their families to experience scuba diving. Each veteran and a dive companion ...…
In episode 8 of the Vetrepreneur Life Podcast, my guest is Mitch Durfee, an Army veteran, and Founder and CEO of Grunts Move Junk, Green Rock Investments and Online Startups Box. A keynote speaker, business coach, realtor and veteran entrepreneur, Mitch got his real estate experience at Keller Williams in Vermont. A veteran of the U.S. Army and ...…
WTDG Podcast - What's The Deal With Games?
This week we talk scuba-diving, puppy pool parties, and present listeners with a Twitter challenge.
One of the things I have come to realize in talking to so many boaters over the last few years is that boating in and of itself is great, but often times it is the means to another end. It is a gateway to a wide variety of activities and experiences that bring happiness into so many lives. Just think of all the things boating can give you acces ...…
Top 5 Most Mysterious Underwater Structures Ever DiscoveredWith all our advanced technology, many believe we’ve figured out everything there is to know about our planet’s past. But the fact is that our world is a staggering four and a half billion years old. In that time over 115 billion people have lived here, developed cultures and built mass ...…
Jen Michelsen serves the San Lorenzo Valley Water District as Environmental Programs Manager, a position she has held since 2014. Jen also serves as a director on three boards, including the Santa Cruz Mountains Bioregional Council, Safe Water International, and Fire Safe Santa Cruz County Council and is a member of the Santa Cruz Mountains Ste ...…
Today’s guest is the remarkable Kristin Walter, a native Texan from the Houston area who has ended up as a real estate broker in Summit County, Colorado. In our conversation today, she explains why she moved to Colorado and what her daily life is like surrounded by all the natural beauty that the area has to offer. Kristin is clearly passionate ...…
Coming Up For Air
Andrew & Ben smash open their metaphorical piggy banks to explore the meaning of money, cash, bills and the theories behind it. Expect scuba diving Richard Nixon, a hungry parrot and everything in between...
Mysterious S**t Podcast
On the third episode, Monique & Lucy explain what the f**k Dronkers & Drongos actually means. They also look into the 'Who put Bella in the Witch Elm' mystery as well as the never-ending enigma that is how QLD functions as a state and how two scuba divers could be abandoned at the Great Barrier Reef.…
View from the Crowe's Nest
A scuba diving moment.
"The Good Life" Show - Food, Wine, Travel & Lifestyle
Lisa Niver is a travel expert, writer, artist, entrepreneur, and on-camera host who has explored 96 countries. Niver has established a following through her written and video content, garnering over one million video views on YouTube, Amazon Fire Tv and Roku. Niver is the founder of a top 100 travel blog, We Said Go Travel, that reaches more th ...…
Your Family's Health
Joan Buckley and Dr. Jeanine Cook-Garard interview Larry Aaron about Zen and scuba diving through the eyes of someone that's joined both experiences. He has the ability to connect what's good and peaceful in one world, and join it with the beauty of the ocean as an accomplished scuba diver.
Create New Futures | How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World through Conversation
Let’s talk about the first responsibility of a leader. This is Aviv with a new episode of Create New Futures. And today I am focusing on the fallacy of the Google age, and why as leaders, mentors, and parents we all must reflect on the Google fallacy and the conundrum it creates critically. As a leader, your first responsibility is to lead your ...…
In this interview with Owen Harris, we talk about the political and artistic imperatives of the medium and Deep, the VR experience he created which was inspired by scuba diving. SUBSCRIBE LET’S CONNECT REFERENCES DEEP V ...…
The Japan Podcast Network Master Feed This week Rika from stops by to share her story of transitioning from being a paralegal, to a scuba instructor, to now a JET living in the inaka in Japan. Enjooooy. Right click here to download the MP3 [Follow ALTInsider on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtu ...…
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