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In this podcast, i explore Stoic philosophy, Spirituality, and Mindfulness with the aim of expanding your consciousness to help you live your best and most fulfilling life. Welcome to our community. Press Play.
Occasional reflections on the wisdom of Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers. More at Please consider supporting Stoic Meditations. (cover art by Marek Škrabák) Become a supporter of this podcast:
Stoic Mettle
A podcast about Stoicism Each week the host presents Stoic quotes or ideas and uses stories from his own life to drill it into your mind. Short, practical and actionable.
I'm creating podcast episodes offering practical wisdom for everyday life -- solutions to modern human concerns -- informed by the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism popularized by thinkers including Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Improve your quality of life by implementing a strong mental framework informed by Stoic Philosophy!I explore topics such as gratitude; acceptance; overcoming adversity; finding meaning in life; moderation; dealing with change; friendship; loneliness ...
Stoic Coffee Break
"Act on your principles, not your moods." A weekly meditation on how Stoic principles can help you be a better human.
Stoic Mettle
A podcast about Stoicism Each week the host presents Stoic quotes or ideas and uses stories from his own life to drill it into your mind. Short, practical and actionable.
Wandering Stoic
This is the Wandering Stoic podcast. A place where I talk about Stoicism, politics, history, culture, and what it's like to be a homeless citizen of the world. Made on location, usually in a tent and always dirty. Currently somewhere in Europe.
Instagram: @social_stoic_dancer It is about my daily stories and how I use stoicism, practical psychology, social skills, and dancing to find my passion in life 🐺
Talking about wisdom how you Should approach life, how you should see it and respond to it
Learning is best accentuated when you learn from vicarious experiences and not just your own. This is a place where Manish Dhawan and Puneet Khurana, interview interesting people from different walks of life. This is our endeavor to unearth the value system and thought process of maverick decision makers from the world of Investing, Psychology, Business, Sports and others.
Thought pieces to help you learn more about Stoic philosophy, as well as other relevant philosophy beyond Stoicism, and how to apply it to matters of social justice, as well as anything else in your life that you may need it for.
Stoic Society
In a world gone soft let's look back and see what the Stoics can teach us about true grit.
Personal thoughts on Stoic philosophy. This is a podcast based on my experience learning about the three main ancient Stoics:Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.I talk about useful Stoic mental tools to improve the way we navigate life, to reach a deeper fulfilment and tranquillity in life.I also Interview modern Stoics who practice this amazing philosophy and share their journey and advice learning about this amazing mindset.
Be A Man
What does it mean to be a man? For generations, we’ve been raised to believe that to ‘be a man’ we must be strong, brave and stoic but the stereotype is stopping us from asking for help. Now, it’s time to redefine our own perception of masculinity. Join Gus Worland (Triple M Grill Team co-host ) and Dr Tim Sharp (The Happiness Institute) as they explore topics including health, career, women, sexuality, social media and the taboos surrounding mental health.
Stoic Argenis
Listen in as I share awesome motivational, stoic quotes, philosophies and thoughts about life and business.
Do you want to be a Bulldog? Want to change your life, stop being a victim and learn to achieve victory in all areas of your life? Every day John Sonmez brings you a new, short, life-changing dose of the Bulldog Mindset philosophy to help you transform your life inside and out. Topics include: personal development, fitness, stoic philosophy, entrepreneurship, how to build passive income, dating and relationship advice, productivity, self-discipline and much, much more!
Stephen Hawking once said that intelligence is the ability to adapt to change... so let’s adapt. Hosted by author and entrepreneur, Steve Glaveski, Future Squared brings you conversations with preeminent thought leaders from myriad disciplines such as startups and entrepreneurship, technology, corporate innovation, psychology, philosophy, economics, politics, biology, human performance and productivity, motivation and self development, management and leadership, health and fitness and more t ...
We're having a #Goodchat about how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second nature, we know that sometimes our nature gets in the way. So, we surveyed more than 2,200 New Zealanders to find out how we are interacting with the important people in our lives, with the findings exploring the relationship between communication and technology. The results have been eye opening and raise some interesting questions...Are we hiding behind digital communication? Do we spend too much ...
This short book is part of the Philosophies Ancient and Modern series, which attempts to make Western philosophy more accessible to the general public.In this volume, George Stock provides a concise primer on Stoicism, the ancient philosophy that maintained that the universe is governed entirely by fate, and that humans can achieve happiness only by cultivating a calm acceptance of the vicissitudes of life. Among the Stoics of the Greek and Roman world were its founder, Zeno, the former slav ...
For over a hundred and sixty years, Chinese had traveled across the ocean to help open up the west coast of the United States and Canada. Chinese immigrants looking for a better life in North America had to pay the price of countless heartbreaks and humiliation; of having their dreams of gold shattered, their lives sacrificed on the railroad. Scattered like seeds on foreign soil, they had to struggle hard to take root, braving hostility, discrimination, and inequality. Having shed blood, swe ...
On the Ends of Good and Evil (Latin: DE FINIBUS BONORUM ET MALORUM) discusses Skeptic, Epicurean, Stoic, Peripatetic and Academic views on the good life. Written by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Translated by Harris Rackham. (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards)
De Natura Deorum (On the Nature of the Gods) outlines Stoic, Epicurean and Academic (Skeptical) views on religious questions. Problems discussed include: evil, the origin of the world, divination, and characteristics of God(s). (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards)
Quality videogame discussion
The Verb
Radio 3's cabaret of the word, featuring the best poetry, new writing and performance
“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Tony Robbins, the #1 Life and Business Strategist, has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. In this podcast, he shares proven strategies and tactics so you, too, can achieve massive results in your business, relationships, health and finances. In addition to excerpts from his signature events and other exclusive, never-before-released audio content, Tony and his tea ...
At Voices in the Dark we bring you powerful, mind- and soul-expanding conversations about real life psychology, philosophy, psychedelics, spirituality, social dynamics and much more. We’re a podcast, a blog, and a community of likeminded individuals who want to become the best versions of themselves. We’re dedicated to never stop Learning How To Human. Our mission is to entertain, provoke, inform, and make you question everything you think you know. Have you ever been on the wrong end of 'of ...
The White Vault
Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. This Fool and Scholar production is intended for mature audiences.
Go inside the walls of Dungeons & Dragons for exclusive interviews and previews! The D&D team sits down each week with celebrities and personalities from across gaming and pop culture to discuss one of the greatest fantasy brands of all-time. We'll talk about the tabletop roleplaying game, as the latest in D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television, plus listen to our live play-throughs featuring Penny-Arcade's Acquisitions Incorporated.
Visit support the show by pledging $1+ per creation
North Star Podcast
A deep dive into the stories, habits, ideas, strategies and methods that drive fulfilled people and create enormous success for them. The guests are diverse, but they share profound similarities. They’re guided by purpose, live with intense joy, learn passionately, and see the world with a unique lens. Each episode lets us soak in their hard-earned wisdom and apply it to our lives. Guests include Seth Godin and Tyler Cowen.
Learn, Memorize And Recall Anything Using Memory Techniques, Mnemonics And A Memory Palace Fast
You are enough. And yet, capable of so much more. We need you. Ready to make a difference? Step into “what’s next” with integrity and intention. Thrive through work aligned with your values, talents, and tribe. Be creative on purpose.
For newcomers and old timers alike, we at the Chloe Sanctuary seek to give you insight into the health and happiness of your companion parrots. We hope to help you build happy homes using reliable and proven tools.The best homes are build on a rock solid foundation. And the best foundation for a happy home is the bedrock of science. When we stand on the shoulders of giants — the scientists who have worked long and diligently to understand our companions — we can reach new heights of understa ...
Politics without perspectives. We challenge you to reconsider your views by providing context. But we don't do the thinking for you.
Brojo Online Podcast
Break through your psychological barriers to authentic confidence, with this fantastic series of podcasts from Dan Munro, founder of The Brojo. Dan is a professional Confidence Coach, and is the Bestselling author of the books "The Legendary Life", and "Nothing to Lose".
Sine Language
A podcast about all things audio
Theatrical people play roleplaying games.
Nataliia Totka
Millenial. Expat. Dreamer. Writer. Boarder. And lots of other things. Living my life, writing my book and talking about it on air. Have a listen!Cover art photo by
ManTalks Podcast
The ManTalks Podcast is where self-motivated men, just like you, come to learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors on how to be better Fathers, Husbands, Boyfriends, Brothers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Interviews have included the world's best professional and academic minds, scientists, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and other inspiring men. This show will make you a better Father, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, Leader, Entrepreneur -- overall -- a better man ...
Investing in Cannabis tells the stories of the founders and investors in the fastest growing industry in the United States, cannabis.
Podcast by Teachers' Education Review
A weekly podcast for songwriters, introverts, HSPs and creative misfits, hosted by Andy Mort
Learn and grow with philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with farmers and agrarians about what they do and why.
Love Your Work
Reconnect with the most powerful fuel of all – the fuel of loving your work. Best-selling author and award-winning designer David Kadavy helps you make it as a creative entrepreneur. Find your creative voice, cultivate the mindset you need to succeed, and be the first to capitalize on new opportunities to make a living making your art. Every Thursday, David presents either a guest or his own learnings from his decade-plus career as a creative entrepreneur. Hear from titans of industry like f ...
Sott Radio Network
Sott Radio Network
Podcasting since 2006, Roley is a look at current events, culture, creativity, and the trials and tribulations of a unconventional middle-aged man with an equally unconventional family.
Listen to today's and tomorrow's best trance & progressive mixed with tons of extra flavor. Full Spectrum sits on the edge of uplifting melodies and unapologetic grooves, bringing together everything from aggressive breaks to full-on trance to mesmerizing vocals. Tune in and faze out!
Join entrepreneur, technology investor, and self-experimenter Kevin Rose as he explores new ways to reach peak personal and professional performance. In this "podcast for the curious," Kevin interviews technologists, scientists, meditators, self-experimenters, and productivity hackers to discover insights that you can incorporate into daily life. Time Magazine calls him one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." Kevin has app ...
The John Williams Full Show Podcast
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show series
How to build muscle with OMAD? #omad #buildmuscle #muscle The one meal a day or OMAD diet, as the name suggests, requires the dieters to consume one meal per day instead of three meals and two-three snacks in a day. This, in turn, restricts the calories you consume throughout the day. As a result, you will lose weight, won’t feel bogged down, a ...…
I've finished my audiobook! Here's a small part of it!available here: for listening
After our Christmas/New Year break, Doc and I catch up to talk about the (hopefully, only temporary) death of my API 5500 4 band parametric EQ. Since recording this episode, I have tested the right channel and found the same issue, so it’s not just one channel that’s playing up. Doc mentioned the Furman power … Continue reading "Episode 178 – T ...…
John chats with the UCLA gymnastics head coach Valorie Kondos Field to discuss Katelyn Ohashi’s viral perfect 10 from the judges at the 2019 Collegiate Challenge. Then he plays a portion from his Mincing Rascals Podcast, discussing the controversial and thought provoking Gillette commercial. ...…
Today on the Truth Perspective we begin our foray into the wide, labyrinthine world of Western Islamic studies, probing the big question of Islamic origins, looking at both the conditions under which it originated and the relation between the violent jihadists today and the religion of the 7th to 9th centuries. Basing our discussion on Peter To ...…
🛑 Gave Money To Girlfriend And Now She's Ghosting (Nice Guy Syndrome) 🛑 Recently I've received a comment from a reader telling me that he was kind of facing a hard time. Basically he gave his girlfriend money and now she's... Ghosting. Literally. She basically ran away. Why would she do such a thing to such a nice guy? He was being so nice to h ...…
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart" - Helen KellerTRACKLIST|| 01. Deepest Nature - Pamukkale Travertines [BQ]|| 02. Gorkiz - Confusion [Clubsonica]|| 03. RA - Lux [Clinique]|| 04. ARMEE - Porcelain (Mario Ochoa Remix) [Avenue]|| 05. Groove 2 Groove - Reflections [Cr ...…
Police shootings. Border protests. White nationalist rallies. There’s no denying that we live in a time of racial divide that only seems to be growing. And while it’s easy to direct our focus to these great chasms that separate us, this is actually when it becomes even more imperative to start focusing on what unites us. In this episode of the ...…
Jon Hansen follows the Jason Van Dyke sentencing hearing, getting hourly updates from WGN Radio Reporter Erik Runge and Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair. And, GWC Partner Attorney Lance Northcutt explains what he’s seen from Judge Vincent Gaughan in his time working as a former Cook County prosecutor. Plus, he comments on the developing ...…
Artists Breaking Limits & Expectations (A.B.L.E.) Artistic Director and Founder Katie Yohe joins Jon Hansen to talk about how her theater company trains those with Down’s Syndrome to exercise their stage muscles. Learn more.…
WGN Radio Reporter Erik Runge joins Jon Hansen to depict Jason Van Dyke as he hears prosecution witnesses describe how Van Dyke treated them as he arrested them. Plus, Erik talks about what seems to be the goals of each side.…
The Verb celebrates the centenary of the poet W.S. Graham - exploring his language and his relationship with Cornwall. Ian McMillan presents new poetry inspired by Graham from Rachael Boast and Penelope Shuttle, songs inspired by the Cornish landscape from Gwenno, specially commissioned work from Gerry Diver ('The Speech Project') and a collabo ...…
I’m not sure if this is even relevant. Like does it even matter? I don’t have time to do things I want to do with myself, when am I supposed to go out with all those ppl?))
A lot of people ask me questions about: John how would you do X now that you have mindset Y? Fact is I’ve changed my mindset a lot over the last years and this has directly impacted my overall performance and success. But... what would I do differently in high school now. How to be successful after high school and what are the things you can do ...…
For many the power of prayer can heal emotional, spiritual and physical pain and illness. Therapeutic applications like intersessory prayer, laying on of hands, meditation and mindfulness are just a few of the practices that constitute 'prayer'. What, exactly, is a prayer anyway? How do those who 'feel it's power' know it works?Researchers in t ...…
Welcome to another episode of Creative On Purpose Live. This season is called “Dialogue to Make a Difference.” My guests are leaders engaging in transformative discourse. Discussions that shun the status quo and embrace possibility.I’m your host, Scott Perry, founder of Creative On Purpose. Learn more about me and my work at BeCreativeOnPurpose ...…
Show host and producer Chris O'Regan talks to Laurent Mercure of Chainsawesome Games about the design and development of Aftercharge.Team play in video games can date back to as far back as Gauntlet with 4 players all working together to acquire as much treasure as possible before they were either killed by monsters or their health ran out. Thi ...…
The Stoics, the Epicureans, and Aristotle all agreed on one thing: friends are important. In this episode we talk about why, and how the Stoics differ from the other two schools on this topic. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Mincing Rascals are John Williams, Patti Vasquez and Steve Bertrand of WGN Radio, and Eric Zorn and Scott Stantis of the Chicago Tribune. They begin by discussing the Second Lady’s discriminatory administration. The Rascals go on to discuss the seemingly controversial Gillette ad. And, they talk about Speaker Pelosi’s letter, threatening Tr ...…
O’Hare Expansion Potential Architect Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP joins John Williams to talk about some of the design firm’s ideas for the upcoming O’Hare International Airport’s renovation. Mayor Emanuel plans to choose the architect for the job before he leaves office. ...…
John Williams awaits a verdict, then talks about the acquittal of the three police officers charged for covering up the shooting death of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke. Stacy St. Clair joins the show to describe the scene in the courtroom as the verdict came down. Plus, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP are contenders for the design of the O’H ...…
Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair tells John Williams why the judge in the cover-up case of Laquan McDonald’s shooting death acquitted ex-Officer Joseph March, Officer Thomas Gaffney, and former Detective David March. Plus, she describes the atmosphere when the verdict came down, as well as how soon it became clear that the officers woul ...…
Dragon Talk returns with guest hosts Satine Phoenix & Tanya DePass joining Greg Tito chatting it up before Satine and Greg bring on JP McDaniel (@itmejp) & Max Gonzalez (@gassymexican) to talk about the big milestone episode coming up for their long-running D&D liveplay show on @RollPlay, Court of Swords! 100 episodes is nothing to sneeze at, a ...…
Sometimes in entrepreneurship, in innovation, and in life, you have to do whatever it takes. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw in the towel and quit, but if you want to do something bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes. Having a whatever it takes mindset empowers you to always be looking for alternatives, for plans B and C, for solutions t ...…
This is the list of all the books I read in 2018. Use the links and timestamps to navigate through your favorite ones. Click Here To Sign Up Sign Up For Audible: 00:28 Philosophy: An Illustrated History of Thought 1:00 Higher Status: https://bulldogmindset. ...…
What is the simplest thing that you think would make the world a little bit better yet most people aren’t doing so? - question on Quora. Yes, I write on Quora now 😌💖🥰
What if success isn't about scaling up as big as possible? What if success is actually about the freedom to call your own shots? Paul Jarvis (@pjrvs) was asking himself these questions as he left the corporate world way back in the 90s. Now he works from his home in the woods on an island near Vancouver. He explores what he's learned in his new ...…
It's 2019 and that means it's time for our annual catch-up and reflection episode as we contemplate how the year's gone, what we achieved, what we didn't, and where we see the podcast (and our lives) going in the future! This is the first episode we've recorded since Jon moved to Thailand, so Andrea grills him on what life is actually like half ...…
Seneca uses a metaphor that later became famous with Shakespeare: life is like a play, so what counts is not its length, but how well we act our parts. Become a supporter of this podcast:
How do you get what you want? Without manipulating, trying to control, or being so attached to an outcome that it drives you crazy?! That's what I dive into on this mini episode. Here's what I cover: The root problem we all have How great movements were created What we need to keep our eyes out for Where resistance comes from The secret antidot ...…
Ever wondered if you can just invent a Memory Palace… or have a memory improvement app invent one for you? Turns out, the answers to these questions are more than just interesting… They could be the answers that turn you from a person struggling to improve your memory to a leading memory athlete. After all, Idriz Zogaj has done just that. And c ...…
Peter and I explore the fascinating applications of Rapamycin for longevity. We also discuss fasting, inflammation, aging, mindfulness, and supplements. Full show notes here.By (Kevin Rose).
This user’s cat joined a gang. Quick! Pick up Urilium Life 9000 today before your political stress converts to bizarre changes in your household.
John Williams shares his advice on how to resolve joint pain in the new year, with the help of AMITA Health.
Today, John Williams asks you what you thought of the Gillette ad that everyone is talking about and judging. Plus, he reminds you about the remedy that’s curing a disease of political fatigue. Plus, Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel tells John about a special offer Chicago is making for the Clemson Tigers, and about his review of a ...…
Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel joins John Williams to talk about a Chicago invitation to the Clemson Tigers, after President Trump welcomed them with a plethora of fast food. John introduces the WGN Radio audience to Kalen Allen, who had a thing or two to say to the president on the matter. And, he tells John about his impression ...…
Give your brain a break - do something with your hands.
Jeff Bezos said on an interview that Amazon will DIE ⚰️ #amazon #jeffbezos #entrepreneur Amazon is one of the biggest and most successful companies that have ever existed. How can it possibly go bankrupt? "In an all-hands meeting with his staff, the world’s richest man made the surprising warning that Amazon, currently valued just short of $1tn ...…
Seneca points out that people regret not being alive a thousand years from now, and yet are not bothered by the thought of not having been alive for the past thousand years. Become a supporter of this podcast:
By (Roley.).
By (Roley. ).
Here’s what he ordered.
John Williams wants to know what your dream fast food meal would be. That’s after President Trump treated the national champions Clemson to a smorgasbord of fast food at the White House, which he seemed to blame on the government shutdown. Then, Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair explains the likely 18-year sentence Jason Van Dyke will re ...…
Hadiya Pendleton Parents, Cleopatra and Nathaniel Pendleton join John Williams just following the 84-year-sentence to Hadiya’s shooter, Michaeil Ward.
Labor Lawyer Ruth Major tells John Williams how essential and nonessential workers are differentiated in this government shutdown, along with the federal companies that are and aren’t affected. Plus, she describes how government workers are paid retroactively when the government opens up again. ...…
Chicago Tribune Reporter Stacy St. Clair joins John Williams to share why Prosecutor Joe McMahon doesn’t wish a life sentence on Jason Van Dyke, who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times, leading to his death. She goes on to describe the reasoning that led to 18 years’ prison sentence for Van Dyke, including the shots Judge Gaughan determined caused se ...…
How healthy is your social circle, love life, and family connections? Many of us take what we can get, or are blinded by mental biases that trap us in less-than-ideal social connections.How are we to know when someone is unhealthy for us, particularly when it's not obvious? How do we decided if we should go on a second date with someone? What f ...…
Kate McCready is a designer, coach and podcaster whose mission is to activate the potential in people and organizations to consciously craft their work for better lives and a better world.. She says that conscious work-lives are not just about business. They are not just about a job or a role. They are about how we show up and evolve as individ ...…
🛑 Tom Bilyeu & Impact Theory... (The Legit Tai Lopez?) 🛑 Today's episode of YouTube social media success is about Tom Bilyeu. Thomas Bilyeu (born 1976) is an American entrepreneur best known as a co-founder of Quest Nutrition, the second-fastest-growing private company in North America on the Inc 5000 for 2014. Now, he runs Impact Theory. In Oc ...…
In this episode I’m talking about Mel Robbins’ e-mail sessions that are connected to the “5-Second Rule” 📚 book and that I’m working through these days. If you get a chance, pick up the book and subscribe for the e-mail sessions because those are great 👍🏻
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