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A YouTuber trying on radio
M Squared Productions Podcast
The M Squared Productions Podcast is a professional podcast producing entity headed by Marlon "Shymar Molinos, a podcaster for years whose goal is to provide content and information to the masses worldwide. Two shows under the umbrella of M Squared Productions ar "The Groove Session, A show combining an advice column with top 40 hits and "The View from Chair Level" A talk show on disability-related topics and how to find the positives in each situation.
Angry man on the side podcast
A PS3 focused podcast bringing you weekly news from the perspectives of a laid back gamer(Icomeinpeace), his cousin(Allenshok) who has a lot on his mind and a close friend(Go4broke360) that can get a little rowdy. One thing I like to think sets us apart is the opportunity for you, the audience to choose who reviews what games. Our point of views will be pretty obvious in each episode so I feel it gives people a chance to hear a review more in line with the way they think about things.
The Thetford Grammar School Podcast
Welcome to the TGS Podcast! The Podcast is produced by pupils to give you an insight into what goes on in Thetford Grammar School We hope you find the podcasts useful and we would be glad to get any feedback we can.
C47: A Movie Podcast
We are in what is being described as a new golden age of movies, and we have gathered the best movie buffs in Southern California to talk all about it in great detail. C47 is a podcast dedicated to movies and everything that goes into them, including production, casting, scoring, editing, writing and much more. Join the team of director/producer/writer Jhovania Estrada, movie reviewer Mathew Gruman, and TGS Editor in Chief Erik Lucas as they take a deep dive into the world of cinema,C47: A M ...
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The Gridiron Show
The lads round off their Super Bowl coverage with their second pod of the day, talking about the 2018 Hall of Game class, then focusing on the game. Will, Olly and Matthew break down all of the key match-ups and make their picks for the New England Patriots’ match-up with the Philadelphia Eagles.
TGS staff writer Brad LaFratte is joined by former 3xwrestling and Pro Wrestling Phoenix medic Nikki LaFratte for this week’s edition of The Count Out. This week they discuss some of the biggest topics sounding the world of professional wrestling like WWE’s up coming Mix Tag Team Challenge, first ever women’s Royal Rumble and, more! Subscribe t ...…
Who blew up Planet Zircon? Heavily-Stereotyped Interdimensional Dragons attempt to determine the perpetrator of a terrible crime. Monomaniac Alien Dragons come to Earth in order to be detectives as a lifestyle choice, despite having little grasp of culture, genre conventions, and indeed what constitutes a crime. FireForce! The 80’s Cartoon of E ...…
(Hosted & Produced by Marlon "shymar” Molinos) The “Groove session” is a show that explores all aspects and matters of the heart. As someone who has never been in a relationship, I was fortunate enough to observe many different relationships throughout the years thanks to both friends and family. There were some good as well as bad sides to eve ...…
Henchmen On A Train Evil sidekicks plot to kill off each other’s Villains. Sticking it to the Übermensch Heroes are assigned sidekicks, even if they don’t really want them, and having seen behind the cape, as it were, the teen protege’s are underwhelmed & disaffected, and turn to villainy. Trouble is, they’re still a bit crap. The Supermanchuri ...…
Simon Clancy joins the podcast to look back on a 2nd shutout of the season for the Miami Dolphins and give us some insight into the frustration within the organisation. And Will, Olly & Simon preview all the weekend's games, including Sunday afternoon's clash at Twickenham. Enjoy!!
Week 7 was historically bad. We're sorry, but it's true. So Will, Olly & Matt instead decide to try something new... let us know what you think. Plus we're joined by Touchdown Trips Ben Mortimer to discuss our upcoming deep South tour, and his beloved Ravens on Thursday Night Football
Third Impact Anime Podcast
This is an OLD EPISODE recorded MONTHS AGO that was never uploaded because Austin is an idiot (and he apologizes) In this episode of Two Guys and Video Games, Ryan and Jon reconvene to talk about their personal favorite video games so you can mercilessly judge them. Please enjoy! This is an archived episode of Borderline Podcasts. Ryan will be ...…
(Hosted & Produced by Marlon "shymar” Molinos) Playlist: Awa ft. Anuhea - Perfect Day Boyz II Men - Roll with me Bow Wow Feat. Johnta Austin - You Can Get It All Toni Braxton - How many ways (R Kelly remix) Stevie wonder - Overjoyed Bruno Mars - Versace on the floor Avant Feat. Lil Wayne, JD - You Know What Hailee Steinfeld Grey ft. Zedd - Star ...…
The Training Stage Podcast
The annual Tokyo Game Show was held a couple weeks ago and we discuss the latest news from the event. Monster Hunter World gets a release date, Final Fantasy IX is out on PlayStation 4, and Zone of the Enders is making a surprise return in 2018. We also discuss Shadow’s DLC in Sonic Forces and the end of Battleborn updates. The Training Stage i ...…
Desynced Nerds, A Nintendo Switch Podcast
This week, Mitch raises an army and plays the incorrectly named Total War: Warhammer 2, journeys to a desert filled with robots in Steamworld Dig 2 and continues the theme of 2 and plays Divinity: Original Sin 2 as a murderous skeleton. We discuss TGS a bit, Mitch talks about WoW again, Star wars Battlefront 2 creates hype, while Sonic Forces c ...…
Adam and Joe are back from vacation, and are here to catch up on news they missed from the past two weeks. Both guys lamented that they didnt play nearly as much video games as they thought they would on vacation, but now that they're are back, they are both ready to dive into their newest purchases, the SNES Classic. with only limited play tim ...…
Adam and Joe are back from vacation, and are here to catch up on news they missed from the past two weeks. Both guys lamented that they didnt play nearly as much video games as they thought they would on vacation, but now that they're are back, they are both ready to dive into their newest purchases, the SNES Classic. with only limited play tim ...…
This week i talk about some quick things i missed from TGS last week, some new Switch game updates, the free games you'll be getting with your online subscriptions on PS4 & Xbox One, give some of my thoughts on the Red Dead II trailer and a few other random stories from this week.I hope you enjoy the show this week. Let me know what you think b ...…
Gaming and Chill
Derrick and Doug are simply Divine Website: gamingandchillpodcast.comTwitter: @Gaming_n_Chill Instagram: GameingandChillPodcastFacebook: Round Up:Monster Hunter: World - TGS 2017 Trailer ('s Voice 'The Jud ...…
Radio Stingray - Maritime Workers Podcast
On the latest episode of Radio Stingray we feature the following: Nat Wasley joins us in the studio to report back on the Nuclear Free Alliance Conference in Adelaide. - Save Australia shipping campaing in Kembla - Merchant Navy Day and the passing of ComradesTaffy Sweetenson, Jim Steele and Johnny Underwood - Patricks Community assembly EA Rou ...…
In this weeks episode we blab about the following Games and topics: Metroid Samus Returns Destiny 2 BattleChasers News: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds breaks Steam’s record for most users ever Final Fantasy 9 gets PlayStation 4 re-release Monster Hunter World gets global release date Hideo Kojima’s Zone of the Enders returns to PlayStation Squar ...…
A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE
This week on SELECT/START we have 3 BIG GAMES to review as host Daxavier Josiah gets into DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2, POKKEN TOURNAMENT, and STEAM WORLD DIG 2 for the NINTENDO SWTICH. PLUS: More news coming from TGS 2017 and much more on this episode of A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE EXTRA SELECT/START…
Video Games - The Scotchcast
Wait a second, TGS happened? Did anyone notice? We were surprised to find out that we had a lot of news to talk about this week, and the Tokyo Games Show was only part of it. Beyond that, the raid in Destiny 2 is out and Dourin's been playing a GRIP of games. Run Time: 2:10:38 Panel: Dourin & selfconfessedcynic Main Theme: "Epilogue - The Trans ...…
Out Of Lives Presents
We discuss Dave’s time at EGX and some of the Playstation news to come out of the Tokyo Games Show. The games we talk about are Far Cry 5, Shooty Fruity, Sea of Thieves and Strange Brigade which Dave played at EGX and from TGS, Final Fantasy 9, Dissidia NT, Dragons Crown Pro, Shadow of the Colossus, PSVR, Zone of the Enders, Left Alive and Mons ...…
This week on The Video Game Pals the boys discuss the hottest news out of Tokyo Game Show 2017, update some developing news stories and learn of a beautiful tribute to Satoru Iwata packed in every Switch.PLUS: "Fire Pokemon are trash!" -Andy Brown-What we’re playing!-Buy or Sell DA NEWS:1. Rockstar Games’ Social media accounts promising an upda ...…
M2C Gaming Podcast
On this episode of the M2C Gaming podcast we talk about Square Enix making multiplayer games a priority, the controversy surrounding NBA 2K18, Mario+Rabbits, Super Mario 64, why some people avoid online gaming, and we talk about Nintendo’s latest Direct and Sony at TGS 2017. All this plus Chuck-E Jay with “Are you kidding me!?!” Music produced ...…
This week Grim and JazzE take you on an adventure deep into the heart of Metriod. We give you a spoiler free look at what we thing about Metroid - Samus Returns. We also might dabble in some more PUBG and Destiny2 news with a sprinkle of Red Dead Redemption 2 and a new Tomb Raider movie. Super Mario Run Update Will Add Daisy, New World, New Mod ...…
We recap Sony's brief but fun TGS showing and discuss a bunch of divisive PUBG news. Billy Bones loves Fortnite: Battle Royale
Los episodios de FriendlyFire Podcast
Esta semana Fran y Fonti anduvieron de paseo gracias a la gente de Logitech. FriendlyFire Podcast dio el presente el jueves en la presentación de los nuevos periféricos a incorporarse a la linea gamer Logitech G, y el sábado en la Logitech G Challenge 2017. Ademas todas las novedades de esta semana (salvo la TGS que se las debemos para la seman ...…
Parents Press Play & Friends
Hello and welcome to Parents Press Play & Friends where we talk about unique and interesting topics across gaming, entertainment, and technology for people of all ages. This week, in Episode 186: See the Sound, we are joined by 1 Dad, 1 Mom, and 1 Friend. I am your Host Kaleb Rutherford, @kahleeb on Twitter, and joining me this week is "Plan C" ...…
This week I go over some of the biggest games news out of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS for short), Talk about Inside coming to the Switch, Rockstar Games' announcement of an upcoming announcement, and give my early impressions on the new The Movielife album and Enter Shikari's new album. Let me know what you think!You can leave comments here on Sou ...…
It's time again for that ever-so-entertaining, ever-so-informative, ever-so-hypenated top-of-the-week podcast! Dale and Jeremy team up for another dynamic duo, covering the happenings of TGS, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, infringements, copycats, votes of confidents and punishments, as well as a clever new system of website revenue that is NOT ...…
The trio is back talking more about Destiny 2, Metroid Samus Returns, Final Fantasy IX, Marvel vs Capcom and more! We also shoot through our EXPCast Speed Run where we hit you with all the news worth talking about over the last two weeks in one and a half minute segments! Featuring Doom on the Switch, TGS trailers, Pew Di Pie controversy, Final ...…
(Part 1) 盤點TGS 2017(上)/盤點TGS 2017(下)/新卡片戰棋遊戲 Hand of Gods 速評
(Part 2) 盤點TGS 2017(上)/盤點TGS 2017(下)/新卡片戰棋遊戲 Hand of Gods 速評
(Part 3) 盤點TGS 2017(上)/盤點TGS 2017(下)/新卡片戰棋遊戲 Hand of Gods 速評
Pass The Controller Podcast
Listen in as Brenden and Mike sit down and chat about Mario Party yet again, which Super Smash Bros. game is the best, Tokyo Game Show 2017, Destiny 2, Overwatch, and so much more.Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
Derrick and Doug chat about Pokken Tournament and other Game NewsWebsite: gamingandchillpodcast.comTwitter: @Gaming_n_Chill Instagram: GameingandChillPodcastFacebook: Round Up:PlayStation Japan PS4 Rap Video - TGS 2017 ( ...…
Playlist Ariana Grande feat Big Sean - Right There Beyonce Feat Slim Thug - Check On It Big Mountain - I Would Find A Way Bruno Mars - Treasure ((Party Banger Remix) Bow Wow Ft Jagged Edge - Hey Little Mama Brotherhood Creed – Helluva Brian Mcknight Feat Justin Timberlake - My Kinda Girl Brothers Osborne - Stay A Little Longer Cher Lloyd ft. Be ...…
Check out Chad's reactions to a whole week's worth of Destiny 2 in this week's episode! We also discuss Sony's TGS Conference, as well as what we'd like Switch's rendition of Pokemon to be.Instagram: @SplitScreenGPTwitter: @SplitScreenGPFacebook:…
In this episode JR and Ryder give you the TGS Sony announcements. How many giant robots are there? not nearly enough.
This week the boys cover some news that has come out of TGS, talk about Mario Odyssey and Teeg gives maybe the worst summary of the new IT movie ever. Also there's comics.
The Giant Sword Podcast
Nintendo had a direct, Ys VIII released and Tokyo Game Show is in full swing. The crew breaks it all down on this jam-packed episode!
Jeff and Darby discuss the news from TGS, PUBG, Valve's response to review bombing, new crossplay news and escapism in games.
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