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A Podcast about everything competitive X-Wing related. Meta talk, List and Rules discussion, and anything in between.
You favorite X-wing Podcast brought to you by The Heroic 28s
A podcast where we take a look back at the pop culture that defines our generation. It's TV, Movies, Comics, Morning Cartoons, vidya games, Star Wars & Wrestling all rolled into one. It's a modern look at our retro lifestyle. A member of the Star Wars Commonwealth Network Your hosts: Anil Sharma, Jamie Milman, Stev3 and Rob Williams
Radio TCX is an X-wing Miniatures Podcast, based in the Twin Cities, hosted by Tim Dugan and Carson Wray.
Orange City X Wing Radio
Show dedicated to the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game: news, views and reviews of the game and general discussion about Star Wars.
Recorded in an undisclosed starship hangar, these three pilots try to give back to the X-Wing community by providing interesting topics for veterans to rookies. Ships, local meta news, tournament dates and strategies are included in the discussion as Franch, Gordon and Mikhail remind everyone to have fun, fly casual but always remember to....Stay On Target!
Orange City X Wing Radio
An X-Wing Miniatures Podcast broadcasting from Reykjavík, Iceland
Chicago's Home for X-Wing News, Strategy, & Entertainment.
A X-Wing Miniature focused podcast coming to you from sunny Queensland.
Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"
Carolina Krayts
An X-Wing Miniatures Game Podcast hosted by the Carolina Krayts. Based out of North Carolina, the hosts Ben Keller, Chris Allen, and Tyler Barnett talk about things sometimes related to X-Wing.
The Covenant Cast
The Covenant Cast is a weekly show where we talk about current topics in the board game community, as well as our upcoming releases and answering questions by our listeners. We will also have Interviews with board game designers and pioneers. We have been apart of the board gaming industry for ten years, as both an online and retail store covering games and creating content to try and build and improve the tabletop community.
A Podcast about all things X-Wing
Back To Dials
Your source for everything X-Wing
HitHitCrit Podcast
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Podcast based in Cape Town, South Africa.First Star Wars X-Wing Podcast on the African Continent!
Back To Dials
Your source for everything X-Wing
Monthly Australian X-Wing Miniatures podcast.
The Unofficial Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Podcast
Winging It Episodes
Hosted by Dan Barnes and Stephen Green, the Winging It podcast covers the X-Wing Miniatures Game as well as many other tabletop games.
The Long War is your connection to the table top. We cover everything hobby wise from table top war games like Warhammer 40k, and X-wing. Whether it’s building, converting, painting or playing with your models, the Long War has you covered.
Back To Dials
Your source for everything X-Wing
Austin area X-Wing Podcast that talks about everything Star Wars and especially X-Wing.
Hornet Squadron Radio- Charlotte, NC / X-Wing - Armada - Imperial Assault
The Mothership for Casual X-wing gameplay!
Imperial Hearts
Imperial Hearts is a Star Wars podcast made by two women from Toronto, Ontario who think about the intricacies of the Star Wars universe a little more than anyone ought to. We cover topics ranging from representation in media to crazy fan theories to which Star War we would like to f*ck. With your support, we would like to continue making strange and funny content every single week from a soft imperial femme and hard rebel butch viewpoint.
The Number 1 Canadian X-Wing Podcast
Radio Free Tatooine presents an X-Wing Miniatures Game podcast, geared toward new players and representing the Southern meta game.
Podcast do grupo de jogadores do jogo de miniaturas Star Wars X-Wing do Rio Grande do Sul.
Hornet Squadron Radio- Charlotte, NC / X-Wing - Armada - Imperial Assault
Three guys with mics talking about plastic ships.
Flip The Table TV
Jason and Josh.. Two middle aged guys that love gaming. This Podcast will focus on FFG Star Wars games Destiny and X-Wing but will also feture other card/dice/board games.. .Find us on facebook at Twitter@flipthetabletv....Watch games being plays on Youtube at swag at
A Podcast about all things X-Wing
Off the wall listbuilding for the X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games
Gaming on Rura Penthe
A podcast about the Wiz Kids tabletop game, Star Trek Attack Wing
The ForceCast's Sabacc Table is a podcast covering all aspects of Star Wars gaming, including video games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and more. Each episode covers the latest Star Wars gaming news, as well as in-depth discussions on how to get the most out of your gaming experience.
Havoc Radio
X-Wing Miniatures Game discussions
The Hub Systems Podcast is the voice of Mann’s Model Moments, the blog of the Various ramblings on the modelling & gaming antics of my son and I. We cover Spartan Games Firestorm Armada and Planetfall, Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing, Zombicide, AvP and much more.
3.2 Company is a Salt Lake City based podcast devoted to the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, tabletop gaming, and video game streaming. Podcast episodes and other content are posted weekly. We might get a little salty and a little drunk, but we always have fun. If you like what we do, consider supporting us at Thanks so much for listening, watching, and subscribing.
Brews with Brews
Brews with Brews is a Podcast for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. Aimed at a more casual audience we primarily look at sweet lists for all 3 factions!
Pod Damn
A podcast for degenerates by degenerates. A Heavy Metal spacetrip from the cockpit of an X-Wing. Hosted by Corey Borger, Byron Warfield, and Niko "Wizard_Pants"
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We’re joined by Travis Johnson of the Carolina Krayts Podcast. We look back on our favourite parts of X-Wing first edition and lead into all the things we are hyped about for second edition. Travis also gives us an overview of his (now admittedly redundant) worlds prep data, how it’s compiled and what it shows. ...…
Hey everyone! This is a special installment of JotW as we say goodbye to Steve, but welcome Elaine to the TumblingSaber team! Please join me in welcoming her to our group! In this episode we get to know Elaine a little bit, then get back into Darth Vader by Charles Soule. We make quick work out of issues 14 and 15, then take a bit of a deeper d ...…
Join hosts Tim and Sunjay for a spoiler filled mini-review of Deadpool 2! It has been a few weeks since its release and the guys breakdown their thoughts and opinions on the followup to the extremely successful Deadpool. They also discuss the new Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse trailer, their anticipation for the Aquaman trailer debut, Solo Bo ...…
Hi everyone sorry for the delay on this episode! One of the guys went on a sudden vacation and that put our whole podcast schedule off. Took him forever to edit this. Also be warned. Because he was behind he didn't do as much editing as normal so there are probably more Umms, dog barks, and thunderstorm talk than you would normally expect. Thin ...…
Join Ed, Chad & Kris as they maybe stumble upon a name for the podcast and talk Star Wars, X-Wing, Saw's Renegades, Lando's Millennium Falcon and Solo: A Star Wars Story.Saw's Renegades 2.0 Article:'s Millennium Falcon Announcement Article: ...…
This episode is absolutely NSFW! Very recently, the Star Wars burlesque show “The Empire Strips Back” came to San Diego. Doug, Loring, and Marina went to great lengths for our listeners and attended. Just for you, listeners!! The next day, they sat down & recorded their reactions, reviews, and lots of commentary on this show! Remember to check ...…
Episode 18 is here! We talk about Dark Heresy, Legion, X-Wing, Space Wolves, Orks, Imperial Knights, and more!
That’s right folks, Tyson returns! Coming back to X-Wing and Back to Back to Dials, we are excited to welcome back the man who started it all to podcast stardom! Tyson takes us through the Rebel Conversion Kit for Second Edition and boy… it’s filled with exciting things! On this episode of Back to Dials: The World’s Most Echoey Room gives Asa E ...…
We welcome Warren "Peace" back to the show this week as we explore and dissect our experiences playing the #1 boardgame of all time: Gloomhaven. We also play some catchup, and, as always, discuss the current state of x-wing in our tiny town of Kamloops, BC, Canada
Bonus episode this week! Today Mike & Scott give a quick recap of their experience at the 2018 FFG Star Wars World Championships (TL;DR we had fun and got crushed in the competition), then we break down the announcement of X-Wing 2.0 with Caleb & Stu. Are all the problems we have with the game addressed? Will this news bring back former players ...…
Daryl has been the president of Oyo Sports since 2013. Oyo Sports engages fans through licensed sports minifigures and building block field and play sets. The licenses they carry include MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Colleges and auto racing. OYO Sports is all about the sports fan, of any age. Made in the USA, the OYO minifigure is authentic to your favo ...…
This time Hunter, Bailie and Nick talk about what makes a Euro game and Euro game, X-wing 2.0, and also some of the finer points of playing RPGs! Thanks for listening! If you liked this episode be sure to listen to our others with the links below. You can also follow us on Twitter and…
This episode Nate and Michael discuss the big changes happening to X-Wing, The Solo press screening, Battlefront 2, and Celebration Chicago!
Josh is back from vacation and there are new Destiny spoilers to be talked about… Gungan Hype! We also spend a little bit on what will be coming in the X-wing 2.0 conversion kits.By Jason T Hartsock.
In this week's episode, Tim & Carson share more thoughts about X-wing 2nd Edition, this time focusing on base design and some of the upgrade cards making the move from 1st edition to 2nd edition! If you like the podcast, please consider supporting us directly by going to our Patreon page at: Like us on Facebook: Faceboo ...…
Join Alex, Ali and Dave, with special guest Mara Ranger as we discuss everything and anything Star Wars. A round up of all the latest news including the Solo premier, John Faverau's new live action show and we delve into massive spoiler territory when discussing Avenger's Infinity War and its march to overtaking The Force Awakens. We then discu ...…
Josh is on vacation so Jason sits down with our friend Phil from Dark Side Productions and local ace and Top 16 world x-wing player Daniel Fiorentini to talk about the rest of world’s weekends and X-wing 2.0 changes and new organized play.By Jason T Hartsock.
Hey Armchair Adventurers, this is a re-release of our episode from today. We understand that some of our listeners are having issues downloading our episodes, while we are working to remedy that for our future releases we hope that this episode will be available to everyone. Chuck and Andrew are back to talk about their World’s experience in Ar ...…
Two sick nerds talk about why they play what they play. The news out of FFG Worlds thus far. New Destiny Spoilers and X-wing 2.0 all whilie on cold/sinus meds.By Jason T Hartsock.
Episode 117May the 4th be with you everybody! Happy Star Wars day. To celebrate the holiday we have a fantastic interview from Brian who talks about all kinds of Star Wars games but most especially about recently announced rules update for X-Wing Minis. Meanwhile Andrew and Amanda talk about Brawl - the new Magic the Gathering format they're so ...…
Hey Radical Listeners!This a unplanned mess of a podcast about us rambling about how hyped we are for x-wing 2.0!Stay Rad!Send us your ideas/lists/questions here!TheRealRadicalSquadron@gmail.comAdopt some pets!https://secure.aspca.orgFight Cancer! Squadron! ...…
FFG dropped a huge news bomb on us today, X-Wing Second Edition is arriving in September! The Mynocks discuss the major changes and for once the greedy dragon Dee Yun is...excited...happy?! Find out everything to be excited about in this episode! Patreon.Com/MynockPodcast
Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium for a special episode! FFG has decided to honor our birthday with huge news about X-wing! This episode is getting rushed out and may not be top audio quality, but.... THIS IS B I G NEWS!
In a special bonus episode of Radio TCX, Tim & Carson discuss the X-Wing 2nd Edition Announcement, talk about why a 2nd edition is necessary, and share what they are most looking forward to in the new game! If you like the podcast, please consider supporting us directly by going to our Patreon page at: Like us on Facebo ...…
It's Star Wars week! In this week's episode, Tim & Carson finish their 2018 X-wing World Championship prep by looking at the Rebel faction! If you like the podcast, please consider supporting us directly by going to our Patreon page at: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter @RadioTCXPodcast The ...…
Episode 15 is here! We talk Legion, X-Wing, 40k, Necromunda, Dark Heresy, and more!
Thule Squadron Radio is an X-Wing miniatures Podcast broadcasting from Reykjavik, Iceland Episode 13 - Worlds something with Jesper Hills Yes, you read that right! Jesper Hills joins us for this episode to talk about Worlds, Worlds meta, and general nonesense Like our facebook page to be eligable for our raffle Email us at thulesquadronradio@gm ...…
In Shop Talk I discuss a game mechanic in depth or some aspect of board games. In this episode I discuss Movement Patterns. From path based movement to free movement, I talk about what they are and how they are used in board games. All of our Shop Talk episodes will have an accompanying Blog Post, and Video on our YouTube Channel. Blog Post: ht ...…
Hi gang! In this episode we discuss: New Solo postersJabba’s role in Solo a bit closer to reality?Plot of an upcoming Forces of Destiny episodeWhat is Rey's cave scene telling us?More on handling Leia in episode IX,Our favourite Darth Vader scenes,Options for a Boba Fett movie,and more! We had a blast recording this episode and we hope you enjo ...…
This is your Star Wars News for Monday, March 19, 2018. I’m David “The Bow Tie Jedi Guy” JesseThe Last Jedi Wins Big at the 2018 Empire AwardsThe Last Jedi was the big winner this year at the Empire Awards. The British entertainment news magazine awarded the movie its Best Film award, along with Best Director award to Rian Johnson, Best Actress ...…
We sit down and chat about the 1991 Disney film "The Rocketeer". We also have a look at Jamie's Rocketeer costume (pictures and video found on our Facebook site). Also on the show: "What Excites You?" - Mark Hamill's Star on the Walk of Fame - Jon Favreau is lined up for new Star Wars shows - TWO new Patreon members! THANK YOU!!! - Steve "Hosen ...…
Welcome back, everyone! Settle in this week as we discuss: Jon Favreau's HUGE role in Star Wars,More on Snoke's backstory, and whether we need it,Another angle on writing Leia out,Our most precious Star Wars collectible,Absentee Force ghosts,and so much more! If you enjoy this podcast, and want to hear more from us, then visit our patreon page ...…
Goooood Moooorning X-Wing! Today on the show, we talk about Sparta (WHERE WE GAME!) regionals, Worlds Prizes, bad list submissions and much more! If you'd like to support the show directly, please consider becoming a Patron! Join us Wednesdays at 8:30 Central on Youtube live! ...…
Today we have a short clip with Coach and Marcel Manzano talking about Gold Squadron's Draft picks for the OCX Draft League.
It’s a short and sweet episode this month. Dennis crushes Battle Chasers. Michael gets burned by Overcooked. Shawn and Michael travel to Fargo to play in an X-Wing Regional tourney. Dennis takes in the beauty of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Battle Chasers: Nightwar Overcooked X-Wing Miniatures Fargo Regionals TCX Podcast Assassin’s Creed Origins W ...…
Welcome one and all to episode 235. Justin is hosting for the Features with Colm providing his own unique views and comments.Justin has been hurting himself, and started selling his X-Wing stock.Colm has a look in his Front Pocket with Love Max III!!!!!We have a One Word Review on Bulletstorm.Dodgy Collie gives a tip on Final Fantasy XII : The ...…
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the TumblingSaber podcast! On this week's episode, we discuss: The Last Jedi Oscar nominations,The Last Jedi's synopsis - did the movie match up to it?Han Solo rumored run time,Rey's third lesson,Our Star Wars Oscar winners,Villains for episode IX,And much, much more! As always, send us our feedb ...…
Thule Squadron Radio is an X-Wing miniatures Podcast broadcasting from Reykjavik, Iceland Episode 8 - Fifth Orbit of Mandalore Egill and Gísli talk about the new FAQ, go over the regionals, system opens and other things. They talk a little bit about may and must plus a general excitement about System Opens in Copenhagen…
It's our 100th episode! In honor of this milestone, Tim & Carson devote this entire episode to answering listener submitted questions! Topics include: our worst X-Wing losses, the future of the game, Bladerunner or Alien, and many, many more! If you like the podcast, please consider supporting us directly by going to our Patreon page at: ...…
There has been an awakening, have you felt it? BOMBS, HARPOONS, TRAJECTORY SIMULATOR WITH GENIUS! X-Wing is at war, and there are three factions vying for your loyalty (and we're not talking about Scum, Rebel, and Imperial). Guest Kris Bengtsson gives us his insight on the current meta as well as the hullabaloo over the recent TO rulings around ...…
Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast! This week we're taking a break from X-wing to talk about everyone's favorite episode 8, a movie called 'The Last Jedi'. Maybe you've heard of it.
Calen finally decends from the Vancouver Heavens and delivers some Judgement onto these X-Wing heretics. A local tournament is discussed, Adam and Marc ask Calen how to be good, and a whole lot of meta talk.
Hey guys! There's still so much to be said about The Last Jedi that Kyle and Steve had to lay down another 2 hours for ya! In full disclosure, this episode was recorded on Thursday, December 21st, so the latest and greatest news in Star Wars has not been covered here. It's just more unpacking of the movie that has fandom sniping at each other f ...…
Gooood Moooorning X Wing! Today we talk about, FML, the gunboat. We have to admit, it's a thing, and a big thing it is! We also trash talk some poor sucker's list. Credits: Aaron Krull----------------------Host Kyle Stoos-----------------------Co-Host Chris "Chico" Brown------------Co-Host Uncle Mark---------------------Co-Host…
The wait is finally over! Two years after J.J. Abrams' 'The Force Awakens' hit theaters, the latest chapter in the Skywalker saga is here. This time around we get Rian Johnson's take, which if nothing else can be described as... divisive. As we tend to do around our Star Wars episodes, the band is back together. And we mean the WHOLE band, as D ...…
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