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Demanded internationally, DJ Baby Yu is one of North America’s most experienced, versatile well respected and highly connected DJ’s. Baby Yu without a doubt is a staple in the entertainment industry world-wide.Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he has held residencies at Velvet Room, Whiskey Park, at the W Hotel and Tongue and Groove, Door 44, Aja Lounge, Opera, Compound, Aurum, Gold Room and more. Currently Baby Yu spins at Vanquish, Compound and Reign. Along with his weekly club residencies- Baby ...
YUTORAH: YU Student Medical Ethics Society -- Recent Shiurim
Yu-Gi-Oh! Podcast
Weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast.
Podcast by TeamC4G
Michelle Yu
Welcome to the Michelle Yu podcast, where amazing things happen.
Y U's Podcast
Yu-Gi-Men! Podcast
Welcome to our Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast! We talk about the TCG and Duel Links and we suck at it!!!!
A complete rewatch of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime by one person who loved it and one who’s passingly familiar. Current season: 5D’s season 1
Kevin Yu's Podcast
Join hosts Kevin Kessler and Kevin Clark as they jump into the world of the hit CW series "Arrow." Each week the guys will dissect the newest episode, providing in depth commentary and crackpot theories about what might be coming next! It's "the undertaking" of a lifetime!
The Yugioh Card Game Podcast is a weekly show aimed at placing cards, decks, and strategies in front of our fellow duelists and say "Here, look at this! Isn't it awesome!! " In addition to our fun, we take a serious look into anything related to Yu-Gi-Oh! and its current state. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store.
The club not only makes videos, but records podcasts. We'll be here every Thursday. with some fun topic on Yu-Gi-Oh!
Discussions all about yugioh!
Podcast by Nooner
The Prep Area
This is a podcast about Dice Masters, focusing on building decks around cards that don't get used, and finding a way to make them competitive and fun! Hosts RJ (RJRETRO) and Patrick (Shadowmeld) will take you on a journey to rediscover cards you may have forgotten about! Find more at!
The Attack Zone, a part of the Reserve Pool Network, is a podcast dedicated to the competitive side of the Dice Masters game from WizKids. Whether constructed or draft, store-level organized play or World Championships, we have you covered. Hosts Dave, Randy, and JT move the show through a variety of topics and regular features, all designed to help every one of us increase our understanding and level of play. We don't talk down as experts on a subject; we talk to one another and the communi ...
A manga discussion podcast focusing on shojo (and josei!) series that make your heart go doki-doki. Covering classics like CLAMP’s “Cardcaptor Sakura” and Yuu Watase’s “Fushigi Yuugi” to newer favorites like Kazune Kawahara’s “My Love Story!!” and Hiro Fujiwara’s “Maid Sama!” Shojo & Tell host Ashley McDonnell discusses one series per episode with a rotating shojo superfan. (And sometimes, a shoujo superfan.)Shojo [or shoujo] manga: Japanese comics made for young women. A breath of fresh air ...
They Call Us Bruce
Hosts Jeff Yang and Phil Yu present an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America.
The Property Renovation Podcast, by founder James Woodham & co-host Juliette Yu. Giving you the best advice on achieving the perfect renovation, hearing from experts in the industry and people that have been through the experience themselves.
Welcome to Shonen Jump, a weekly digital manga magazine published in North America, featuring the most popular manga in the world! You can read heavy-hitters like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and more on the SAME DAY they come out in Japan! And you can read it how you want to—on iOS, Android or anything with a Flash-enabled Internet browser. Plus if you become an annual member, we’ll send you seasonal Yu-Gi-Oh! promo cards in the mail, give you digital gifts and MORE! Become a member today!
SEGA Legacy
Retrouvez nos émissions mensuelles animées par Man-Jimaru, Kurdy, SebKa, Gothic... et d'autres intervenants sur des sujets traitant des machines de SEGA, jeux développés ou édités par SEGA sur machines du constructeur ou autres.
Dunno.... Yu have to figure out yourselves..
Top Comments
Podcast by The YU Commentator
The most informed Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast on the planet!
毎週火曜日22時から放送しているRAM RIDER・Yu Matsumotoによるトーク番組のPodcast版です。 Podcast版は音楽がカットされています。
Anime Podcasters
A podcast made up of Anime super fans who discuss their favorite anime shows such as Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Death Note & much more.
By Pastor Butch Yu
A bi-weekly conversation hosted by Nina Yu and Rachel Lee. Funny at times, reflective at others, who knows? We're game for anything.
The TEFL Training Institute centers around one big idea – helping teachers develop. If you're a TEFL teacher, trainer or manager and you're looking for new ideas, you've come to the right place. Each episode is around 15 minutes long and packed with practical tips English language teachers can apply immediately. It doesn't matter if you're new to teaching, doing your DELTA, or working as a Director of Studies or Teacher Trainer, there are ideas for everyone. Ross Thorburn has worked as a tea ...
Welcome to the Korean Drama Podcast, the K-Drama rewatch podcast by (and for) people who don't watch Korean Dramas. In this podcast, host Will Choi, creator of the Asian AF comedy show at UCB and host of the Drunk Monk podcast, invites some of his friends to join him each season to watch a different classic Korean Drama. Join us each week to experience the reactions of Will and his co-hosts to the dramatically over-the-top world of K-Dramas.Season 1: Boys Over Flowers w/ Phil Yu & Joanna Lee
YuGiOh Deck Talk
Discussions and Analysis of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, decks, and strategies from a duelist who has been away from the game for over a decade. Join Doug Dimmaduel while he shakes off the rust, and learns all about the new card game dynamics.
A weekly recap show covering Yu-Gi-Oh!, the best early-00's anime based on a card game marketed to 7-to-14-year-olds.
Podcast with 4 Eyez
Hello I'm 4Eyez! I'm a Youtuber, Dancer, Gamer, & Geek. My podcast are on Wrestling, Yu-gi-oh, basically anything Geeky. Be sure to be on the look out for my podcast!
Animezing Podcast is's source for news, reviews, previews and everything else you want to know about anime and manga! Whether you're a diehard otaku or even just a little curious about Asian animation, this is the show for you.
Gotham Roguetalk
A sports podcast hosted out of Davidson College by Chris Yu and Eddie Isola
Shuu reads favorite fanfic from the 90s. Fanfiction from Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Weiss Kreuz, Digimon and other fandoms are featured. This isn't a comedy show, it's podfic-- straight from their computers to your ears!To submit your favorite fanfiction, email
THE author of the following narrative has peculiar qualifications for her task. She is a daughter of Lord Yu Keng, a member of the Manchu White Banner Corps, and one of the most advanced and progressive Chinese officials of his generation. she became First Lady-in-Waiting to the Empress Dowager, and while serving at the Court in that capacity she received the impressions which provide the subject-matter of this book. Her opportunity to observe and estimate the characteristics of the remarkab ...
Pop Context
Hosts Lynn Q. Yu and Anna Pasz break down the zeitgeist by comparing two culturally relevant items each month. Along the way, piña coladas are made and consumed.
The Analects, or Lunyu (simplified Chinese: 论语; traditional Chinese: 論語; pinyin: Lún Yǔ; literally "Classified/Ordered Sayings"), also known as the Analects of Confucius, are considered a record of the words and acts of the central Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius and his disciples, as well as the discussions they held. Written during the Spring and Autumn Period through the Warring States Period (ca. 475 BC - 221 BC), the Analects is the representative work of Confucianism and cont ...
R.R.G. Will Give You Real Raw And Gutta...We Only Talk About What’s Going On In The world Now And We’re Here To Give Advice If Needed. We’re Always Here To Give Yu What Yu Need To Hear ...So Hit Us Up With Nice Topics So We Could Clap Back
A typical podcast for updates and opinions on the world of Yu-Gi-Oh and maybe nods at other card games around it.
Bay Area natives Dennis Yu and Sean Brophy team up to discover how everyday community members dedicate their lives to changing how we experience culture.
Feast of Fun : Video
Feast of Fun makes your iPod go gay! Listen to our gay podcast every day for fresh funny and honest talk on odd news and social trends peppered with a dazzling assortment of cocktail recipies and celebrity interviews yu won't hear anywhere else. The first gay couple podcast, Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós started the show in February of 2005.Winners of the People's Choice Podcast Award for best Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans Podcast and the Gay Bloggies for "Best Podcast" join Marc and Fausto and ...
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Katharin sprach mit Filmemacherin Lucie Liu über die LGBTQ-Szene in Taiwan. Lucie arbeitet derzeti an TAIPEILOVE*, einer Dokumentation über die LGBTQ-Szene in Taiwan. Die Indiegogo-Kampagne für TAIPEILOVE* läuft noch bis zum 5. Mai. podlovePlayer("#podlovewebplayer_65f34aeaaf514ebf406205df681531e9e3de2110", {"show":{"title":"Fernostw\u00e4rts", ...…
As Australians prepare to mark Anzac Day, the day holds a particular significance for some federal politicians who served in the military. A few have shared their thoughts with SBS on what Anzac Day means to them. Winmas Yu reports in this episode of News Encyclopedia. - 每年澳新軍團日,成千上萬澳洲人參與紀念儀式,紀念多年來在戰事中陣亡、為國捐軀的軍人。澳新軍團日對於一些曾經服役的聯邦國會議員而言,卻有著更深一層的意 ...…
Giancarlo Stanton was arguably the biggest acquisition by the New York Yankees this past offseason. While it was unrealistic for Stanton to pick up where he left off following his 2017 MVP season, he has struggled since joining the Bronx Bombers. Statcast host Mike Petriello and national editor Matt Meyers examine the early season struggles fro ...…
Dan McNeil and Danny Parkins get the third hour going by hearing from Cubs television play-byplay man Len Kasper, who recaps Javier Baez's play over the weekend, how good Albert Almora Jr. has been late and what's wrong with Yu Darvish. Later, the White Sox television play-by-play man Jason Benetti joins the show, weighing in on a scary weekend ...…
I finally get to talk with local Alex Wynnter on graphic design and how he applies his years of experience to board games. We get to talk about his upcoming game The Phantom board game and hear some of his advice on the importance of graphic design. Alex on: Web: Facebook: Red Genie Games Twitter: Red Genie Games Boar ...…
Featured on #JasSucces is a touching story of Jacquelyn Pulgo’s successful achievement in freelancing. Discover how she got started in freelancing as she reveals how hard life was for her, sleeping literally in a ‘karton’ and comfortably now in a ‘kutson.’ Jacquelyn’s story is definitely a must watch as she gives inspiration of how freelancing ...…
Gina Martin Adams, Bloomberg Intelligence Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, says we're missing growth in consumer loans. Geoffrey Yu, UBS Private Banking Head of the U.K. Investment Office, says the ECB could still surprise to the upside. Scott Wren, Wells Fargo Investment Institute Senior Global Equity Strategist, says they're underweight staples ...…
At the tender age of twenty, Joe Yu left the backyard Seattle carport under which he slept (voluntarily) for greener pastures, and spent the next year of his life smoking kine bud with Papua New Guinean bushmen. This is his story.Episode 44 of Expatriate Act is brought to you by the Adelante Shoe Company.www.adelanteshoes.comDrop the promo code ...…
Some kids skip school, a corporate CEO kidnaps a senior citizen, and someone's mind gets crushed... all over a children's card game.
You Activated My Podcast! Episode 6: First Duel In this Episode: It's just weird smells and twenty-five ravenous dragons all the way down. Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 6, "First Duel" official synopsis: After seeing Yugi defeat Weevil while eliminating him from the tournament at the same time as well, Joey is amped up for a Duel Monsters challenge and soo ...…
so whats up its the double dozen episode. Reafer Sutherland. we discuss the grandma from the famous Pierce Brosnan movie Dante’s Peak. which chinese food you should order. HAGS and other high school quotes. Also an entirely too long discussion on yu-gi-oh. PAB’s and Wine Bois as well.…
Dr. Jeanine Cook-Garard, along with nursing students Tiffany Yu and Steven Hines, interview Dr. Shuvendu Sen, MD, on his book, “Why Buddha Never Had Alzheimer’s.” Dr. Sen is Director, Medical Education, and Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Raritan Bay Medical Center at Meridian Hackensack University, and ...…
For our seventh episode, Top Comments sat down with Tony Arriaza, Shifra Lindenberg, and Emily Neckonoff to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the meme groups as well as meme culture in general. Hosted by Junior Opinions Editor Samuel Gelman
Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced that the 2020 Census would include a question about U.S. citizenship. The news generated immediate and widespread blowback, including the filing of lawsuits by at least 2 states’ attorneys general who argue the change violates the law. Rebecca sits down with Corrine Yu, managing policy direc ...…
"I’m a sort of scholar, and my field of study is you." After the box office failure of his previous film, Park Chan-Wook worked hard with his next script to make something that would really draw people in. He cast two of South Korea’s biggest stars to play the leads and based it on a successful manga comic, weaving a dark mystery together that ...…
One day, Daryl introduces Alana to his friend Zack. Little did Francis and Alana realize that Zack's favorite character was Thief Bakura. Immediate block. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Welcome to SAD China, where we share one Chinese pop classic song every day. Today we have Harlem Yu's 情非得已, a classic Taiwanese pop song which was the official song of the unforgettable Meteor Garden TV show. Enjoy!
This week, we’re discussing the underrated classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (8:02). Marco and Benji both love this film, and have a lot of fun revisiting it. We are both obviously big Jen Yu stans. Also, some brief conversation on the Overboard reboot trailer (5:57) and Pacific Rim: Uprising (00:00).…
Welcome everyone to the Grown-Up Pixels Mixtape Vol. 2! This weeks episode is Vol. 2 of the Grown-Up Pixels Mixtape. The mixtape is made up of the background tunes that were played during episode 2 of the usual podcast. The second episode was the first full length episode of the podcast. The format of the mixtape is straight forward, I introduc ...…
You Activated My Podcast! Episode 5: The Ultimate Great Moth In this Episode: We buy some digital cards, and introduce a new segment aptly titled "Kaiba Bullshit"! Later, we witness the thrilling conclusion to Yugi's first official duel in the Duelist Kingdom, and learn the values of Honor, Friendship, and Planning Ahead. Come along as we reliv ...…
01. Chemical Surf - Hey Hey Hey (Doozie & The Fish House Remix) 02. Don Diablo - You Can't Change Me 03. Steff Da Campo x Siks - Make Me Feel 04. Bounce Inc. - Nobody likes (VIP Mix) 05. Dario Rodriguez & Dycos - Blackbox 06. Dirty Rush & Gregor Es – Belem 07. FREY - My Beat 08. Don Diablo – Reflections 09. Calvin Harris - Faking It (Chachi & D ...…
Teddy Greenstein talks to the Tribune's Cubs writer Mark Gonzales about Ian Happ, which players are the most interesting to chat up and where to eat in Arizona (1:00) and then, listen to part of Teddy’s interview with Theo Epstein about new Cubs starter Yu Darvish (16:47).
Yu-Ling Cheng, ambassador of Kidsburgh, talks about family events for you and your kids to do right here in the 'burgh for this weekend, March 23rd through 25th.
The Colaborator Podcast is an in depth conversation with luminaries in entertainment, tech, and other industries about the convergence of media and technology. If you’d like to watch our interview, we have a video version at !In this interview, we talk with Kelvin and Charlie Yu, both acclaimed writers on hit tv ...…
DEBUNKED: The Odd Myth That Chiropractors Cause Strokes Revisited Part 2 of 3 Click to Subscribe! This week we are in Episode #2 of the 3 episodes where we are systematically debunking the odd myth that chiropractors cause strokes. I’m not having it folks. The chiropractors cause strokes myth is old and tired and in need of retirement. In this ...…
As everyone knows we the wannabeaboos are not just visual experts in our community but also literary geniuses as well. Here we share a few of the manga we've read and are still reading today for your listening pleasure. Read on space cowboy. Twitter: iTunes: RSS ...…
David Kaplan talks with Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations, about the upcoming season, Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta.
Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Listener(s), Original Episode, Timestamp (unless obviously otherwise): 01: Intro - 00:00:00 02: Streets of Rage - Genesis - The Streets of Rage - Yuzo Koshiro - Trey Johnson - Ep 1 - 00:02:19 03: The OneUps - Green Hill Zone - Volume 2 (album) - c: Masato Nakamura / a: The OneUps - Phillip Vaughn - Ep ...…
This taped video is classic BitcoinMeister. This is the kind of perspective you are only going to get here. Be creative and fith unfreedom. Prepare for the future by thinking long-term because if you do not then the short-term thinkers have a plan for you. Bitcoin protects against government overreach in ANY country! Unconfiscatable! Adam's Twi ...…
You Activated My Podcast! Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie (4K Remastered) In this Episode: Jimmy and Tyler braved the crowd of all nine people at the movie theater go to see the special edition remaster of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie: Pyramid of Light! So don't say we never did anything for you. Join us as we discuss Kaiba's sexual preferences (are they called " ...…
Courtney @traviandesigns and Clara @muthur9000 share their reaction to reading the Paradise Lost Prologue Script. Discussing the evolution of The Crossing and what may have transpired between David and Shaw and why Shaw decided to go to Planet 4. You can subscribe to us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbean or get podcast early by supporting us on … C ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Immanuel Bible Church is now available on with the following details: Title: How Ragamuffins Achieve Maturity Subtitle: Philippians Speaker: David Yu Broadcaster: Immanuel Bible Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 3/11/2018 Bible: Philippians 3:12-16 Length: 53 min.…
Adam's Twitter- Adam's Minds- My Steemit page: Value of every cryptocurrency- Buy your Bitcoin Trezor storage device here: https://shop.trezor.i ...…'s Tim McMaster and Cubs reporter Carrie Muskat discuss the Cubs' candidates for the leadoff spot and Yu Darvish's reactions after making his Spring Training debut with the club.
ADC and MTM give their Fastlane predictions, talk a bunch of Raw and answer listener tweets! Little to no Bludgeon Brothers content. Help support the show by subscribing and leaving a 5 star rating on iTunes! Special thanks to JaydeGarrow for his instrumental cover of Seth Rollins' theme song. The Bludgeon Brothers' theme, "Brotherhood" is the ...…
Kidney stones are material that forms from substances in the urine. Many kidney stones pass out of the body without help from a doctor, however, there are times when a stone will not go away. This is when your physician might recommend medical intervention to dissolve the stone. In this podcast, Yu-Kuan Lin, MD, discusses kidney stones and how ...…
In this episode, John is filled with hate, Drew can't remember words, and a pun war breaks out.
Sammy the Blade and Chef Tony go over the MLB Free Agents and discuss the Yankees vs Red Sox and the hometown Dodgers.
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