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Over a year ago, Zak and Shira began discussing whether they should have kids. They conferred with friends, family, writers, scientists, and philosophers along the way. Pregnant Pause is their intimate account of making the most important decision of their lives (so far).
Sermon Audio from Revolution Church and Pastor Zak White in San Antonio, Texas.
Doers explores the people who build the world you live in. These are people with an unusual bias for action -- they don't just sit back and watch, they act! Explorations and deep-dives with entrepreneurs, artists, intellectuals, athletes, and those who don't merely think about doing something -- they act. We explore what got them to where they are now, what their routines for action are, and advice they can offer to those looking to follow in their footsteps. Doers is actionable information ...
DJ и мьюзик - мейкер, за плечами которого более 10 летний опыт в музыкальной индустрии, резидент известных московских клубов и автор огромного количества треков, которые играют во многих уголках страны и СНГ. Zak входит в сотню лучших ди джеев России по версии PROMODJ.COM , а его треки неоднократно попадали в ротацию различных известных радиостанций!
Welcome to the “deschool yourself” podcast.Healing the fifteen thousand hour infliction of public school.This eight-part podcast series explores the effects of schooling and its impact on our ability to flourish as productive, independent and happy adults. This series provides insights on how to reverse the negative effects of schooling for a better view of oneself and the world. Hosted by Zak Slayback and Jeff Till.
Zak Mirz
Tour life and good friends
Zak Attack Wrestling
Every week Zeus and Kyle get together to give a young perspective on pro wrestling only at
Podcast by Zak Slayback
Zak McIntyre Ministries Podcasts
Listen to everything that's suddenly on the mind of a YouTuber on Zak's Everything Matters with Zak Matt.
A goma pʋʋsm nĩngr lihlaangã pʋgẽ yelle, la zak pʋgẽ kõom doaaga, la a leb n gom sahdã maana bang yelle, la faatɩ kareng bang yelle, la a leb n gom kambã kareng yelle, la alkurãana kareng ne a zogdã yelle, la a kew nebã yi tɩɩm maago.
A goma lihlaam sẽn na n dɩk nakẽndr laning ne a zak-rãmba la a pagba, la a keng nebã vɩɩm song ne a paga, la lud n menga wẽnd yĩngã yelle, n tʋg n baas ne neba kewbo sẽn kẽed ne tɩttã maango.
G Podcast
Sean Zak and Alan Shipnuck get you up close and personal with some of professional golf's top players, personalities and commentators. We share the best and latest golf stories, from the PGA Tour to your backyard.
In this podcast, Zak and James have in-depth conversations about a large number of topics. They talk about current events without broadcasting a particular agenda. This podcast has been created to encourage people to consider all sides of an argument before choosing a stance, instead of believing everything they hear from any particular news source. They plan on having guests with expertise in the areas that are discussed.
Bagans' Bros
A couple of skeptical believers getting together weekly to analyze and discuss every episode of Zak Bagans' Ghost Adventures.
Hosts Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak rewatch episodes of MTV's classic show "Daria" and relate it to our current world.
Music writer and historian Aaron Joy (former owner of Roman Midnight Music label/marketing; CD reviewer, host of blogtalkradio's "Roman Midnight Music CD Reviews & Interviews" & "The Maine Music Journal") takes a weekly look at the enigma that is the popular rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Loved by some, decried by others for leaving its metal roots; a rehash of past music or braving new musical frontiers; a band or a revolving door of musicians; past ...
Podcast by Zak Stoddard & Brian Kenney
Know Work Today
Bill, Hank & Sal talk sports and other amusing topics.
From A to Z Broadcasting is the podcast that broadcasts everything from a to z. Hosted by Adam Sullivan and Zachary Klein, this show brings a wide variety of music, comedy, news, and politics into a single, hour-long podcast.
We Eat Art
We Eat Art is a podcast featuring the most in-depth one-on-one interviews with contemporary artists available on the internet. Hosts John Mejias and Zak Smith talk to a wide variety of fellow painters, sculptors, installation artists and other art-world figures about their lives, techniques, philosophies, and biographies. It's also funny.
Zak Roland
Insanely Haunted
Do you believe in ghosts? Zak Bagans does, and he's not shy about it. We are two (sometimes more) fans of Ghost Adventures, most of us extremely skeptical about paranormal spooky stuff, but I think you don't need to be a believer to be a fan. We tear down every false positive, every whiff, and every last instance of ignorant cultural insensitivity (there's a lot of those) for your benefit and entertainment, every Monday night
Listen in on the campaign with Zak Keel (Baern), Lorren Ferrer (Davix), Sam Miller (Fjord), Ian Machir (Rolf), Nic Dufford (Bronson), and dungeon master Dan Tompkins as they take their first steps towards a very lucrative fantasy franchise!
Real Ball Insiders Zak and Ryan discuss the hottest topics in today’s NBA. They have a special guest in almost every episode and recap movements week by week.
Will You Read to Me is a podcast of nice people reading short stories. We would have called it Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups. But it turns out that's porn. Featuring the dulcet tones of Tim Key, Kieran Hodgson, Phil Wang and many more. With thanks to Zak Annette and artwork by the amazing Alice Thompson
The Founder of Entering the Public Square, Zak Schmoll, likes to read and likes to talk. Join him as he talks about the best articles written around the Internet in the past week about religion, politics and philosophy.
Conor hosts a podcast about the movies everyone says you should see and asks: Are they as good as they say? List of films taken from The Hollywood Reporter. As Good As They Say? is not officially associated with The Hollywood Reporter.Artwork and graphics by Zak Goldinger.Music by Cory Dedek.
Jeff and Zak "shoot the crap" as they say.
David Ortiz: The Big Papi Story captures the spirit of Boston, a city with no shortage of sports icons, and celebrates the rise of a man from the Dominican Republic who willed himself to greatness — and who, in the process, changed the culture of an entire city. In addition to Ortiz’s successful playing career, the series (Executive Produced by Emmy Award winner Zak Levitt and narrated by Michael Chiklis) will examine pivotal moments in his life off the field, from his difficult assimilation ...
Hebe Radio
Sports and Life Podcast by Christian "Tinman" Tinory and Jeremy "Buzz" Zak
Things Men Ruined
Here’s the thing: we don’t hate men. Join hosts Emily Bice, Natalie Zak and their various guests as they discuss the intersection of culture and sexual harassment and assault. “Things Men Ruined” will explore various fields including, but not limited to film, television, comedy, athletics, theatre and music! There’s a lot to talk about.
Furry-Muscle Cast
The main cast will consist Zak (Zak Rhyno), Jazz (Jazz Wolf), Max (Maximus Ursus), Schred (Schredded Wolf) & Tip (Tiptoe). The podcast will cover many different viewpoints, experiences and subjects on fitness, health, and art. The purpose is to promote Furry-Muscle, the community, as well as its goals. (Promoting fitness, health, and art to individuals and the community to help them to flourish and grow.) The podcast will occur once a month with a time span of one to three hours. Want your q ...
Across The Aisle
Come on in everyone, enjoy a podcast where Adam, Kaison, and Zak come together to talk about a vast amount of topics, never fully agreeing, but never fully disagreeing either. This is, Across The Aisle.
Nathan Martell is a patriot talk show host who divulges into current hot topics and takes them head on. Are you offended easily? Then this podcast is not for you. With his millennial co-host Zak Shellabarger, they take on the most controversial topics facing our culture today without censorship. @nathanmartell @nathanmartellisstupid @zakshella
Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m.Toledo SymphonyLab™ is a radio podcast series from WGTE Public Media in collaboration with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, providing a weekly half hour behind-the-scenes look at the world of classical music.Every week, host Brad Cresswell and panelists Zak Vassar and Merwin Siu from TSO will explore a theme inspired by a concert, event or guest artist from the symphony's season. Special appearances from guest soloists, members of the TSO and TSO Music Director Alain Tru ...
Gamer's Galaxy
Gamer’s Galaxy is a weekly podcast where two gamers geek out over all things gaming. Join Mark Bridge and Zak Wojnar as they explore the galaxy of video games. We discuss the latest movements of the industry and give our thoughts on the craziness of it all.
A podcast with Zak and Matt who discuss a topic and each make a list of their top 5.
In Plato's ION, Socrates questions Ion, whether he should really claim laud and glory for his 'rhapsodic' recitals of Homer's poetry.—Description by Simon-Peter Zak
listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listeningvarious genres ~ various artistsinstrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified - modly oddifiedmerging into medleys of metapsyphonicaCustomer Review: "Constantly Unfolding""AgentA mixes together a wide assortment of music, clips of commercials and television audio into a smooth moving assemblage that both challenges and gro ...
Talking About Art
KMUZ’S Talking About Art host, Joel Zak, talks about the local Salem Art scene and interviews local artists and art related organizations and businesses. KMUZ 88.5 FM is a non-commercial, all-volunteer, listener-sponsored radio broadcaster whose mission is to stimulate, educate, and entertain our audience by reflecting the diverse cultural heritage and artistic expression of our region through locally generated programs. We aim to engage communities in the mid-Willamette Valley by sharing mu ...
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Part One of TwoZak Slayback returns for a marathon discussion on how to set and make progress towards meaningful personal and professional goals. Recorded April 9th in Pittsburgh, PA in the studio of good friend Andrew Mercer. I was really happy Andrew joined us; he added some great stories and thoughtful questions related to his own productivi ...…
Zak and James talk current events, new technology and entertainment. Tune in this week to most likely get offended at something terrible that we say. Subscribe for weekly episodes! Instagram: @ApprisePodcastTwitter: @Apprise_PodcastFacebook: Apprise Podcast
Who paid for The Protest Bus Caravan to Frankfort? Did they find any leadership once they got there? Facebook Spies on Everyone - ABC's Lana Zak.
KOTR alumni, Carlton Shanks & Zak, join Tom for the 4th edition of BRR's battle rap quiz, Barstermind. @battlerapresume // Hosted by @tomkweipoet Theme by Alex Cottrell ( Logo by Danny O'Gorman ( ) Graphics by Thumbnail desi ...…
Is it possible to make a living pursuing your passions? Or is that just a fairytale given to us by Disney? What is the best advice for millennials as they try to navigate the workforce? Nathan and Zak break it down for us with their guest, Justin Cortenbach, who has just launched his new business - In The Zone Meals. Listen and learn, hippies! ✌🏽…
Dads.. are they screamers, Tweet of the week, Why'd they ask me here, Zak & Dax face swap, Have you had your 15mins of fame, What are your rules, Hazard a guess, Double Glossy, Caller of the week and week in review!
Ep 7: Erek Smith (@erek_smith) and Faith Beauchemin (@bohemianfaith) join the show to rec Striptease by Rachel Shteir, music: At The Gates, Meshuggah, doc: Until The Lights Take Us, podcast: Up And Vanished, and movie: The Death of Stalin, and to discuss the case of the stolen fried rice. In bad news: Trump says he no longer sees a deal on DACA ...…
[YouTube Video Version:] Last Time On: Waking Up with @Orgonee Continuing on the theme of spiritual topics and supernatural understandings, we have Zak, formerly @Orgonee, now @SunGaze on the show to talk about a number of interesting topics. It's been a little over a year since he's been back on and ...…
Zak and Tristen analyze the the NCAA championship game. We talk about the keys to the game and who will win! We then discuss the top available players in the draft. We talk about who the first five picks will be, or at least who they should be. Lastly we give a review on "Far Cry 5."
Returning host, Zak and co-host Ellie Collins co-op this two-part review and analysis of Ready Player One, a 2011 book by Ernest Cline and a 2018 movie be Steven Spielberg. In Part 1, Ellie and Zak tackle the social commentary of RPO, including its shortcomings and score, and the attempts to update these from book to movie seven years later. Re ...…
Winter is over, and the draft is right around the corner! This special short episode includes clips of Jared, Taylor, and Zak Dewitt on our first hangout in a few months and we'll be coming out with new episodes of the Couch Potato Leaguecast as close to weekly as possible through the spring and summer. Make sure to listen all the way through f ...…
The screenwriter adapted Ernest Cline's popular novel and was able to attract a filmmaker who goes by the name of Steven Spielberg.
The screenwriter adapted Ernest Cline's popular novel and was able to attract a filmmaker who goes by the name of Steven Spielberg.
ABC News Correspondent Lana Zak at the White House *Follow her on Twitter: @lanazak
Zak and Steven talk about surprise breakfast, museums that are not closed in lots of ways, tests of attention span, hot or not with journals, in Sweden you (don’t) carry bikes, color-blind texting, heavy phone 2, daily poison, taking credit, the Da Vinci Pride, and maps of cats. Hidden Treasures Short Stack Eatery Decision Fatigue – Wikipedia V ...…
Praxis Alum Casey McGoff left college for a better route. Now, as Sr. Supply and Chain and Sales professional at the high growth start-up Temperpack, he decides which college grads *not* to hire. Discussed: – Casey’s story pursuing autonomy, and the day signing his withdraw papers – What’s the biggest assumption young people have about how to f ...…
Today I get the chance to interview Zak James. Great episode here. We dive deep into achievement, the writing process, networking in the music industry, and much more. Enjoy!
HORROR IN REAL LIFEThis month, we’re chatting about the mail bomber in Austin, Texas, and the strange case of the gay Canadian serial killer... yikes!HORROR IN MEDIA We discuss THE STRANGERS (both parts!) and Zak Bagans' new DEMON HOUSE documentary!WHATCHU WATCHIN', BITCH?Tune in to learn more!NEW SEGMENT: SLICE LEFT/SLICE RIGHT...listen and fi ...…
Zak Vaudo and special/soon-to-be-regular guest Ellie Collins are back to dive into Assassin's Creed: Origins! Six months after its release, the duo examine its story and world-building, the game's representation of culture, game mechanics, and the newest DLC--including Discovery Mode! Articles discussed in this podcast: ...…
Welcome to the latest episode of Just The Movies! On this installment Mr. Venon & Mike, discuss Zak Bagan’s ghost hunting adventure documentary Demon House. In [...] The post Evil Episodes Presents: Just The Movies #09 Demon House appeared first on Horrorphilia.
This week on The Valor Hour, Casey Oxendine and Tim Loy of Valor Fights are joined by Mark Laws and Allan Poole to discuss head gear and combat sports. Plus, they have four interviews on this week’s podcast as they are joined by Zak Ottow, Lindsey Jones, Chel-C Bailey, and Kelly D’Angelo. At the beginning of this week’s podcast, the guys look a ...…
ESPN released an article recently detailing the most dominant athletes over the past 20 years. Zak Bennett dives in and lists the top 5 most dominant in his lifetime from the NFL and the NBA. Marshall McArthur, former Wyoming unofficial 6th man of the year, joins the show to talk about his top five most dominant and talks a little NBA playoffs. ...…
Host (human host, not host-host) Zak and special guest Ellie Collins (writer, podcaster) discuss the women of Westworld: how the women of season 1 are carrying over into season 2, how the show treats the women characters in the narrative and the show, and how the perspective of the show shapes the treatment of the women. Below are links that we ...…
EP7 - DANCE MOVES & BIKE PATHS by Zak Stoddard & Brian Kenney
There’s a natural tendency, not just in cyber security, to be drawn to bright, shiny objects. If you’re a security professional, you’ve likely had to respond to questions from management and your coworkers about the latest high-profile breach or ransomware incident. For sure, that’s part of the job, but how do you make sure you’re not spending ...…
This is the last episode of the NTL Podcast. Because they’ve decided to move in different directions Jon and Jess decided to close out the show with a discussion on how and when to end projects, how to make sure you’re respecting those you work with, and specifically how they made the decision to move on. They also share more about other projec ...…
Top trending news stories, More on Miami bridge collapse #SwampWatch: ABC News’ Lana Zak on Russia Sanctions and Mueller subpoenaing Trump organization, and Kevin De Leon hires illegal immigrant for state post.
In this season’s ninth Round Table episode, hosts Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley are joined by cosplayers Jerikandra, Abie Ekenezar, and Brian Morris. Each of them brings a different and crucial perspective to a discussion on cosplay dress codes. The group starts by listening and reacting to an interview Dyer did with Eric Colbert, an organizer with ...…
Jamie Bernadette, Exclusive Interview DecayMag Podcast S 7 Ep 1 Jamie Bernadette has a distinguishing mark in Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller cinema for her stern female leads. Bernadette joins DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 1 for an exclusive interview surrounding her upcoming releases Killing Joan and 4/20 Massacre. Introduction 00:00Segment 1. ...…
Sat 3/10/18Kiefer Show 200@kiefdaddyThe last time we had Kiefer on the show was a little over a year ago. Since then he dropped his debut album "KickinIt Alone" off Leaving Records/Stones Throw, done some amazing remixes/covers and gone on tour with the super talented, Mndsgn & Swarvy! In a short period of time, this young cat has already estab ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: ReconciliationSubtitle: The Bloodlight ChroniclesAuthor: Steve StantonNarrator: Kyle MunleyFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 27 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-06-12Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 2.5 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Mysteries & ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Single Best Joke Told by Every President, from Obama to WashingtonAuthor: Dan ZakNarrator: Jill MelanconFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-01-16Publisher: The Washington PostGenres: Newspapers & Magazines, News & Cul ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: We Bought a ZooSubtitle: The Amazing True Story of a Young Family, a Broken Down Zoo, and the 200 Wild Animals That Change Their Lives ForeverAuthor: Benjamin MeeNarrator: Gildart JacksonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 19 minsLanguage: EnglishRele ...…
We are back! And for the second week in a row, we are #fullyhosted! So join us for the second episode in the #BombcastEra as we talk about the following: Tommy Lee gets KO'd by his kid. Vince Staples supplies can soup for his homies in lock-up. Popped collar ghost busting gets an fancy documentary. The Simpons embiggens its vernacular. And of c ...…
Insiders Stephen Holder and Zak Keefer discuss the upcoming free agency and draft.
Co-Hosts Lou Landers and the late, great, Zak Sauer were casually breaking down the Los Angeles Dodgers' rotation heading into the 2017 MLB season when, out of the blue, FOX Sports' Joe Buck makes a guest cameo. He didn't call to give any insight towards the upcoming season, but to see what the boys thought of Joe Buck as a broadcaster. And, le ...…
In this week's episode, Mike Stromme dives into the weekend that was at the NFL Combine. Who's stock has risen? He also takes a look at the teams that have already secured their seat in the NCAA March Madness Bracket, could Michigan ride another Big Ten Championship deep into the tournament? The American League Central gets a once-over, are the ...…
Zak is joined by Joshua Fischer to discuss a concept Josh uses called "having a coaching call with yourself." Topics include psychology, self-esteem, coaching, pedagogy, management, and relationships. This is a candid conversation recorded over a bottle of wine.
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