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Mac and Zakk to the Future
Mac and Zakk discuss various topics and interview guests in a comical and laid back manner from their studio in pre-post-apocalyptic Milwaukee, WI, USA. Listen in while they try to survive in this world full of dumb people, bad music, and terrible movies,
Brian Tarquin's Guitar Trax Show
GUITAR TRAX hosted by Brian Tarquin airs every Monday night from 10pm-12pm on WFIT 89.5FM on the Florida space coast, you can listen online Tarquin plays jazz/rock fusion styles such as Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham to Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa. The show also features in-depth interviews with today’s hottest guitar legends.Brian Tarquin is a multi Emmy Award winning composer/guitarist, who first graced the Top 20 Billboard Charts back in 1997 with ...
A enciclopédia de Rock e Metal em podcast
Com um acervo de mais de 250 episódios e entrevistas com lendas do Rock, o Wikimetal é o principal podcast do país. Pra gente, pelo menos. Apresentado por Daniel Dystyler, Nando Machado e Rafael Masini, o programa é um bate papo com novidades, raridades, entrevistas, notícias, curiosidades e histórias das principais bandas de Rock e Heavy Metal. O Wikimetal já teve a honra de receber convidados como Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Slash, Tom Araya, Rudolf Schenker, Dee Snider, Scott Ian, Doro Pe ...
Daily Dose of Motivation
The Daily Dose Of Motivation Podcast is a unique new self Improvement podcast where everyday you receive a new episode designed to help motivate and inspire you to reach your full potential. Each brief 10-15 minute episode is packed with helpful tips, advice, methods, and stories that will help you overcome obstacles, balance your life, and achieve personal, professional, and financial success.So many people struggle with staying motivated and positive in the face of achieving their goals. Y ...
Why is This a Thing?
Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam are on a mission to watch the most crazy, bizarre and unapologetically horrible content ever produced. Each week, the four friends check out a movie or TV show you’ve probably never heard of and talk about it in intense, thought-provoking detail. Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it’s philosophical. But it’s always hilarious as they try to answer the question: “Why is This a Thing?”
It's Not Me It's Absolutely You!
Johnny Monaco is an entertainer, guitar player, singer, songwriter, producer, jester & sometimes necromancer from Chicago, IL. After graduating from Harper College Johnny moved to Hollywood, Ca. where he attended & graduated from Musicians Institute. Shortly after Johnny was asked to join pop rockers Enuff Z'nuff as lead guitarist and eventually lead singer for the band. For the next twelve years Johnny toured extensively throughout the US, Europe & Japan. After leaving this twelve year stin ...
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Tonight Ian, Hockey Jerk and special guest Zakk DeVine discuss first round selection, Josh Norris, as well as other first-night draft topics. We then talk about the Vegas Expansion Draft as well as how they are coming along as we approach free agency and all the big moves from earlier in the day.
Joe goes to a Zakk Sabbath concert and has a great time. Todd Losses his mind due to the mis-use of the word literally. Joe discourses on the speed of sharks and Todd is tries to build a computer.
Welcome to our double-header episode 52! First up we speak to Dario Lorina, a veteran at the age of 27 with gigs with Janie Lane, Lizzy Bordin and his current gig in Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society. Dario talks us through his latest Shrapnel Records release 'Death Grip Tribulations', his epic LAG signature model guitars and much more. Diana Re ...…
Why is This a Thing?
Chuck Barris Month rolls on with a recap of the auteur’s definitive artistic statement: 1980’s The Gong Show Movie. Listen with Rip Taylor-eque glee as Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam defend the universally panned cult classic. Follow and chat with us on Twitter: @tackyslacks, @funnynicotweets, @zakkcap See more content and Shop Amazon: toomanythough ...…
This week we have a chat with Nashville Rock N Pod Expo donor Steven Michael about the "top 3" Ozzy guitarists, Randy Rhoades, Jake E. Lee, and Zakk Wylde. We each pick our top 5 songs from each guitarist and at the end, reveal our favorite Ozzy guitarist and album.
Why is This a Thing?
It’s June, which can only mean one thing… It’s Chuck Barris month! Join Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam as they kick off their celebration of the TV icon with a deep dive into the Gong Show. From the rhythmic brilliance of Gene Gene the Dancing Machine to the infamous Popsicle Twins disaster, learn everything there is to know about the greatest talen ...…
One of modern metal’s most influential shredders takes us behind the curtain to show us the namesake gear powering his over-the-top tone.
Interview: This week we speak with David of DT Kirby's to tell us about the brand new venue/bar located at Indiana Beach. Main Topics: Radiohead Recorded ‘OK Computer’ In A Haunted Mansion, According To Thom Yorke Ed Sheehan Breaks Bieber’s Record Eminem’s ‘Stan’ Added to the Oxford English Dictionary Science Explains How Metal Singers are Able ...…
Creature Crew Podcast
The gang is back and as sober as ever. Shawn rants, Brandi comes out of the doorless closet, Zakk complains about the crew, and Kevin shows up! Featuring Dar-Dar Binks and Quin T. Dog.
On this weeks episode, Mack & Mike discuss the shows they saw this weekend. Mack went to see Guns N’ Roses at Slane Castle and DJ Metal Mike saw Zakk Sabbath. They also discuss their hatred for Glen Danzig!! Twitter - @mindovermetalpo…
On this weeks episode, Mack & Mike discuss the shows they saw this weekend. Mack went to see Guns N' Roses at Slane Castle and DJ Metal Mike saw Zakk Sabbath. They also discuss their hatred for Glen Danzig!! -…
Dethklok - Thunderhorse Danzig - Mother All That Remains - Six Unearth - Grave Of Oppurtunity Public Enemy & Zakk Wylde - Bring The Noize 20XX Die Toten Hosen - Hier Kommt Alex Bad Religion- Infected Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot Dinosaur JR - Feel The Pain Social Distortion- Story Of My Life
WATCH the Hangin With Web Show on Youtube & SUBSCRIBE! ( into a musically gifted family, GREAT WHITE founder, Mark Kendall grew up in Huntington Beach, California. His father played jazz trumpet; his mother sang her heart out to jazz tunes before adoring audiences. His grandfather, too, was a vi ...…
Why is This a Thing?
Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam reach an exciting crossroad in their podcasting journey. Starting June 1st, visit!
All good things... The Barracuda fall in their series with the Griffins by a 4-1 margin and are eliminated from a playoff run that started with so much promise. Ian and Hockey_Jerk break down the game, the series, and the season.They also talk about some recent NHL news and more.We would like to take this time to also thank all our listeners fo ...…
This week we sat down with Army Veteran David Willie of Ironcore Resistance. Started in 1968 by lead singer David Willie’s uncle Joe Paul Willie, they started Ironcore Resistance as a form of release and good music for their friends and families. In 1972 Joe Paul passed away in car accident, it was then Ironcore Resistance was put on hold. Fast ...…
Why is This a Thing?
Just one week after discovering the genius of Neil Breen, the gang discovers a new–or maybe not so new–visionary, James Nguyen. The Hitchcock-inspired director gets a thorough review from Nick, Zakk and Adam. Oh, and also, where is Nico?! Follow and chat with us on Twitter: @tackyslacks, @funnynicotweets, @zakkcap See more content and Shop Amaz ...…
The Barracuda take a commanding 3-1 series lead in their best of 7 series. Ian and Hockey Jerk talk about some of the news of the day with Ben Bishop being signed and the Sharks locking up Donskoi and Karlsson we are then joined by Zakk and break down the Barracuda's win.
Following an overtime game-winning-goal from Timo Meier, Kevin Lacy and Zakk DeVine, with special guests Greg Manly and Erik Kuhre, break down Game 3 of the San Jose Barracuda's second-round series with the San Diego Gulls!
Ian starts the show alone in Studio and covers a variety of topics including the Barracuda, NHL Playoffs and more before his is joined by Zakk who breaks down the game and what he saw/heard/etc before answering more viewer questions.
This week, Ki99 finds it's show without a thousand edits and soundbites because it's just 2 dudes having a conversation about Fleetwood Mac cover bands covering cover songs, Van Halen, Tech N9ne meeting Phil Anselmo, Zakk and Ozzy together again, Eagle not liking GG Allin, but Red Beard explains why you put 'Respek' on GG's name, and Okilly Dok ...…
That's Not Metal
With a heavy heart, Hill and Beez try to come to terms with the news of letlive’s split. There’s better news with Napalm Death and Earache Records invading Glastonbury and Zakk Wylde’s return to Ozzy Osborne’s band, we discuss the returns of both Rancid and Pvris, there’s album reviews on the new releases from At The Drive-In, Motionless In Whi ...…
Decibel Geek Podcast
When a scheduled interview is derailed by their call recording program, Skype, going down, the guys decide to crack a few beers and bring you an off-the-cuff conversation that features a number of things that are offered in their DBG VIP subscription program on Patreon. In this long-form discussion, the guys go over some current rock news event ...…
Why is This a Thing?
For the first time in history, Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam combine the humorous banter of their podcast and the cutthroat strategy of fantasy sports into a game that will put their friendships to the test. Over the next two hours, the guys will auction off famous faces from the world of WiTaT in an effort to secure their dream film crew and pitch ...…
In this 20th instalment of Rock Music Blog The Podcast Robin and Stewart: test your music knowledge with Elvis Karaoke debate the worth of the latest Fleetwood Mac reissues consider the classical delights of Jon lord wonder if Automatic For The People is an essential buy find out if Deep Purple would EVER get back with Ritchie Blackmore discus ...…
Today it's Zacky Vengeance from Avenged. I didn't get a lot of time with him but what I did get was great. The tour with Metallica and Volbeat, what's happening with the million $ stage that's now collecting dust, the new video from "God Damn" they shot with the fans, Zakk Wylde rejoining Ozzy and more.I've never had a bad interview with the gu ...…
The Barracuda fail to end the series in game four falling victim to a Heat comeback in the final frame. Ian and Zakk try to figure out what went wrong, look forward to game five and also talk a bit about the draft lottery results.
Welcome back ! This week on the podcast we discuss the following things - Tacos, Fatso Jetson, the Killswitch Engage and Anthrax show, Devils Hunt Me Down's sold out High Dive show, pitspreading, Ian cleaning his house, Ian peeing his bed, allowances, Motorhead's new IPA's, new music by Acacia Strain, Municipal Waste, Wolfbrigade, Iced Earth an ...…
Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast
Zakk Cervini and Matt Pauling (Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sleeping with Sirens) are here with tips to ensure that you don’t release songs with crappy guitar and bass, because they don’t want to have to listen to that. Every engineer and producer wants to be able to say that they put out badass guitar tracks. Are your guitar tones there yet? ... ...…
Episode 1, after drinking a couple growlers of some fine NE IPAs, we discuss Zakk & Ozzy's reunion, best Ozzy album cover art, NH brews ( @FTB_Brewery, Netflix, Apple/Samsung, and a great tune in my intro and exit from MORDIUM "Beneath The Night Sky" 🤘🏼this cast is raw and unfiltered, so yeah, we make mistakes! LOL message me a ...…
The San Jose Barracuda defeat the Stockton Heat 5-3 to take a commanding 2-1 series lead. Ian, Kevin and Hockey Jerk break down their thoughts before Zakk joins in from the Stockton Hurricane.
Ian, Zakk and Hockey Jerk. perform a head to toe autopsy of the San Jose Sharks after their first round elimination at the hands of the Edmonton Oilers. It's a long and bloody process but we think you will enjoy the end result.
Why is This a Thing?
Nico, Zakk and Adam break down the disastrous fourth entry in the Jaws franchise, but first, a lengthy conversation about the magnificent Fate of the Furious. Follow and chat with us on Twitter: @tackyslacks, @funnynicotweets, @zakkcap See more content and Shop Amazon: Subscribe and rate on iTunes!…
Ian and Zakk break down the Barracuda's 6-4 loss against the heat in game two of the Calder Cup playoffs. Hockey Jerk also joins late and gives us his take on the game we answer some questions before calling it a night.
The Barracuda take the first game of their best-of-five series with the Stockton Heat and Ian kicks off the show joined by Puckguy and Zakk DeVine to get their thoughts on the game as well as look forward to Game 2 on Sunday.
Brandi, Zakk, Kevin and Shawn take a trip down memory lane and Shawn forgets his brown shorts.
Tonight we have a full crew of Ian, Zakk, Hockey Jerk and are joined late by Kevin to break down the first-round series between the San Jose Barracuda and the Stockton Heat in the first round of the 2017 Calder Cup Playoffs.
RidingEasy Records POTCAST 15 April 17, 2017DJ BONG HITS 1. Blackwater Holylight - Willow2. Meatbodies - Creature Feature3. Melvins - Evil New War God4. Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll5. Kyuss- Fatso Forgets6. Ministry - Just One Fix7. Meshuggah - Demiurge 8. Jimi Hendrix - If 6 was 99. Here Lies Man - I Stand Alone10. Ice Dragon - Squares Inside of ...…
This time on Teal Tinted Glasses, It's a Barracuda After Dark edition. Ian and Zakk talk about the Barracuda losing their last three games and how worried that makes us. We look to the Stockton series to see what we should expect as the playoffs start on the 21st at SAP center. With all the new faces we talk about who is more likely to draw in ...…
Why is This a Thing?
Recorded a long time ago in a podcast session far, far away, Nick, Nico, Zakk and Adam play the Obscure Netflix Category Game™. The rules are simple: name as many movies and TV shows in an oddly specific Netflix genre as you. The results, not so much. Who possesses the encyclopedic cinematic knowledge to achieve victory? Spoiler: It’s not Nick. ...…
Creature Crew Podcast
Brandi, Zakk and Shawn explore upcoming movies, talk pop-culture villains and play CULT or CHRIST while Kevin is STILL nowhere to be found.
The rebirth of the Teal Tinted Glasses podcast, Teal Tinted Glasses replaces the Writers Room. The show will have a number of different faces on the podcast to talk about the Sharks, The Barracuda and other NHL topics worth discussing. This time Ian sits down with Zakk DeVine to talk about all the heads rolling in the NHL Coaching Ranks. We mak ...…
On this week's show we'll discuss how the DEA just trolled every law abiding American by issuing a Schedule II classification for a synthetic marijuana being produced by Insys Therapeutics. West Virginia is close to medical marijuana. We'll watch the brilliance of Metal Guitarist Zakk Wylde. We'll cover a story that the BBC did on ISIS and thei ...…
We're Getting Off Topic
Jenna & Zakk are special guests, but Evan is absent. They tell the story about how they met, why they're both Straight Edge, and Zakk tells a couple of scary stories from his youth in North Carolina. No commercials this time, but hold your breath for some in the next episode.
Creature Crew Podcast
Zakk, Brandi and Shawn dive into the history of the crew, while Kevin is nowhere to be found.
As the guys anticipate the release of the new Power Rangers movie, Nico struggles to understand the most basic elements of the franchise. Zakk and Adam try desperately hard to bring clarity. They fail. Follow and chat with us on Twitter: @tackyslacks, @funnynicotweets, @zakkcap See more content and Shop Amazon: Subscribe and rate ...…
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