Health Spirit Freedom: Teaching 5D Ascension & High Vibrational Health


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Health Spirit Freedom's mission is to serve others through leading and teaching the way through the dark night of the soul into High Vibrational Health & 5D heaven on earth where you learn to manifest unconditional love, abundance, freedom, & all of your heart's desires by removing spiritual blocks thus allowing you to freely create your own reality. Matt Michael is a 5D Intuitive Spiritual Teacher & Ascension Guide - Lyran Starseed / Twin Flame - Reiki Master - Holistic Health & Weight Loss Coaching Professional - Comedy, Parody, & Spiritual Musician - Dog Dad - Star Wars/Trek/Superhero Nerd Visit For The following: - Free Natural Healing Guide for Anxiety, Depression, Acne Weight Loss & More on the homepage. -More Info on Online programs including "The Hyperspeed Highway Through The Dark Night Into High Vibe Health & 5D Heaven On Earth” "The Path To A New Life Of Health, Happiness, & Freedom Begins Not By Looking Around But By Going Within." (Weekly Videos & Podcasts)

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