Wholesome Women with Bianca Daly


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The purpose of the Wholesome Women podcast is to inspire you, support you and guide you to greater health and wellness. Bianca Daly, the founder of the Wholesome Women, is a CHEK certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and has a background in counselling. She believes the body has an innate ability to self-heal, when nourished with quality nutrition, hydration, stress management and movement. Bianca believes in a natural approach to health and wellness and she coaches her clients by identifying the root cause of their symptoms to prevent and heal from any imbalance and dis-ease. Her purpose is to guide and support women through their own unique health journey and see every person as an individual with their own particular needs. Bianca has teamed up with many leaders in the holistic health field to provide knowledge, experience and insight through the Wholesome Women podcast and she hopes you can implement the discussions into your own life and experience optimal health.

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