Moving From Burnout to Resiliency


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In this episode, Dave Buzanko, Entrepreneur, Leadership Speaker & Growth Mindset Strategist joined us on the show to share how a hit to his health led to him becoming an iron man, and the methods he took to make this great change.

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Episode Highlights

[05:19] - Your health took a turn for the worse, what were the signs?

[07:13] - What was the secret sauce that helped you commit to this new way of living?

[11:09] - Why is it important to assume the identify of the person you want to be?

[11:49] - You ran an Iron Man, what did you learn from this experience?

[13:30] - Why having an "I can't" approach can hinder you

[18:35] - "Be the person you want other to be"

[19:32] - What does burnout look like?

[20:24] - 97% of North Americans have sub optimal heart health

[23:57] - Not being healthy has a knock on effect

[26:54] - "Habits become habits when they become automatic"

[29:12] - The power of resiliency

[30:22] - Society is being forced into gig economy

[35:15] - Why it's important to not to lose sight and become too resilient

[34:31] - Key takeaway's and conclusion

[35:32] - Parting advice for you

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