Episode #75: Boston Pain and Rehab Seminar Q/A


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This Q/A was recorded at the Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab Seminar in Boston, MA with Drs. Derek Miles and Michael Ray. For more information about upcoming seminars, click here: https://www.barbellmedicine.com/seminars/ Timestamps 01:29 Can those with congenital insensitivity to pain have pain? 06:16 How to justify medical necessity for strength training for insurance? 08:34 Are there any contexts where specific core exercises like deadbugs or birddogs are useful for low back pain? 13:23 Mobility assessment and movement variability 15:41 Mckenzie Protocol problems 17:43 ACL and Core training 19:03 Directional preference for spine exercises 24:07 How to improve efficacy? 27:19 Rotator cuff surgery repair 32:09 How to deal with clinicians who won’t update their practice? 37:43 Joint replacement and Resistance Training 40:32 How do you get people to buy into BPS model? 46:28 Use of manual therapy appropriateness? 52:23 What to do with people in high levels of pain that cannot tolerate exercise? 56:00 What is mandatory reading for clinicians? 1:00:00 Hamstring strength post ACL repair with different grafts 1:02:00 Joint replacement For more of our stuff: Podcasts: goo.gl/X4H4z8 Website: www.barbellmedicine.com Instagram: @austin_barbellmedicine @jordan_barbellmedicine @leah_barbellmedicine @vaness_barbellmedicine @untamedstrength @michael_barbellmedicine @derek_barbellmedicine @hassan_barbellmedicine @michael_amato_barbellmedicine @charlie_barbellmedicine @alex_barbellmedicine @tomcampitelli Email: info@barbellmedicine.com Supplements/Templates/Seminars/Apparel: www.barbellmedicine.com/shop/ Forum: forum.barbellmedicine.com/ Newsletter: eepurl.com/cpqB3n

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