Episode 64 - Jessica Dawson of Advantix Digital


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Please join us for Episode 64 with Jessica Dawson!
With over 10 years of experience, Jessica Dawson is a savvy marketer with expertise in driving business goals through digital channels.

While she was born in Connecticut to Australian and Bostonian parents, Jessica grew up in Texas. She went to Texas Christian University where she studied Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. While at TCU, she got an internship at a digital marketing agency in the Fort Worth Stockyards and her marketing career took off. Jessica managed multi-million dollar marketing budgets at three large DFW based marketing agencies for clients like J.Crew, Southwest Airlines, Intuit, the NFL, and Red Bull before starting her role as the Vice President of Performance Marketing for Advantix Digital.

Jessica currently leads her growing team and takes a test and learn approach to constantly iterate on winning strategies and be at the forefront of digital trends. She views communication and data-based decision making as the key to her team's success and pushes her team to think strategically and adapt to constant change.

Outside of the digital realm, Jessica seeks new experiences through travel, distresses with workouts and wine (just not at the same time), and spends time with her 2 dogs, husband, and friends.

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