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Publishing since 1995
Active Vegetarian
Plant Based Eater's Guide To Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle
StartUp Diary
Get the inside scoop of what it's like to build a business from scratch to a ten person team. It's not all pretty, but it's real.
Tune in weekly as we offer a podcast that focuses on information, insights, and interviews to empower, educate, and entertain modern mamas (and dads!) like you. We'll be discussing through open dialogue, in an entirely nonjudgmental space, all things fertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum, and child-rearing with a focus on holistic care, functional fitness, and deep nourishment for you and your kiddos. Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
BPR News Extended
Long format content from BPR News.
Welcome to the Magickal Mumbles with Law Watusi podcast, where we hack reality, for real. Science, spirituality, psychedelia, and all of the most useful intersections between them. Join your host Law on his journey through he ether to learn the art and science and affecting reality.Give Feedback! Become a supporter of this podcast:
My mission is to tease out Human Potential in the Multifamily Space. We talk about operations, leadership, coaching, marketing, HR, business systems, IT, learning and development, strategy, systems, process, and anything else relevant to Multifamily.
Focus on the Family is a half-hour daily dose of encouragement and advice for the family with Jim Daly and John Fuller. Outside the United States and Canada, Focus on the Family programs that are universally applicable and relevant to listeners from Australia to Zimbabwe are carefully selected, prepared and tailored for our global listeners in this podcast.
Obliterating confusion, amplifying truth, and pursuing clarity. "Binge thinking" at the speed of sound.
Spend 25 minutes in someone else's life. "Property Investor Stories" bought to you by Property Investory draw you deeper into the property investing journey of someone you may have heard about, but never met.
Outspoken Beauty
Outspoken Beauty is the UK's most honest, straight talking beauty podcast featuring interviews with an array of celebrities, editors and influencers in the beauty industry. Hosted by beauty journalist and broadcaster Nicola Bonn and beauty novice Rachel Jones. Expect fierce debate, candidness and the very best product recommendations.
Orbiting your data center, you'll find the Datanauts talking cloud, automation, storage, leaf-spine, containers, unikernels, security, software-defined, and more! Join us as we bust IT silos, bringing everyone around the mic to build the perfect IT stack.
Honest conversations about food, fitness, weight, & wellness
This podcast is for anybody who is building a business within the health, fitness and mindset industry. We will talk about all things from running a fitness business, the latest in the fitness industry, different niches within the industry, building your business, scaling up, dealing with clients, and much more.
Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off? Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back? Do you want to love the body you live in? Are you willing to fall in love with yourself?Welcome to the breaking up with yo yo dieting podcast. My goal is to teach you how to break up with yo-yo dieting and fall in love with yourself. Each week I share stories, practical strategies, and have inspiring conversations with guests to help you get and keep the body you dream of. Now lets find out how ...
Growth Mindset University is where leaders go to learn the lessons they should have learned in school but didn't so that they can take control of their lives while fulfilling their visions of success. Join 21-year-old author and serial entrepreneur Jordan Paris as he shares inspiring stories and valuable lessons in human behavior, marketing, health, psychology, and more by talking with the brightest business minds, world-class athletes, and other influential thought leaders.
Danielle shares advice, encouragement, and connection for Catholic women in all walks of life.
Mind Tools is here to help you learn the practical skills you need to excel in your career so that you can become exceptionally effective, be a great manager and leader, be more successful in your career -- and even become happier at work!Our Mission:1.Become your favorite place to learn management, leadership and personal excellence skills.2. Help learners to enjoy successful careers, and contribute positively to the success of their organizations.We have been doing this since 1996, and our ...
Uncivilize is a journalistic exploration of the human rewilding movement—bringing you the stories of pioneers who have “left” our modern industrialized world behind to forge radically alternative lives in the 21st century. Using the long lens of human history (read: evolutionary biology, anthropology, indigenous knowledge and cultural history), each episode examines a future existence that could not only restore balance to an imperiled planet, but reclaim humanity’s original, inborn connecti ...
Finding a balanced and sustainable way to eat, live and exercise! Topics include fat loss, finding beauty in mental and physical strength, the ups and downs of life, and our journeys throughout fitness!
Through real, authentic, raw and enjoyable (RARE) conversations, the podcast digs deep into the passionate journey's & lives of Humans of Triathlon from around the globe and from all walks of life.We aim to inspire and to celebrate this life-changing sport and its humans - one human, one story at a time.The show is brought to you by 3 triathletes/co-hosts from 3 different continents, age-groups, and backgrounds - highlighting the diverse & inclusive nature of the sport. #HumansOfTriathlon #O ...
Courage & Clarity
These spirited conversations give us a peek behind the curtain and share what it really takes to earn an independent living doing something you love. Add one part grounding inspiration to one part tangible tactics and you've got this podcast: a unique way to catch insights that really work from successful female entrepreneurs. These real, honest stories will help you find the courage and clarity to go after what you love!
SPEAK UP! is an outreach of Christian Devotions, where Christian leaders are guests and share their testimony to Christ and how they use their gifts to impact God's kingdom.Guest call in number: 347 884 9367
Lectures, talks, and classes on Zen Buddhism from Shogakuji Temple, Berkeley Zen Center, in Berkeley, California, USA.
This is HUMBOWL, a collective of young curious souls who are fascinated by ideas and concepts that lead to higher consciousness and the fulfillment of life's purpose. On this personal growth podcast you will hear discussions on spirituality, ego, meditation, higher consciousness and best practices for living a better balanced life in the face of life's many so-called struggles. If you are looking to grow spiritually, mentally and even physically, this show might provide some insight from som ...
On Self Improvement Daily, we share a new personal development tip every day in under two minutes. Inch closer to your full potential by opening your mind to new opportunities for personal growth, and incorporate the techniques that fit best in your life! We all can use a little self-help - Subscribe now to jumpstart your pursuit for personal development!
Our mission is to provide short tips to help you heal and be the best version of YOU. Do-it-yourself health! If you are here you likely have figured out that the only person responsible for you and your family’s health is you! Life happens and life is busy. We all want somewhere we can turn for straightforward honest accurate health and lifestyle information. We don’t have time to read complicated pages on the internet or visit the health food store to ask questions. I will provide you with ...
Two Average guys who didn’t graduate Harvard Law and don’t sell mugs or tumblers talk politics in a way everyone can understand minus the condescending attitudes or advice to our elected leaders
Pivotal Podcasts
Get all of Pivotal's podcasts in one place. Covering cloud-native journeys to smart applications and modern development to team culture, listen to stories, conversations, opinions, and insights from leading technologists about the transformative power of software. Read show notes at
Capitol Report
Join Shannon Loehrke for Capitol Report, a weekly public affairs program featuring Minnesota state policymakers' perspectives on pressing state issues and pending legislation.
Hacks & Hobbies
For season 2 I’m bringing on hobbyists and guests who teach us lessons Season 1 a documentary on beekeeping, hobbies, passions and life hacks.Learn More at: Become a supporter of this podcast:
A podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs and creative souls on a mission to align their life & career with the cosmos. Through weekly episodes that combine astrology, spirituality, personal growth, and career development, Career Astrologer Natalie Walstein from Soulshine Astrology ( inspires you to bring more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world while also bringing on special guests to talk about how they found their calling, how their astrol ...
Squat University
The ultimate guide to decreasing pain, optimizing athletic performance & finding your true strength by Dr. Aaron Horschig.
Johnny Mo
BS Free Real Estate Agent Training podcast. There is no sugar coating, just real world advice from a 16 year veteran, coach, trainer and founder of the More GCI Agent Management Portal. We talk about what it takes to become successful in the real estate and mortgage game, sales in general, mindset and business management for the sales person. Plus have interviews with real agents who are succeeding, normal agents just like and me.
The Fizzle Show
Weekly insights for online business builders and small business owners earning a living doing something they care about. We focus on modern business essentials, self employment, motivation, productivity, audience growth, blogging, podcasting, content marketing, work-life balance among other things!
The Spartan Up Podcast is your partner in resilience training for mind and body. With new episodes almost every day of the week to keep you on track, we’re here for you.Our flagship show is an interview series hosted by Joe De sena, founder and CEO of Spartan and NY Times best-selling author. Joe and his team travel the world chasing down the secrets to success in all aspects of life interviewing successful athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, professors, monks, moms and adventurers who can she ...
Everything Hertz
A podcast by scientists, for scientists. Methodology, scientific life, and bad language. Co-hosted by Dr. Dan Quintana (University of Oslo) and Dr. James Heathers (Northeastern University)
The premier provider of podcasts for attorneys and legal professionals. Over 15 shows on varied topics highlight important issues, current events, technology and the future of law. Legal Talk Network's shows are hosted by leading industry professionals and feature high profile guests.
In under a minute, I give you tools, tips, and tricks, to help you unleash the unlimited power of your mind through nutrition, foods and healthy gut.
Weekdays at 4 p.m. join host Nora Flaherty and hear Maine’s only daily statewide radio news program. Maine Public Radio's award-winning news staff brings you the latest news from across Maine and the region, as well as in-depth reports on the most important issues.
The Electricians Success Academy's will help you master the art of electrical business and the electrical trade. Greg Allan, founder of the Academy and Response Electricians is passionate about delivering valuable content to the industry to lift the standard from the bottom up and make it better for every electrician to work and learn in. The Academy provides tools and coaching services to turbo charge the results you can achieve as a business owner and encourages all Academy members to be G ...
Welcome to a Warhammer Age of Sigmar And 40k podcast based in the Great White North. We cover everything about AOS and 40k from a Canadian perspective.
The Transit Lounge chronicles the journeys of people who’ve had a considerable impact on the Muslim world. In season 1, we hear from successful entrepreneurs, academics, scholars and politicians. Hosted by Mohamad Zaoud, each episode explores the highs and lows of our guests, and tackles the question of our time - what does it take to find balance when living a contemporary Muslim life.Mohamad Zaoud is a brand enthusiast and consults businesses and NGOs on brand & growth strategies. He’s cur ...
Connecticut's Public Media Source for News and Ideas
This is Incoming Missile: A Mechwarrior Online Podcast, where we get target locks and then bombard you with conversation and conjecture about MWO: Mechwarrior Online, the tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the rich BattleTech Universe. All systems are nominal, so tune in to join the chat.Follow us at - us at -
Featuring horse training tips and horsemanship philosophy with Jake and Luke Lundahl of Lundahl Performance. Offering real world exercises, advice and ideas to help aspiring horsemen at all levels! Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Art of Product
The Art of Product is a podcast chronicling the journeys of two software entrepreneurs (Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer) building startups. Discussions span from the technical realm to the business side and everything in between.
Speaking of Translation is an occasional podcast about the language industry, hosted by freelance translators (and enthusiastic talkers!) Eve Bodeux and Corinne McKay
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20190221- KMC's Final Thought - Lara Logan's Rebuttal Of Liberal Media by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190221- Total Wellness - Fruits and Vegetables Vs. A Vegan Diet by Kevin McCullough Radio
I get sick of hearing the same thing all the time. Find your value proposition, be different, add value and take more action. That very same person will also tell you to be a master closer, lead generator, social media expert and have 45 hours in each day. Life is not like that----to succeed in business you need to wear a lot of hats but, you d ...…
Listen to the full episode here: McIntyre will be delving into the nitty gritty details of one of her current property projects and how she was able to turn that accidental find into a million dollar property project. We’ll also be going into the valuable lessons McIntyre has learnt from this pr ...…
20190221 - Fischer 'TWOM' - 2 Corinthians 4 - 6' Ep 004 by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190221- PlightCast- Fulani Herdsman To Terrorize Nigerian Elections by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190221- Smollett Arrested, Why It Matters - How Trump Is Handling The Federal Reserve by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190221- Continuing The Fight Against Christian Plight - Total Wellness With Balance of Nature by Kevin McCullough Radio
This week I am joined by our resident digital forensics specialist and the Slackroom security guru @dougee (Andy J) for a Cyber Security Special The post Essential Apple Podcast 124: Cyber Security Special with Andy J appeared first on Simon Parnell.
A new series from the Berkshire Eagle looks at the consequences of women being jailed outside of their home county.By (Lily Tyson).
20190221KMC- Larry Elder, Landmark Capital, Balance Of Nature All Join Kevin by Kevin McCullough Radio
Maine lobstermen are facing a major challenge as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) this month reduced the amount of Atlantic Herring fishermen can haul by more than half.By (Nora Flaherty).
It was 1983. Toll booths in Connecticut had already experienced decades of problems like accidents and traffic jams. And then, a truck slammed into a car waiting at the Stratford toll plaza on Interstate 95.By (Patrick Skahill).
How can artificial intelligence be applied in small law firms, and what are its dangers and benefits? In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Christopher Anderson talks to Alex Babin and Ryan Steadman of Zero, a company that applies artificial intelligence and smart automation to the most pressing operational challenges of the legal indus ...…
How can law firms attract good employees and keep them? In this episode of the Florida Bar Podcast, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Karla Eckardt talk to Michael Cohen about the critical things attorneys need to know when hiring, evaluating, or terminating an employee. They outline proper preparation for interviews, effective employee evaluation pr ...…
The more we progress on this spiritual path, the more likely it is for us to feel isolated from the rest of society. Our life path has completely shifted away from the old paradigm that many others are currently still living in. But there is a tipping point where you realize, you can never truly be alone. This is HUMBOWL, a collective of young ...…
Religious scholar Elaine Pagels , trusted the Gospel of Thomas to get her through the almost unbearably painful years after the death of her six-year-old son -- born with a congenital heart defect -- followed one year later by the unexpected death of her husband.By (Betsy Kaplan).
Del Duduit a life-long resident of the Southern Ohio area and an award-winning writer. As a sports writer, he won two Associated Press awards for columns. As a broadcaster and news director, he received an award from the Ohio News Network. In television, Del earned a sales award from The WB Network. For the past several years, he’s been a pharm ...…
Governor Ned Lamont did a lot of asking Wednesday, as he promised he would. A general plea for everyone to step up toward a budget solution is one thing. Specific requests, like the ones he made in his state budget address to lawmakers, will prove much more difficult to attain.By (Scott Brede).
Gov. Janet Mills and two environmental groups are signing on to Central Maine Power's bid to build a controversial new transmission line through western Maine's forests. That significantly broadens the coalition of interests supporting the project, but the deal is also drawing fire from other environmental groups, grassroots opponents and some ...…
In 2014, I bought a 2014 Mustang Convertible and I thought that would do it for me. 3 years ago, I thought I would be happy when I finally bought that new Porsche Boxster S. I kept falling for illusions of happiness. Do you have "Once I get X" Syndrome? I did. Many of us fall for the illusion that we will be happy when we achieve/do/get somethi ...…
Ben is thankful for Tuple’s success so far. It is helping companies improve efficiency and countries improve the quality of their residents’ lives. Derrick also expresses gratitude for companies being interested in his product, Level. He is setting up a specific team in Level and addressing concerns to convert them. Today’s Topics Include: Peop ...…
People LOVE being around passionate people. It makes them feel goodAnd inspires them to get better at Life! LESSONS: • If you’re struggling to get better in a certain area of your life,Seek out passionate coaches / environments to become part of. • Passionate people can completely alter the trajectory of a company, school, sports team, etc. • P ...…
Although I seemed to know the basics, I still didn’t really know. After countless hours on google, I didn’t have it all figured out. We all know we have to eat healthy… but I tried that, only to lose the weight and still gain it back. I knew I needed more.In this podcast we discuss the keys to losing weight and keeping it off.We cover:• How to ...…
Everyday interaction provides us with ample opportunities to blunder our words, not only with each other, but for all to hear and see through social media. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs explains how we can be careful to measure what we say in order to avoid misunderstanding and hurt feelings.By (Focus on the Family).
Be independent in how you evaluate your own success and your life will find more positivity.
Listen to the full episode here: Lindeman, a property market analyst will divulge how through his powers of research and analysis, he became a psychic - the only psychic who can accurately predict the housing market and use it to make his clients’ portfolios increase like magic!With many years o ...…
20190220- KMC's Final Thought - All The Reasons Obama Admin Should Be Investigated by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190220- Parenting Express - Why Less Toys Brings More To A Child's Life by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190220- Tate's Take - NYS Tax Dilemma by Kevin McCullough Radio
20190220- Illegals Buy Guns- John Cats On Clinton E - Mail Latest - Parenting Express by Kevin McCullough Radio
Hundreds of Maine seniors have been on a wait list in recent years to receive Meals on Wheels. Gov. Janet Mills' proposed state budget doesn't address the wait list, but advocates for seniors are hoping that lawmakers will. A pair of bills before the legislature's Health and Human Services Committee would increase state funding for the program.…
Dozens of people involved with the state’s burgeoning hemp industry urged lawmakers on Tuesday to support a bill that will allow retailers to resume selling edible products containing cannabidiol, or CBD.By (Steve Mistler).
The legislature’s budget-writing Appropriations Committee has started work on Gov. Janet Mills' proposed supplemental budget to pay the state’s bills through the current budget year, which ends July 1. But it does a lot more than that.By (Mal Leary).
20190220 - Tate's Take on Amazon's Departure- Ulrich For Public Advocate by Kevin McCullough Radio
Simplicity feels good. It is satisfying. It leaves room for fun, for creation, for excitement. Notice the things in your life that complicate things. Decide today to live a more simple life by going within and following your heart. Deep down, you know what to do:) This is HUMBOWL, a collective of young curious souls who are fascinated by ideas ...…
20190220KMC- Federalist's Co - Founder Sean Davis - Ulrich For Public Advocate by Kevin McCullough Radio
Elvis left two legacies. Musically, he pulled several American musical traditions out of the shadows, braided them together, and made them mainstream. Personally, he created a far darker template for the way a musical celebrity could be devoured by the very fame he avidly sought. Recorded live in front of an audience -- and with a band! -- as p ...…
What are employees entitled to under the law? In this episode of Workers’ Comp Matters, host Alan Pierce talks to Karla Zarbo, an assistant attorney general in the fair labor division of the Massachusetts office of Attorney General Maura Healey. They discuss wage theft and its related issues and talk about the processes involved in investigatin ...…
It is commonly known that blood sugar affects insulin resistance and, without corrections, can lead to diabetes. But insulin and gut health are related more than you know.
The Auburn man charged in an unsolved crime described as one of Alaska’s most notorious is contesting his extradition to that state to face charges of sexual assault and murder.By (Susan Sharon).
The honeymoon period is over for Gov. Ned Lamont. When he delivers his state budget address to lawmakers later on Wednesday, there will already be plenty of animosity among those watching.By (Scott Brede).
The 10 years that Dave Cullen spent researching and reporting on the 1999 shootings in Littleton, Colorado for his book "Columbine" were so draining that he experienced secondary PTSD. So on Feb. 14, 2018, when he heard about the shootings at Margery Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, he had no initial intention of writing about ...…
Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has joined with 15 other states in a lawsuit seeking to overturn President Trump's emergency power declaration to build a wall on the border with Mexico.By (Mal Leary).
In this episode with Stephen Dillard, we talk about the how, traditionally, judges have mostly been inaccessible to the public and how quite a few judges are now going against the grain and taking residence on Twitter. We also talk about Judge Dillard's thoughts about the role of courts in closing the access to justice gap, and what courts are ...…
Great competitors believe that they have the capacity to win and compete in the way that moves them closer to their goals. They build themselves up with confidence and visualize accomplishments instead of defeats. Believing in yourself is a key part of pumping positive medicine into your brain and your body, as the power of positive thinking ha ...…
As humans we like to simplify our lives by labelling things in black and white terms. Balance365, as we know, likes to celebrate the messy middle, and the nutritional perspective is no exception. Annie and Lauren discuss the repercussions of applying healthy and unhealthy labels to foods and what it all means in a broader context. Enjoy! What y ...…
In order to find that right level / homeostasis, we need to figure out exactly where that is. Do it by testing!
Speaker and pilot Gaye Martin shares the spiritual lessons she learned from the humorous misadventures she experienced in her early days of flying.By (Focus on the Family).
In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview German to English translator Katie Schober about her life on the road as a digital nomad. Katie–a longtime Speaking of Translation listener, who specializes in history and genealogy translations–has spent six months traveling the US with her husband while continuing to work full time, and they’re about ...…
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