Amplifying Your Impact with The Carbon Almanac’s Paige NeJame


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This week, we’re talking all about how to amplify your impact with Carbon Almanac contributing writer Paige NeJame. Have you ever wondered whether your efforts to recycle, compost, and eat a plant-based diet make a real difference for the planet? While individual action is good, Paige provides tangible, creative - and most importantly, doable - ways to take our action steps to the next level and create actual, systems-level change. The best part? Paige is living proof that regular people can make a huge difference; even with all of her work with the Carbon Almanac network, she has continued in her role with a commercial paint company and has used her knowledge to affect major, positive changes.

The Carbon Almanac is a collaboration of hundreds of volunteer writers, researchers, thinkers, illustrators, and experts. Using drawings, histories, and lots and lots of data, The Carbon Almanac is the definitive (and highly approachable) guide to carbon’s impact on our food system, oceans, energy, the economy, human health, and extreme weather. Paige NeJame wrote the “Climate Change for Rookies” section of The Carbon Almanac, as well as a children’s guide to climate change, Generation Carbon.

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