Episode 43: Aquavit with Malina Bickford


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Aquavit is a Scandinavian spirit that has been produced since the 15th century and yet we’re still getting familiar with it in the states. Thanks to a renewed interest in heritage spirits, the growing and ever curious cocktail culture, and a smattering of new brands on the market, Aquavit is making its way into bars and on cocktail menus across the country. One of those exciting new brands helping to pave the way is the Swedish Åhus Akvavit, also the Los Angeles brand partner in The seventh annual Aquavit Week, a week-long celebration of the signature spirit of Scandinavia. For this week’s episode I interview Malina Bickford veteran bartender, writer and US Brand Manager for Åhus Akvavit. One of the biggest supporters of Aquavit Week in Los Angeles is where we decided to record this episode, in Downtown LA’s RedBird Restaurant. Drinks director Tobin Shea has led an award-winning Bar Program that features a variety of aquavit brands and aquavit cocktails. Tobin also joins us later into the episode, shares the Åhus Akvavit cocktail featured on the menu for Aquavit Week and helps to explain how he likes to incorporate aquavit into cocktails.

This week’s cocktail recipe:

Aquavit Gimlet 2 oz aquavit 3/4 oz lime 1/2 oz simple Shake all ingredients over ice until well chilled, strain into a cocktail glass. garnish with a lime wheel. Links: Åhus Akvavit Aquavit Week Redbird Restaurant Bit by a Fox Links: blog: http://bitbyafox.com instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitbyafox/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitByAFox/ twitter: https://twitter.com/bitbyafox music: https://www.humanworldwide.com

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