CFFP #11 What are the Best Marketing Tools? ft. Phil Jones


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Welcome to another episode of the Conversations for Financial Professionals podcast where we are shaping the next generation of financial advice.

Today we have Phil Jones. Phil, you are a best-selling author of titles like Exactly What to Say, Exactly How to Sell, and Exactly Where to Start. You are also the youngest recipient of the "British Excellence in Sales and Marketing" award at the tender age of 14. You've reached millions across a variety of languages and people groups with your writings, training, presentations, and workshops. You are exactly one else.

Welcome to the podcast!

Show Highlights:

  • Phil discusses where the concept of “Exactly How to [fill in the blank]” came from (06:54)
  • Phil defines the differences between marketing and sales for a brand (16:01)
  • Phil talks about presenting yourself as a story (19:58)
  • Phil talks about what he thinks of when he hears the word “financial advisor”. (23:14)

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