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👉Love customer experience and love travel? You’ve found the right podcast, a show about creating great customer experience, with a dash of travel talk. 🎤Each episode, we’ll talk with our guests about customer experience, travel, and just like the best journeys, explore new directions we never anticipated. 🎬Be sure and subscribe here and on YouTube🗺️CX Passport is a podcast that purposely seeks out global Customer Experience voices to hear what's working well in CX, what are their challenges and to hear their Customer Experience stories. In addition, there's always a dash (or more!) of travel talk in each episode.🧳Hosted by Rick Denton, CX Passport will bring Customer Experience and industry leaders to get their best customer experience insights, stories and hear their tales from the road...whether it’s the one less traveled or the one on everyone’s summer trip list. Rick serves as the Managing Principal for EX4CX - Execution for Customer Experience and believes the best meals are served outside and require a passport. 🖱️Sign up at and never miss an episodeWant more great Customer Experience? Visit to learn how EX4CX enables companies to achieve Customer Experience Transformation, guiding them to stop Survey & Score and start Listen & Act, using a Total Voice of the Customer approach. Music: Funk In The Trunk by Shane Ivers

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