2019: A Year in Review


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It’s New Year’s Eve, folks. You’re hours away from a new year, a new clean slate, and hopefully some good times with friends and family. And, if that’s how you party, getting pretty sloshed as well. But before you pass out in the early hours of 2020, really take some time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished—and if you need someone to kickstart those deep thoughts for you, Matt and Tara are here to review 2019 and reveal their highs, lows and in-betweens of the year. As well, they recount the coolest places they’ve spent New Year’s Eve, read some heartwarming and encouraging listener mail, and reveal what they have in store for this show and its listeners next year.

Episode Highlights:

  • Matt dishes on the secret to surviving a Times Square New Year’s Eve bash
  • Filling in the blanks of Tara’s religious holiday knowledge
  • Why one of the biggest lows and one of the biggest highs of Tara’s year are inexorably linked
  • The reason Matt is taking turning 40 in stride
  • What you think your thirties are going to be like vs. the reality
  • Why Matt reached out to some of his former friends
  • How Tara and Matt have ended up destigmatizing therapy for some of their listeners
  • The weird experience of seeing someone out in the wild walking around in a Deeply Shallow T-shirt
  • Matt and Tara rattle off their respective bucket list items
  • How Matt and Banana ended up accompanying Tara and Hubba on their honeymoon
  • Our hosts’ challenges Deeply Shallow’s listeners for 2020


“All I’m gonna be thinking about when I see the ball drop from now on is how many people are peeing their pants.”

“When you do get to the end of the holidays, I think there’s a natural let-down.”

“I can do everything on my own, but I don’t want to do everything on my own.”

“I turned 30 and it just felt like shit hit the fan immediately.”

“When you are on crutches, you find out real quick how out of shape you are.”

“I’m sad. Lemme go eat three chili cheese dogs.”

“The most humbling part of my life is parenting.”

“The crazy thing about parenting is it actually is life or death, but you can only survive it if you don’t make it life or death.”

“This whole thing started from Matt and I talking on the phone so much.”

“Now I have the anxiety of wondering when you’re gonna try to prank me.”

“Take the risk, take the plunge.”

“I am trying to cut through this gas station to get to Taco Bell! Let! Me! Out of here!


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