Christmas: Gift Givers and Poker Faces


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It’s Christmas Eve! The work is done, your workplace party obligations met, and now you can sit back and relax, right? Well, probably not for those of you who still need to cook the big dinner and do some last-minute wrapping. Regardless of your situation, pop in your earbuds and let your hosts keep you a little bit saner than you otherwise would be for the next hour. In this episode, Matt and Tara grade themselves on how well they fared this Christmas party season, reveal the worst gifts they’ve ever received, and spill the beans on which of their loved ones are the most difficult to shop for.

Episode Highlights:

  • Matt’s experience bringing emotional support to deer hunting
  • Debating the ethics of regifting a gift that’s technically already been regifted
  • What you absolutely should not write on Tara’s gift tag
  • The eternal struggle of having to buy a gift for Matt
  • Matt reveals his self-serving relationship with Chili’s gift cards
  • Shallow Squad, let us know: do you stay in or go out on Christmas Day?
  • Filling in the blind spots in Tara’s Christmas movie knowledge
  • Matt holds a brief, one-sided debate on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie
  • Why Four Christmases is a truly modern Christmas flick
  • The reason Matt’s aunt recently ended up in his good books


“To hang out with the two most busted, try-hard celebrities, please sign this waiver!”

“Being the poor friend serves me well.”

“Tara’s apartment looks like Christmas threw up on itself.”

“There’s nothing better than frauding someone into giving you a better gift.”

“If you’re here to judge our behavior, you’re about 18 episodes late!”

“Your youngest in the next Hugh Hefner.”

“It’s a lotta Grinch up in here.”

“If you need to go home from that Christmas party at 9:30, you do that!”

“This season should be about all of the magical things that make it a great time of year. Don’t allow something to take that away from you.”

“Tara’s definitely working for the right company as they threw a company Christmas party and an office Christmas party too.”

“We work hard and we play hard on that bitch.”

“When all of my people are around, that’s when I’m the most happy.”

“Let it not be said that Matt Hanley is not a romantic man.”

“You’re candle rich, baby!”

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