Episode 7: Denise Schneider, PT, MPT, FAAOMPT, COMT, ATC “Headache Management”


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Denise Schneider speaks out about the knowledge she accumulated from her education and case studies. Many of the patients she treated had “fallen through the cracks” and she has given them the answers they have been looking for.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • 47% of people struggle with headaches and every ten seconds someone goes to the hospital with the complaint of a headache.
  • There are many types of headaches caused by external and internal factors. Before the exam starts, questions are asked in order to focus the exam and make it more specific. A skeletal and muscular exam along with testing reflexes can help the doctor find a lot of information.
  • “Red Flag Symptom” include a change in the pattern of the headaches they normally have, change in intensity, linked with fever or rash, motor weakness, or difficulty in talking and may take immediate action.
  • Patients with headaches caused by neck pain may be given stretches and postures to work on while migraine patients are encouraged to be active by walking or slowly moving.
  • Females or occupations that have repetition positions can be more susceptible to the common type of headaches. Diet can also be a trigger for migraines.
  • Many people are unaware of the different causes of headaches and can be misdiagnosed.

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