Ep. 23 - Try Three Times


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I like the word "Try." I think it has gotten a bad wrap over the years. But if you are talking about genuine effort to achieve something, whether you succeed or fail, the diligence to try is noble and God sees that! But sometimes we try things, good things, one time and then give up on them. In this episode we look at the psychology behind effort, and discuss why it will take at least three tries to properly access the value of something. We don't mean it will become a habit that quickly. We mean you'll have a clearer and more reliable ability to determine if it is worth while to pursue it as a habit. You can "try" this with things related to Faith, Finance, Friendships and Fitness. Tune in today to learn more!
- How do I push past trying something just one time?
- Why is a first attempt not a reliable source for determining the value of something?
- How is a second attempt much more indicative of a project's value?
- Why is the third try the most telling of all, in terms of growth potential?
- How can you practically apply the three tries in your Christian walk?

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