PTSD: Is a Loved One at Risk?


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In this Fight Back episode, our host, Steve Poizner, executive director of HCRF, welcomes our special guest, Dr. Jeff Poizner. Dr. Poizner is a Staff Psychologist at VA San Diego Healthcare System and specializes in providing evidence-based treatments via Telemental Health platforms to veterans with PTSD and other conditions. Dr. Poizner completed his pre-doctoral internship at UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services and post-doctoral fellowship at UCSD Counseling and Psychological Services. His clinical and research interests include reducing barriers and improving access to evidence-based treatments for veterans with PTSD.

Dr. Poizner joins us to discuss a very complicated and challenging issue: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly known as PTSD. While most are familiar with PTSD as it relates to Armed Forces Service members, Dr. Poizner reminds us that there are many forms of PTSD, and anyone who has suffered a traumatic event can suffer from PTSD. Our conversation today looks at the many types of PTSD, what symptoms look like, the types of treatment, and how to access treatment.

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