21: Tools for dealing with health fears the ACIM way


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Do you ever freak yourself out about the health of your body? I know those feelings well.

Fears surrounding the health of my body used to be my #1 anxiety trigger. Seriously, I mastered the pattern of being a hypochondriac! And if I did have a health symptom that warranted medical testing, I would be a HOT MESS until it was all over. Having been through this fear pattern so many times, and finally having had enough of it, I applied the same effort to unlearning this pattern through the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

In this episode I share some helpful insights that you can use if you ever get freaked out about your health or if you are currently dealing with a health issue. These insights are from an article I wrote for Miracles Magazine called, “Course-Inspired Tools for Dealing with a Health Scare.”

I’m happy to share the entire article with you through the show notes page.

DISCLAIMER: This show is for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical or mental health advice or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or licensed mental health professional to discuss your healthcare concerns and treatment.

Find all of the resources we talk about on the show notes page.

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