17: Hormonal Optimization and Preventive Health with Jay Campbell


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Welcome to another expert episode! Today our guest is Jay Campbell.

Jay Campbell is a Champion Men’s Physique Competitor and the bestselling author of ("The Testosterone Optimization Bible”).

In this episode: We’ll go over some of the myths and truths about testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones, according to what the latest science has to say about it.

We start out talking about how a kick to the groin changed Jay’s life when he was just 29, leaving him with deficient testosterone levels. And how he recovered from that and kept playing basketball at a high level while also retaining a successful modelling career (recently appearing on the cover of Iron Man Magazine).

Then we get into the nitty gritty stuff; the practical details and benchmarks for health and hormonal levels. And what diagnostic tests might make sense to do, to find out if this is a problem.

Among other things we find out:

-3 of the most important testosterone-related metrics to keep track of, as a healthy man.

-Who should do their bloodwork. And how often.

-And, if your numbers are bad, what is the one thing… the most important preventive measure you can take?



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