18: Ikigai, How to Live with Purpose


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Look up the Japanese concept Ikigai.

We talk about how the word ”Passion” has lost its meaning from being overused and why Ikigai is a much better concept—and something that the Western World is missing. We also rant about herd mentality, the Law of Attraction, and “putting out positive intentions on the Blockchain”.

Ikigai can be thought of as the combination of (1) what you love, (2) what the world needs, (3) what you can be paid for and (4) what you are good at.

Then there are intersections between these too:

  • Love + need = Mission
  • Need + pay = Vocation
  • Pay + good at =Profession
  • Good at + love = Passion

The key takeaway from this episode is to learn the concept, reflect on it, and replace it for “passion”.

It’s easier if you look at the picture.



Watch Albert’s TEDx talk about controlling your thoughts:


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