40: Seth Godin - On the Future of Marketing and Business


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We talk to Seth Godin, who is a serial entrepreneur, author, and one of the world’s biggest experts on marketing.

Seth has written as many as 18 bestselling books. His writing is about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, leadership and how change happens. His new book is called This is Marketing.

Seth is also the founder of the altMBA and the Marketing Seminar—two very successful online workshops. And, he has one of the world’s most popular blogs.

Seth has had a really interesting career, and we discuss some of his different business projects, like the Worlds of Power (a book series that sold over a million copies), and we also hear what it was like to work with Isaac Asimov.

Three big takeaways from this conversation are:

1) You should start a blog. Even if it’s anonymous. Because it’s a great creative medium, and everyone should be engaged in some kind of creative medium as a long-term investment into their career and personal development.

2) All major industries become rebundled—that is, they become changed from the ground up— about every 10 to 20 years.

And finally:

3) Marketing is about creating stories that spread and drive change.

So, if you’re in business or you’re an entrepreneur or you have a message—the way to become more successful is to become better at marketing. And Seth says that the most important thing is learning to tell the right stories. And so—how do you do this? This is what Seth will explain in this conversation.

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