41: Q&A Part II, investment scaling, struggles, motivation, knowledge integration


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The following questions are answered in the episode:

  1. What is the distinction between perseverance vs. bull-headedness?
  2. What websites do you often visit?
  3. What have you had to give up to get where you are today?
  4. What motivates you?
  5. What was the biggest factor that helped you being successful, other than yourself?
  6. How do you distinguish between superficial and actual knowledge; how do you know if you are really learning something?
  7. How do you integrate recently acquired abstract mental models from reading into your daily process?
  8. Should I pay down my mortgage or put away money for my daughter?
  9. What books do you recommend for getting started with investing?
  10. What trend or theory is most overhyped right now? What’s your best tips for not getting caught up in such hypes?
  11. In times of a bear market in bonds, does it still make sense to park some money in short term corporate bonds?
  12. Have you discussed neurolinguistic programming, NLP?
  13. How has podcasting impacted your lives? What possibilities have opened up and what have you learned from building a follower base?
  14. How do you best improve self-discipline?
  15. What areas in life make you struggle the most?
  16. Mikael, when you were at Futuris, what were the hardest parts of the job?

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