Ep. 42: Tracy Freeman, MD - Is fatigue keeping you from your optimal life? The antidote is here.


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We are so excited to have Dr. Tracy Freeman (BB&R’s Chief Medical Officer) in the studio today to share her thoughts on fatigue. She is a doctor who specializes in holistic medicine and integrative medicine. Dr. Freeman is noticing more and more people coming into her office who are complaining that they lack the energy to live their optimal lives. This can be caused by being over scheduled. We create ongoing and never ending duties and to do lists that undermine our well being. Women often feel that they need to keep going going going and doing doing doing. She explains that vitamin D3 can help fight fatigue. Vitamin D3 is actually not a vitamin it is a hormone that integrates with the cholesterol in our skin. Fair skinned people need 10 minutes of sun a day (when at it’s high point 11am to 1pm). Dark skin people need about 30 minutes a day. Dr. Freeman also talks about our second brain (our gut) and breaks down what you need to know about probiotics. She talks about how to rotate brands of pills (minimum 25 billion CFU) and get them naturally in things like apple cider vinegar and fermented foods. The light on computer screens can also keep our brain in day mode, but herbs like basil, ashwagandha and rhodiola actually tell the brain, “just take it easy for a moment let it go”. If you have problems staying asleep your adrenal glands may be overworked from stress and chronic fatigue. If you are feeling severe and chronic fatigue that is not linked to your lifestyle it might be time for a workup on anemia, mono or lyme disease.

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