S3 EP5: Mend or End with Divorce Expert Karen McMahon


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As hard as it may be to accept, the truth is that not every relationship is meant to be… So how do you know when it’s time to stay and when it’s time to go?

In this episode, we invite Divorce Expert Karen McMahon to guide us through conscious loving and conflict resolution in our relationships. Karen also reveals the biggest red flags to look out for in your partner to decide on whether it is time to mend or end the relationship.

So tune in to understand and heal your dysfunctional dance with your partner, and how to get started on your journey of love and discovery.

About Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon is a Certified Relationship and Divorce Coach and Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce.

Karen began coaching in 2010 after the painful dissolution of her high conflict marriage catapulted her into a transformational journey to find herself and create her ideal new life. Karen now leads a team of divorce coaches in supporting men and women around the world to become calm, clear, and confident as they navigate divorce.

She is the host of the acclaimed Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast, co-author of ‘Stepping out of Chaos: Turning Pain to Possibility” and co-creator of JBD’s exclusive 12 Step Divorce Recovery Program.


  • When is it time is stay or go?
  • Learning to work with your partner’s pace
  • The keys to conscious loving in relationships
  • How to navigate the world of divorce
  • Understanding your relationships with everything and everyone
  • Dealing with perfectionism, people-pleasing, and codependence
  • Paying it forward to our younger generation


“One of the biggest red flags I encourage people to look for is we tend to listen to words, and actions are where it's all at.”

“Every problem we faced, we will face over and over and over again until we learn the lesson. So learn the lesson now.”


Karen McMahon


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