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What is holistic? These days modern western medicine has a pill for every ill. Many of these pills just mask symptoms while the underlying problem still exists. Holistic practitioners look at the body as a whole, looking for the root of the problem so the problem can be solved. Holistic people are proactive, living healthy lifestyles and building healthy immune systems. We believe prevention is key to keeping dis-ease away. Holistic Healthy Living will introduce you to a variety of holistic practitioners, what they do, and where you can find them. Many of these services offered are commonly referred to as integrative, alternative and complementary to western medicine.
Kerri Leto is a holistic health and lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, personal trainer and Reiki Master. She is co-owner of K&P Holistic Health & Fitness, a yoga studio and spa offering holistic practices located in Franklin, NJ. She is a graduate of IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and has taken courses with Reed Davis and Andrea Beaman, among many others. She is a member of AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners), IAHC (International Association of Health Coaches) and a charter member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Millburn, NJ.
Healthy living is her passion and she loves sharing everything she has learned with others!
Visit the K&P Holistic Health & Fitness website:
Or call 973-823-1600 to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle today! K&P Holistic Health & Fitness offers group yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes, private yoga and Pilates sessions, personal training, meditation, Reiki, massage, and skin care. We also make our very own all natural aromatherapy products.

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