Is Financial Domination Dead?


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Has financial domination died? Yes! It died ages ago yet some of you women keep trying desperately to shock the life back in to it. Several years ago I wrote a very controversial article stating that indeed financial domination is DEAD. It pissed off a lot of women but it was the truth. On this show I’m going to be going even deeper in to the frigid, hard reality of this particular kink. Financial domination, just what is it and how did it get so incredibly fucked up over the last decade? I’ll be discussing: What exactly is REAL financial dominationWhy calling yourself a rinser makes you look like a corner hooker with a needle in your armThe impact of online media and it’s complicity in the deterioration of the kinkHow, because of FOSTA/SESTA, calling yourself a findom openly could get your ass brought up on federal chargesWhy many Domme’s don’t get involved in findom and actually find it distastefulIf you insist on calling yourself a findom, how to protect yourself and your moneyHow men get so addicted to this kinkIs money the ultimate control? What do you think? Is Financial Domination Dead? CALL IN with your thoughts the night of the show 657-383-0031

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