Karl Egloff: Planning for Everest, Comfort Zones & Risk


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Karl Egloff is a Swiss-Ecuadorian athlete, Mountaineer, cyclist and mountain guide who is best known for his speed ascents of the highest mountains in the world, including the Seven Summits. In this episode, we're venturing into the world of FKTs, Fastest Known Times for mountain ascents. Karl is gradually breaking the FTK records originally held by legend, Kilian Jornet.

In this episode we learn about how Karl got stared in climbing and speed running, his success and humility and the fine line between comfort zones and risk.

In this episode we cover:

  • Fastest Known Times - Climbing & Speed Running [0:02:19]
  • Resilience & Grit: Growing up in the mountains [0:06:32]
  • Humility and having a holistic perspective [0:10:20]
  • Kilian Jornet v Karl Egloff - learning from the master [0:12:34]
  • Karl’s perspective and approach to risk [0:17:18]
  • The fine line between comfort zone and risk [0:21:16]
  • Planning for Everest [0:24:01]
  • Visualization and feeling scared to remain calculated and humble [0:27:16]
  • Pushing through mental limitations to train [0:29:48]
  • Solitude and family [0:32:16]
  • What has lead to Karl’s success [0:34:37]
  • Racing v Being on the mountain [0:38:22]

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