Ep. #218: Codependency, Inner Child Healing & Intergenerational Trauma with Ivy Kwong


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Ivy Kwong, LMFT is a writer, speaker, and licensed psychotherapist specializing in Asian American mental health, healing codependency, and healing ancestral and intergenerational trauma. She is an advocate for decolonizing mental health and has 16+ years of experience offering social justice-minded therapy and coaching.

In this episode, Eryn and Ivy talk about:

  • Ivy’s healing journey
  • Healing being hurt in relationship through relationships
  • Reconnecting with the wisdom of our emotions
  • Self-abandonment through people pleasing
  • How to know when something old is showing up and asking to be seen
  • Moving emotions
  • Rage as an expression of love
  • Expressing our anger as people socialized as women
  • Healing intergenerational trauma, ancestral trauma
  • Inner child healing including for people who don’t have a lot of childhood memories
  • Healing relationships with our parents
  • People pleasing & codependency
  • Healing through setting boundaries

Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/ivy-kwong

Download a free 8-minute breathwork meditation here and download a free healing meditation for ex-religious folks here. Check out the Religious Trauma Healing workbook here.

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