Encore Episode: Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics: Choose Your Own Health Path


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encore-episode-epigenetics-nutrigenomics-choose-your-own-health-pathLearn how you can influence your own genetic expression and reduce risk for hereditary chronic conditions.Epigenetics is the study of how lifestyle and environment can influence the expression of genes.
The choices you make today can affect your own health and the health of future generations.
You can’t change your natural hair color, height and foot size. Epigenetics focuses on the things you CAN change, like being overweight, anxiety and chronic health conditions.
You may carry a genetic code that predisposes you to a condition. You have the power to prevent those conditions from expressing themselves.
Nutrigenomics is the science of the relationship between genetic expression, nutrition and health. It’s a personalized approach to your diet.
The Internet is a wonderful resource for more information on these topics, but make sure you examine resources that are evidence-based and research-based. Don’t just base your diet off a Facebook post your friend shared.
Listen as Melanie Bivens joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss how epigenetics and nutrigenomics can help guide your individual health.

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