Understanding Your Empathic Gifts with Dana Childs


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Renowned intuitive, energy healer, author and teacher Dana Childs joins us for a powerful conversation on navigating life as an empath with ease and purpose. Dana keeps it real and practical as she helps us understand how to identify if you’re an empath and shares tools for managing your empathic abilities. Together, we explore different types of empathy, such as physical, mental, emotional and relational. Whether you think you might be an empath or are looking to better understand yourself, this conversation is for you. When you know more about who you are, you can share your authentic heart to all those you love. Show Notes:Dana Childs | Dana Childs Instagram | Dana Childs' Empowered Empath Course | The Mind’s Mirror by Dr. Judith Orloff | Chakras, Food and You by Dana Childs and Cindy Dale More About NUSHU: Through the power of true community, NUSHU holds space for curiosity and evolution for those experiencing profound personal awakening and transformation. To learn more, head to nushu.com.

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