Will Ahmed: Whoop – The Game-Changing Wearable for High Performance


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If your listening to this podcast then there’s a good chance you’re interested in improving your performance and achieving your potential. To really be effective at doing so you need a number of things including.

The right strategies, techniques, tools, nutrition and supplements

The ability to monitor progress and measure results; and

A coach to give you feedback and encourage behavioral changes

Until recently the monitoring and measuring has been hit and miss guesswork and a coach is not affordable for many people.

Wearable technology is changing this and enabling people to gain incredible insights into the impact of lifestyle and activities on their physiology and make the necessary changes to be better.

One of the most advanced yet affordable and stylish wearables is the Whoop strap – next generation wearable technology for optimizing human performance.

WHOOP works with professional athletes across every sports league, college athletes across every conference, Olympians and the U.S. military.

I have been wearing the whoop strap for the past year and I am blown away at the usefulness and value of the data that Whoop provides me with on a daily basis.

Amongst its many features are a strain and sleep coach.

There is no one better to interview about all things Whoop than Will Ahmed, the founder and CEO of Whoop.

Will was named a 2011 Harvard College Scholar for finishing in the top 10% of his class, captained the Harvard Men’s Varsity Squash Team and was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 and Boston Business Journal 40 Under 40.

In this interview Will and I discuss:

  • The Whoop strap functionality and what it measures
  • How non –athletes can benefit from using Whoop
  • How Whoop measures HRV
  • How Whoop helps you optimize Sleep
  • Will’s highest and lowest scores
  • How Will minimizes the negative impact of red eye flights

Since recording this interview, its been publicly announced that Whoop have just raised $55 million dollars from a number of big name investors

This is a major endorsement in Whoop's technology and will no doubt lead to further exciting features and upgrades to the strap.


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