Why Outbound Calling Is a Customer Growth Hack with Ryan Williams of PhoneBurner


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Here are some of the key topics that Ryan and Paris discussed in this episode:

• Agency-side vs. client-side marketing and Ryan's career development as a B2B SaaS Marketer

• The challenging sales dialer competitive landscape and where PhoneBurner stands

• What's a power dialer? The difference between Power dialer, Autodialer, and Predictive dialer

• What are some best practices for a successful phone call outreach strategy

• Should we de-silo inbound and outbound strategies

• PLG vs. Sales-Led Motion: which brings in more qualified leads

• How to predict conversions of Free Trial Users to Paying Customers

• How to use ABM (Account-Based Marketing) tactics

• Google Ads and how PhoneBurner competes in paid search with big players like Salesloft & HubSpot


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