Meet the Media: Positive News, The Golden Hour + Coffee with Leah Williams and Kelly Woodman


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TV news is known for showing the negative side of our world; but what if that could be different? Today we have two guests on the show who are fighting to change this. Leah Williams and Kelly Woodman partnered up and created the newly launched show – The Golden Hour, a place for relevant and positive news that can leave you with hope for a better tomorrow. Majoring in media writing & television news, Kelly comes from a nonprofit background while Leah comes from a 14-year background that involves working in PR and for award-winning media companies, as well as running her very own presentation consultant business, landing clients such as NASA, Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, and the UN to name a few. Together, they are a dynamic duo who are here to show the good of the world to everyone!

  • Leah and Kelly explain how they met during this pandemic (which means they first met virtually!) and how they came up with The Golden Hour.
  • Kelly got her degree and training in media writing and television news a while ago, but she had decided to devote her time to her two kids and being a stay-at-home mom. However, now she’s excited to jump back into the world of reporting with Leah.
  • After graduating from college, Leah started a presentation consulting business in New York City which led to her working with award-winning ad agencies, but because of the lockdown, Leah realized her true passion is to be a journalist and thus decided to launch this project.
  • So many people, organizations, and companies are doing good in our world––but it goes unnoticed. The goal of the Golden Hour is to shine a light on them and give them the attention they deserve.
  • Both Leah and Kelly believe that everyone has a story that deserves and should be told: it’s all about finding the gold in that story.
  • Leah and Kelly outline the preferences they have for being pitched, from which topics they are mostly interested in to where they’d like to be pitched.

To learn more about Leah and Kelly, follow them on Instagram or visit their website. Also, the episodes of The Golden Hour can also be seen on YouTube.

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