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Do you feel extremely awkward and intimidated every time you walk into a networking event? That’s because you haven’t heard of today’s guest, Emily Merrell! Emily is the founder and chief networking officer of Six Degrees Society, as well as a business coach for solopreneurs who want to grow their business through events, partnerships and community. Host of The Sixth Degree podcast, Emily and her companies have been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Refinery 29, Girl Boss, Pop Sugar, and many more and have partnered with brands such as Ann Taylor, Rebecca Minkoff, Kendra Scott, Theory, and Velvet. On this episode, Emily gives us her best tips, and tricks to rock the networking world like a pro. Now that doesn't sound so intimidating, does it?

  • Always being the new girl at school, Emily developed a talent for making friends and networking from a very young age which then inspired her to build The Six Degrees Society, a place for connecting more authentically.
  • Emily describes the importance of networking and how useful it is to think of it as building friendships: both kinds of relationships take time and investment.
  • Both in the real world and in the virtual world, there are some do’s and don’ts in the networking field which Emily thinks are key to know.
  • Although Emily has been featured in big magazines such as Forbes, PopSugar, and GirlBoss, which she is really proud of, what has actually helped her to gain more traction, is appearing in more niche platforms that others might be surprised to learn about.
  • Emily tells us all about her podcast called The Sixth Degree, which features entrepreneurs who tend to be her own clients or even members of The Six Degrees Society.
  • If you want to participate in one of the Six Degrees events, you can use the code VIRTUALSDS and attend the first one for free!

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