PsychedeRx: The Psychedelics Documentary Series - Past, Present and the Future


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PsychedeRx is a scripted narrative podcast with an innovative sound design that explores an enthralling story of an improbable drug class, as old as humankind itself, banished into exile, yet comes back soaring like a Phoenix from the ashes to save mankind's affiliction with mental health disorders. While many will refer to the psychedelic renaissance, this one of a kind audio documentary series of 10 episodes explores the stories with a neutral view to provide the listener with a clear understanding of what the therapeutic potential of psychedelics might be. PsychedeRx is brought to you by SKRAPS Studio, an organization founded by Arun Sridhar & JoJo Platt, to disseminate factual stories of science, scientists and innovations. All information pertaining to the podcast can be found at

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