🎧Yoga Nidra, Ayahuasca & The Changing Landscape of the Yoga World - Interview with Simone Mackay


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In this Episode, Simone shares about:

  • Defining the Yogi’s Journey
  • Why she’s letting go of teaching 200 hour trainings after 10 years and over 500+ graduates
  • The changing landscape of the Yoga World, and the irony of Yoga and social media
  • Yoga Nidra– Yogic sleep as an effective and useful way to integrate healing –especially for trauma work, addictions, anxiety, depression, and stress in general
  • Symbol of Aum as it relates to the brain states that we experience in Yoga Nidra, Medicine work and daily life – alpha, beta, theta, delta, gama.
  • Vision quests, Rights of Passage & the value of exploring different cultural and experiential lenses and perspectives
  • Bridging Yoga and Plant Medicine World
  • Ceremony & Dieting with Plant Medicines like Ayahuasca, Wachuma – San Pedro – What are they? Why are they being used? Who are they of benefit to? What does it mean to feel “called?
  • How the plant intelligences work: Hint: They give you what you need, not what you want…
  • Re-defining self-practice and it’s important role in integrating transformation
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